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  1. I google street mapped it. Mount Royal, Montreal, Quebec.
  2. I would have to think PEI is the exclusion....
  3. Hamilton is a bit of an in-betweener. He's too good for USL but not consistent enough to be a starter in MLS. Frankly, he needs more urgency in his game and that's precisely why is his stint in Portugal he was considered lackadaisical. Sometimes you can only light a fire underneath these prospects by letting them go, starving them a bit, and instilling some internal grit and fight. I hope he spends some time in Europe rather than the CPL because he doesn't need to be babied any longer. It won't improve him.
  4. I had it playing the background at work: I wasn't impressed really by either team. Mexico was alright be certainly didn't dominate until the end when Canada was demoralized. 1) First goal was a defender not blocking a cross in and it rolled through the 6 yard box. 2) Second goal was the keeper blocking a very easy shot and letting the rebound out for a tap in 3) Third goal was a cross that somehow turned into a shot. The Goalkeeper had a game to forget.
  5. I think we need to be a little more sensible and not conflate our patriotism with Ballou's actions. If he chose Canada then we would have a different perspective. Larin just endangered lives by his decision to drink and drive and De Rosario had several incidents (trialing at Celtic without permission, the cheque signing incident, staging a coup against Dale Mitchell etc.). Both remain spokesmen for club and country. He is 18 years old and missed one practice. https://twitter.com/balloutabla Yes, I have the ambition and I want to go to the highest level in my career, but I
  6. http://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-announces-squad-for-concacaf-boys-under-15-championship-p161058-preview-1 9- F- Rafael Pinzon | MEX / CF Pachuca
  7. Here's his twitter account: https://twitter.com/selley_9?lang=en Bio: Professional soccer player for Panetolikos FC of the Greek Super League | USA/Canada
  8. That article was from May 31, 2017 This is from July 18, 2017: Another fantastic week from the Swope Park Rangers has culminated with two players receiving USL Team of the Week honors for Week 17. Didic, a 22-year-old center back on loan from Sporting Kansas City, hardly put a foot wrong as SPR’s defensive anchor, completing 125 of 133 passes across the two games while contributing to a pair of shutouts. He was especially superb on Sunday in Portland, recording 11 clearances and four interceptions as SPR held Timbers 2 to a single shot on goal.
  9. “Signing Amer is something we have been planning since the beginning of the year when he joined us for preseason,” Sporting Kansas City Manager Peter Vermes said. “He is someone who came to the Swope Park Rangers last year and has made an incredible evolution in a short period of time. He’s a very good defender with the ball at his feet and he’s incredibly agile for his size. I’m excited for Amer because not many people knew about him out of college, and I appreciate when players get rewarded for staying committed and going after their dream. https://www.sportingkc.com/post/2017/05/31/spo
  10. It also has to be highlighted how bad our set pieces were. Every free kick and corner was a waste. That can be coached.
  11. I think if Tabla has the chance to make the senior team with the Ivory Coast he will be gone. It must be very enticing to have your idol, your parents' idol, a pillar World football and African football trying to convince you. To a much lesser extent, it's very similar to what occurred with Teal Bunbury when he got drafted by Kansas City and Jimmy Conrad basically convinced Teal to switch. This was after Teal publicly stated that he was going to play for Canada and how much it meant. The only way Canada gets Tabla is if he cannot make the IC senior squad. He wants it. His family want
  12. This was a frustrating one because Jamaica was very one dimensional. They could barely complete a pass. We were killed by speed and frankly that's why Jakovic and Vitoria are out of MLS. They can't handle the speed. Overall, this was very positive given that it sets the style of play fans can adopt, Canada can adopt over several coaches and players can adopt. What may come out of this is more scouting of our players from clubs and we can attract more players sitting on the fence. This is extremely positive. It also became clear (IMO) that Hoilett needs to play centrally to be ef
  13. I think people need to understand the mindset of Cavallini. When you're not Uruguayan and your in Uruguay trying to climb the ladder from one team to the next big one.... you become the most Uruguayan man on earth to be accepted. You over compensate and make comments like this as he has before. I really could care less about his comments. Will Johnson said he didn't feel Canadian and he was our captain at the time. If Lucas performs then great. If he falls flat then fans won't give him the benefit of the doubt. But really, no one in the mainstream media will cover these sort of comment
  14. Putting biases aside, that was a sweet strike with the off foot. I'll go even further. I'm loving the hair too. I'll cheer for him in the mean time.
  15. With the public support from the supporters group and Halifax's historic mishandling of developing a stadium, it would have been politically harmful for Councillors to vote any other way. Nonetheless, I'm really happy that they did the right thing.
  16. This from 2014: Avg TFC Ticket Price $104 so its good to have context. A CPL team would be aiming for $30-$50 range ticket. That would play into a consumers decision. https://www.forbes.com/pictures/fjlg45hjdd/1-toronto-fc-avg-price-104-year-over-year-change-7-22/#7119982f7a1a To me a perceived 2nd tier is relative. If you define second tier as level below the first tier then CPL will be just that. I think the challenge for the CPL will be to narrow the talent gap between MLS and itself where CPL teams will be much more competitive than the NASL/USL clubs. The CPL has to be a hig
  17. For those that will drive themselves crazy over Tabla, enjoy this moment and cherish it: And remember this name: Gloire Amanda
  18. We all get on this emotional roller coaster called the CMNT at some point and go through the ebbs and flows. Bottomline, this paragraph is more indicative of what we all want.
  19. Part of the issue with being a CMNT fan is the belief that "if we had x player it would result in y result" or the silver bullet theory. I gave up on that a while ago. I remember when it was a great to have De Jong sign on instead of with the Netherlands. When Will Johnson played for Canada instead of the US. When Tesho played for us instead of the US. When Steven Vitoria picked us eventually over Portugal. When Scott Arfield picked us over Scotland. When Simeon Jackson picked us over Jamaica etc. Now you can pick apart my sentences on how these players arrived at their decision and if
  20. My guess is that travel will be around $500,000 per year. CFL teams cost $700,000 with 62-65 seats per game for a CFL roster. With CPL, it will probably be 30 people with roster, coaches, therapists etc. I'd also assume more soccer games in a CPL season than a CFL season.
  21. Glorious! What patience and skill. Fingers crossed.
  22. Hi Paul, I was wondering if the CPL will be easy to access on a Smart TV app. It really bothers me when regional blackouts apply for TFC and I pay for the MLS league pass. Chord cutting is a real thing and should be a concern when negotiating digital rights. If I could download an app on Apple TV and pay the league $X while contributing $x for premium content on my favorite team I would. As you may might be able to tell, I'm from Halifax and live in Toronto. I want to support a Halifax team and so would a host other Nova Scotians living in other parts of the country. Please m
  23. In the French interview with Zambrano, he mentioned a few MLS youngster ready to commit to the CMNT and he would have to speak with Tabla. While the obvious one is Davies, I would assume the other MLS youngster is Raheem Edwards.
  24. If Canadian is defined as being a citizen of Canada than you're correct.
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