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  1. Quick question: How can HFX sign Bona or Schaale with all the international spots taken?
  2. I'm not a baby out with the bathwater type person. If you're interested in helping minor footballing nations find dual nationals, we fit the bill as minor footballing nation. The discussion if we are a "small footballing nation" gets conflated with Canada being a G7/G20 Nation. You've been provided a complete database far more advanced the transfermkt from Canucks Abroad. If you want to discuss each individual player that you want to provide to other nations, I suggest you have that discussion with those other nations not with Canadian soccer supporters. Right now you're a liability,
  3. Potential Trialist List Ibrahim Sanoh Emmanuel Dolo Jarek Whiteman  Callum Ferguson Ricardo Machado Jonathan Hammond 
  4. I really like these signings. From Aways put the formation into perspective (more than likely its the one on the right). If these are our big signings with the rest of roster decided by trialist, we don't have much depth at Striker so we will go heavy in the midfield.
  5. https://nationalpost.com/pmn/sports-pmn/toronto-fcs-pursuit-of-spanish-midfielder-alejandro-pozuelo-nears-crunch-time Manning also confirmed that he has talked to Scott Mitchell, CEO of Canadian Soccer Business, about TFC owner Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment possibly becoming involved with the new Canadian Premier League. A CPL team could function as another vehicle for players under contract to TFC. “Is there a place within the CPL where MLSE could own a team? … The CPL clearly by the players that they’ve brought in, it’s going to be very much a league with young Canadia
  6. Just few thoughts on possible negotiations points: No TFC/MLS branding allowed including colors of team/brand, in stadium, and sponsorship - team colors have to be completely different (ex orange, green etc.) MLSE Foundation can be the charity organization of choice to run 50/50 in the Ontario Region. MLSE Foundation can be a major league sponsor along with Rogers and Bell Access to TV distribution on CBC/TSN/Sportsnet with Rogers & Bell. 51%+ local ownership of the CanPL team - MLSE can have a minority stake. Can buy stakes into multiple teams but not
  7. For a fully controlled TFC 2 to be in the league it can only happen with promotion relegation. I'm totally against them being involved at all. It suffocates the identity/brand of CanPl.
  8. Two international roster spots still available. I'm hoping the big signings eluded to earlier are attacking players.
  9. Kouamé Ouattara is listed as a Canadian. Lost his job. Gambled on himself. Won a trip to the show. HFX Wanderers FC‏ @HfxWanderersFC “What drives me the most is the idea that I can be a model for kids in Moncton." Kouamé Ouattara celebrating his move to the Wanderers with supporters at the Moncton Sportsdome. 150 people showed up @soccerdieppe @soccernb @codiacsoccer @aiglesbleus @kouame36126692
  10. I want to throw this out there: The Atiba Hutchinson Cup. He is the greatest Canadian player and the least heralded. He deserves more recognition for his achievements. I cannot think of better way to celebrate his legacy. Bunbury and De Guzman last names are unfortunately, tainted for me.
  11. I was doing some amateur scouting: Centre Forward 6'2" 185 lbs Chris Nkoghe - Canadian 22 years old Beside the size, I really like his hold up play and movement off the ball. He's able to move between the top of formation to the wing and attack with his partners on the wings. The speed and physicality of the pro environment will be an adjustment though. Although, Stephen Hart seems to go after academy/pro experience. https://bubearcats.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=11182 https://www.hudl.com/video/3/5673948/5721dd0bdfe23b2d68c40b8a
  12. I was thinking on the roster rules last night and compared the canucks aboard database sorted by category. At the moment, it will be a real struggle for the league to find Canadian Attacking Mids and Centre Forwards as the database shows. For what ever reason, the majority of the players developed so far have been wingers, FB, and DMs. This also may impact the style of play across the league. Also, I think clubs will want to fill the GK spot with a Canadian as fast as possible. With the shallow pool of quality Canadian CBs, AM and Strikers that will be willing to take the CanPl
  13. Roster Rules: A maximum of seven international players on rosters of 20-23 players and a minimum of six Canadians in each starting XI ensure those minutes will be afforded. Each club must bring on three players 21 or under, and vet them with 1,000 combined minutes of play throughout the season.
  14. Looking at the current roster: CF/Att Mid/Winger - Lamy, Garcia CM/Box2Box - Simmons, John, Rampersad, Firth LB /WB - Langwa CB - Hocine, N'Sa RB/WB - Sakunda GK - JM Williams Formation prediction for today: ----------------------CF--------------------- Garcia----Simmons----CM----Lamy ----------------------John--------------------- Langwa---Hocine---CB---Sakunda I think we need a bigger CF, a bigger CB and more speed on the wings. Lamy will probably have to drop to a wing position. N'sa, Firth, Rempersad probably won
  15. I thought I'd tally a list of people with a digital footprint to CanPL/HFX Philippe Lincourt-Joseph Anthony de Carolis Ibrahim Sanoh Emmanuel Dolo Mathew Catavolo Santiago Cigando' Tetsuya Yoshinaga Jarek Whiteman Callum Ferguson Ricardo Machado Jonathan Hammond Liam Elbourne (unlikely)
  16. He's following CanPl, Canucks Abroad, HFX Wanderers. No other CPL Team that I saw
  17. Quick speculation: Calum Ferguson is out of contract and following HFX Wanderers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calum_Ferguson He played for a team called Cascadia after playing in Scotland. Also, Josh Doughty plays for that team.
  18. Alex De Carolis is rumored to come to the CPL. He also recently followed HFX Wanderers. He isn't following another CPL club. Zakunda and De Carolis both follow each other on twitter. I think that will be one of our next signings
  19. It's not a criticism. It's an observation. Sigma FC has been "THE" best academy in Ontario in terms of professional player production for the last 5-10 years. Hiring Bobby was the smartest move Forge could make. I would imagine Forge will open up a lot of eyes with their international signings given Sigma's vast network of relationships in Europe. He will also be able to replicate the academy model in Hamilton
  20. There's a player named Ricardo Machado that is following WandererGareth and Derek Martin on twitter. Also, one of the rumor accounts stated that the player announced Jan 16th will win a lot of headers.
  21. Rob Friend is following Alex Comsia on twitter and vice versa. I'm sure that's already been said
  22. SeachangeNS Retweeted - CORPORATE SALES GUY @ HFX Homegrown Ballers Abroad ????‏ @Thebootroom1966 3h3 hours ago Homegrown Ballers Abroad Retweeted CPL Transfers If true, a CPL club will have a nicely developing young dual talent. 2018 highlights video below https://youtu.be/Dfoc0gB6FQg via @YouTube Homegrown Ballers Abroad ?? ?? added, CPL Transfers @CplTransfers Rumour | English born Elliot Simmons (@ESimmons15) linked with
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