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  1. I think we could see the field turf changed if TFC opted to construct a practice facility that was open for public use during the offseason. They could even take the existing turf and use it at lamport stadium for the academy (hell why not put a bubble there.
  2. All great points and food for thought. I'm more stating the benefits of having ownership groups that own EPL teams as a gateway for developing Canadian youth, rather than the reason why MLSE is interested in an english team. I'm celebrating the fact the opportunity for Canadian youth is greatly enhanced with these moves. Say another Gianni Patina is around in GTA, he will be identified quicker and sent to one of those acadamies. Maybe there aren't any real benefits to Canadian MLS teams' owners owning EPL teams at all. Who knows. I like to see the benefits.
  3. I guess rules are meant to change. I understand its against the rules, but I think Canada allows players to play in CIAU if they've played professionally. That guy who played for the LA Kings playing hockey at a Canadian University....Guys from europe come from Acadamies up to 18. To move forward, both the US and Canada need they're top young players playing at high levels. I'm assuming that the PDL is of lower quality than USL 1. Or we could fix the whole problem by making a 3 tier league system whereby most players make a very good living. I think rule changes are easier to change than
  4. Sorry, let me be more direct about the relationship with Canadian MLS teams with owners that own EPL teams. If per se Mo Johnstone spots a U-16 player with a lot of talent, he can ship them over to Leeds United academy to further their development. I'm assuming that the TFC Academy will not reach the heights of the EPL academies or that these players would play against a high a level of competition in England. Knowledge transfer between the clubs would be great as well, but not that big of a deal in terms of Canadian talent. This country is the wildwest of talent. If Montreal can ship
  5. "Ricketts countrymen, midfield Vahid Assadpour and hill Tyler Hemming, did not remove themselves. - Vahid is quick in thought and quite all-round. Tyler is the wisest of those who have been here. He has very good speluppfattning and technically secure with both feet, but a little osnabb, "says Gustavsson." It looks like their tryouts are going pretty well
  6. For USL owners? Not sure on the question. Similar to AHL, the MLS 2 or USL teams would be affiliated with an MLS club. That could mean the MLS club is a part owner. The younger players trying their luck and developing in MLS2/USL, so their will be quality players, and these players will not be paid to keep their amatuer status. Rounding out a roster, cheapening the clubs expenses. USL cap can remain the same. The investors are already their and MLS can bring the USL under a single entity to help these clubs. If the USL doesn't affiliate itself with the MLS, it is running the risk
  7. Over the last two years I've been reading a lot about the state of Canadian soccer. Within the last two years, there has been some significant headway made with regard to the professional game. However, there are some stories or underlining themes that need to be brought to forefront. One particularly that comes to mind is Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver's infrastructure. While all these teams will likely be in the MLS one day, there is something more important beyond that. Their deep pockets and committment to development. More than that, Montreal inclusion of Liverpool's owner, Tor
  8. Lars Hirschfeld Pat Onstad Greg Sutton Joshua Wagenaar Patrice Bernier Jim Brennan Adrian Cann Julian de Guzman Marcel de Jong Dwayne De Rosario Rob Friend Ali Gerba André Hainault Richard Hastings Atiba Hutchinson Ante Jazic Mike Klukowski Issey Nakajima-Farran Tam Nsaliwa Jaime Peters Tomasz Radzinski Adrian Serioux Paul Stalteri There are a few interesting things in this roster....we have 4 GKs for instance...is that necessary or because Waganaar was unattached? We are over loaded at left back (Brennan, de Jong, Jazic, K
  9. Glad to see French CBC is giving this so much attention. I heard Garber will be watching the games with Saputo. What's concerning at this point, and I don't know when the game starts, is where are all the fans. Its a holiday....and who cares if its raining.
  10. DeRosario, Serioux, Jazic, Pozniak, Ugo Ihemelu, Ching, or any other guy (except Landycakes) who might qualify as a Canadian Could all these guys be considered domestic or am I misquoting you? Also, add Andy Williams to that list
  11. http://www.fan590.com/media.jsp?con...327_191143_5912 can someone please listen to this at the very beginning. "League mandated three new franchises including Vancouver and so forth......." Can I get a second set of ears on this. Did he just slip up an say who's up next in expansion. Are three teams already picked? Is he confused.... Take a listen fellas....
  12. He's not part of Canadian Soccer. Your in the wrong forum. Sorry, but thats truly and utterly the way it is. Take this as constructive criticism
  13. Isn't Gretna about to fold? Mick Wadsworth was mentioned before http://www.newsandstar.co.uk/sport/1.57019 http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/teams/g/gretna/7253673.stm Meanwhile, Wadsworth has reiterated his commitment to the club's cause despite revealing he is to be interviewed for another job. "Brooks' health has made it a testing time for everyone at the club," he told the Gretna website. "There are many issues to be dealt with and many problems to solve but rest assured everybody is committed to improving the current situation. "With regard to my perso
  14. The sweetest part of this is the Mexicans boed our national anthem and the Haitians essentially broke the FIFA fair play rules. Sometimes there is justice in world. Great pair of games. The only thing now is we can't use our size advantage against the americans. Skill will win this game. Let's get Lenksy back out there.
  15. Did Haiti not give the ball back after we kicked it out for an injured player and then score? No respect
  16. hahaha, maybe its not him. It looked like him when it showed a close up. But I am working with a streamed game here in spanish. Didn't catch the name. My guys so far: Ornoch and Jakovic
  17. Not to alarm anyone, but that is the same greating ref from the Gold Cup. He's screwed us twice in big competitions. Last world cup qualifiers and last gold cup. I hate this guy
  18. Lets go boys, I've never felt so alive hahaha. CANADA!
  19. Lensky is not capped tied in a amateur tournament like the Olympics. If he doesn't claim another nationality before the age of 21 he will be capped tied to Canada. However, he can still change up until that point. Jono's dad Bobby said how playing for Holland Olympic team wouldn't effect his ability to represent Canada. But lets just keep the talk to Lensky. Saw the game last night and Kambere cannot pass and those turnovers should have killed us but we closed down on the counter-attack so quickly. Great game by Canada. Kambere has to taken out though. He's the bigggest liability on th
  20. Triumph - Fight The Good Fight The days grow shorter and the nights are getting long Feels like we're running out of time Every day it seems much harder tellin' right from wrong You got to read between the lines Don't get discouraged, don't be afraid, we can Make it through another day Make it worth the price we pay The Good Book says it's better to give than to receive I do my best to do my part Nothin' in my pockets I got nothin' up my sleeve I keep my magic in my heart Keep up your spirit, keep up your faith, baby I am counting on you You know what yo
  21. Dear Mr. Knowitall, Your post have motivated me to sign up on this forum. I fail to see how not having a pro league in Canada would lead people to not represent their country. I understand that most of our premier players have selected represent other countries, but this is more about advancing their club careers and cashing in. Today's soccer players have no loyalty to country or club (with few exceptions) Owen Hargreaves was developed in Germany....is he giving back to England....no, but he had a fantastic WC and cashed in big time with ManU Jono is going to cash in as well
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