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  1. The US gives one of their slots to the US Open Cup winner, which is a competition similar to our own. It's not limited to MLS sides. If they can do it, why can't we? Besides, I agree with those who say that the Eddies deserve a shot.
  2. I am about 2/3 through the book. The one thing that became clear to me is how incredibly sensitive Paul James is. He remembers (did he save them?) anonomous negative emails, slights people said years ago, and verbatim negative conversations. Maybe that's a reflection of his obsessive nature. It's disturbing to me that anyone would take overly seriously anything that anyone says on a message board. To think that a national coach was reading the V-Board and taking to heart every negative comment that was written, probably a lot of them written without a second thought is very sad. Over the years I've learned that people online can give a lot of flack and say things that they would never dare say to one's face, or say things that they don't really believe just to stir the discussion soup. Usually that's a reflection on the poster, rather than on who they are attacking. While I don't like the airing of "dirty laundry," I find myself full of compassion for the man, and hope that his life ahead will be well, balanced and positive.
  3. He was already an excellent MLS coach. He guided the Fire into winning the MLS Cup in their expansion year, the only MLS team ever to do so. Mind you, it was the very early years of the league (every team was to some extent, an expansion team), but it was still a stellar achievement.
  4. let's hope the CSA decides to sack themselves...
  5. What's missing here in this analysis is that TFC doesn't actually have to be good in global terms, it just has to better than the majority of its MLS opposition. This is certainly do-able, although it only bear a remote ressemblance to what Ajax does.
  6. Give your heart a rest... if you don't come on the board, you won't ever be upset. Anyways, the board doesn't reflect the organized group, as it says in the disclaimer. Anyone can sign up and say their 2 cents.
  7. MoJo is a survivor. Regardless of what "should" happen, expect him to throw his friend under the bus before he gives up his cushy job in the FO. Preki will be gone before Johnston. Johnston may even (incredibly) manage to hang on for a year 5 of his "five year plan."
  8. I listened to a few Impact matches in French. The commentary, while adequate, was hardly inspiring. BTW, France French carries a different connotation in Quebec than UK English does in English Canada.
  9. Vancouver and Toronto will both be in next year. Vancouver because they will do a "Seattle" and start strong. Toronto because Mo Johnston will have been fired as the GM.
  10. So we are nearing the end of a fourth season of futility. It's time to start thinking about what pressure we can exert on MLSE to make a change in the GM department. Constantly revolving roster (75+ players for TFC in 4 years) Four coaches in four years Poor treatment (allegedly) of players who have left A dismal record on the road Players, some who are quite talented, assembled without regard for how well they work together Poor scouting outside of MLS/NCAA Great drafting, but then these players are traded away for nothing, cut, or traded for poorer players I see interest declining in the club, it's getting harder and harder to sell (or even give away) tickets The atmosphere is getting worse each season It's time for a change of GMs. Those of us here who are TFC fans need to demand that Mo Must Go! (Whitecaps and Impact fans should conversely demand that he stay)
  11. It's now official: http://www.vancouversun.com/Whitecaps+retain+Teitur+Thordarson+head+coach+team+2011/3473933/story.html
  12. Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/Caps+will+feature+little+Canadian+content/3467433/story.html
  13. I find this discussion a bit hard to swallow. Everyone I know who watches soccer is familiar with most of the terms used in England, even Serie A fans. There might be the odd word here or there that feels unusual ("boots" vs. "cleats"), however, I doubt that using English vocabulary either improves or diminishes the game. If we wanted to make it appeal to people who aren't familiar with the game, why not do things like the NASL and have the clock run down instead of up, have "penalty shootouts" instead of draws, and have a blue line for offsides? Oh wait... that didn't work. I've watch enough bad announcing by US announcers for MLS matches who are more familiar with baseball and NFL. Nigel Reid may not sound "Canadian," but he's 1000% better than most of them.
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