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    TFC07 reacted to Kent in The Importance of Ricardo José Araújo Ferreira   
    I’ve never seen this guy play, but I find it hard to believe he is good enough to guarantee us qualification when you consider that our path might have to go through Messi (as an example).
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    TFC07 reacted to Kent in CPL General   
    When the CPL announcement seemed imminent, I stopped caring about the roster rules of American leagues. If anything this strengthens the CPL player pool.
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    TFC07 reacted to Bertuzzi44 in Lucas Cavallini   
    I'm hoping for success for the Whitecaps, not because I'm really a fan, but because I want MDS to do well. He's one of the few managers who actively gives Canadians a chance. He has given opportunities to Crepeau, Cornelius, Bair, brought Ricketts back and may be signing Cav. 
    I hope MDS can do well and continue to give Canadians playing time.
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    TFC07 reacted to SpursFlu in Lucas Cavallini   
    I think at 27 this is kinda it. If he wanted to go to Europe he would have already. I'm kinda bored of Europe personally 
    I'm starting a new thing.. it's called Americas soccer snob
    Really outside of maybe 16 teams in Europe. What's the big attraction? Play for some team in Portugal or Holland that nobody has ever heard of. Is that really all that spectacular?
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    TFC07 got a reaction from saladroit in Lucas Cavallini   
    Going to Whitecaps will give him more playing time than TFC where Cavallari originally wanted to go.  It's a good move for both parties.  
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    TFC07 reacted to Bertuzzi44 in USA vs Canada - Friday Nov 15th, Orlando FL   
    I watched the American coverage on ESPN2 and the commentators were saying the USA got lucky Davies was at LB and not further up the pitch.
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    TFC07 reacted to SpursFlu in USA vs Canada - Friday Nov 15th, Orlando FL   
    I think Herdman made the wrong choice but ultimately the problem was Davies didn't follow the script. It as compounded by the mistake right of the bat that turned in to a goal. And then he was chasing it the entire game. I'm convinced now that he should be playing as a forward for us. If for no other reason he's enjoying himself with Canada. Also I think like someone else pointed out. He's our best LB, he's our best winger, he's our best midfielder, he's our best striker, he's probably our best center back. Just put him up front and let him do his thing. That play at the end of the game where he dribbled around 4 guys in their box was like some Messi ****. It was nuts. You dont see that. I also think Terry Dunfield needs to tone down the criticism a bit on the broadcast. He's another one that guy
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    TFC07 reacted to Macksam in USA vs Canada - Friday Nov 15th, Orlando FL   
    My thoughts, it was all about the defense, there defense did an adequate job, ours did not. 
    Despite controlling most of the possession and playing more in their half, they were able to score on pretty much all their opportunities that could have easily been avoided by any half-way decent defending. 
    We need a massive upgrade in that department. 
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    TFC07 got a reaction from CanadianSoccerFan in Mark-Anthony Kaye   
    People need to stop caring what they (US media and fans) are saying about us (like many soccer nations do when comes to Americans).   Focus on our side and criticize Canadians jumping on bandwagon after this win then jumping off when CMNT lose.  
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    TFC07 got a reaction from The Beaver 2.0 in Mark-Anthony Kaye   
    People need to stop caring what they (US media and fans) are saying about us (like many soccer nations do when comes to Americans).   Focus on our side and criticize Canadians jumping on bandwagon after this win then jumping off when CMNT lose.  
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    TFC07 got a reaction from WestHamCanadianinOxford in Mark-Anthony Kaye   
    People need to stop caring what they (US media and fans) are saying about us (like many soccer nations do when comes to Americans).   Focus on our side and criticize Canadians jumping on bandwagon after this win then jumping off when CMNT lose.  
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    TFC07 reacted to Kadenge in Mark-Anthony Kaye   
    The best way to get back at the media and US fans is to get another result in  Nov. Let's do our talking on the field eh?
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    TFC07 reacted to The Beaver 2.0 in Mark-Anthony Kaye   
    I am sure this has been said already, but the only reason the US soccer pundits NEED to diminish our team is so they do not have to accept the reality that their pool of players is simply mediocre at best, at least in terms of world football. They want to believe they are a world class footy nation and you cannot be world class if you lose to lowly Canada. (Which, to be fair, is mostly true.) So, instead of acknowledging they have a mostly mediocre crop of players--ie. admit the US is NOT world class--they make the argument that their team should have beat our guys because we've got shi.te players, which is all a way to say that the problem falls ENTIRELY on Berhalter's shoulders. But this is utter crap, and if US soccer believes this narrative, then they will end up taking action that does not stem from reality.  Yes, Berhalter is trying to establish a system his players cannot execute, and I wonder if he's the ability to build a winning culture--he seems soft in too many places--and he sure as hell got out coached by Herdman in Toronto, but he is not the sole problem here. The very notion that the US should be world class is aspirational at best, and while I am a huge fan of setting big goals and charting a path to achieve those goals, a critical part of success comes from self-knowledge, from basing your decision-making and planning and expectations on the data, on reality.  Does the US need a different coach? Hell yeah? But the entire US soccer culture--fans, media, players, US Soccer--needs a shake up. They need to accept that their player pool is B-list at best, and then build an intelligent plan based on that fact.  But this does not fall only on Berhalter's shoulders. The problem seems cultural as much as anything else.
    What does this mean for us? Nothing, really.  We need to focus on our shi.t.  We need to make sure we build our culture--fans, media, players, coaching, admin, CSA--on a clear understanding of who we really are.  And we're doing that! We've taken huge steps forward in the past several years. There is much more yet to do!  Let's keep focussing on who we are and what we want to achieve.
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    TFC07 reacted to SkuseisLoose in Mark-Anthony Kaye   
    I know we’re all happy about the win but we shouldn’t become cocky and expect the exact same game to happen down in Florida. The American players will have something to prove at that point and will likely leave everything on the pitch.
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    TFC07 reacted to narduch in Mark-Anthony Kaye   
    I agree. Let them continue to take us lightly 
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    TFC07 reacted to dyslexic nam in Mark-Anthony Kaye   
    I enjoy their delusions.  Let them think they are an amazing world power.  Arrogance never serves you well.   
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    TFC07 reacted to Corazon in Canada vs. United States (Nations League A) Tuesday, Oct. 15th, 2019 - 7:30pm EST   
    Just watched this as well and was thinking that this is absolutely a large reason why.  Along with the fact that Toronto's hybrid grass is also much preferred to Vancouver's turf.
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    TFC07 reacted to Ansem in MLS is unhappy with the CSA   
    “I am excited about the development of the CPL,” Garber said. “But we do need to work together to figure [things] out. The Canadian Soccer Association needs to figure out how they’re going to engage with Major League Soccer teams that are investing millions and millions and millions of dollars per team, not including what they’ve invested in their academies and in their infrastructure, to ensure that that investment is going to help develop the Canadian player, and help justify the investment that they are making, otherwise that investment is going to go away, because right now, it’s not making that much sense.”
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    TFC07 reacted to baulderdash77 in Cuba vs Canada (on Grand Cayman island) Tuesday, Sept 10th - 7:15pm EST   
    Yes we are.  We have 80% possession against a team just parking the bus.  We’ve buried this team 2x in the past 4 months.  
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    TFC07 reacted to Kent in General Discussion on CMNT   
    Interesting stat that I didn't know about in this article.
    "The Canadian men’s team is unbeaten in 14 games (with nine wins) at BMO Field, a run that dates back to 2011."
    To elaborate a little bit more, the CMNT has only lost one time at BMO field against Peru in 2010. There all time record there is 9 wins, 7 draws, and 1 loss.
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    TFC07 got a reaction from xabuep2 in Herdman new head coach   
    This what happens when you hire bean counters to run soccer in this country.  Say whatever you want about Victor Montagliani, but at least he was "soccer guy" who made decisions based on what's best for Canadian soccer. 
    Hiring a women coach with no experience managing men soccer to run senior men's team especially with current group who on paper might be most talented Canadian team ever says what you need to know about current CSA management.   
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    TFC07 reacted to Ozzie_the_parrot in Canadian Premier League joins CONCACAF League   
    The three MLS teams are members of the CSA rather than the USSF. They belong in the CSA's top domestic competition, which is the Canadian Championship.
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    TFC07 reacted to SpecialK in Should Herdman be fired ?   
    Yes I’m bias I know but I don’t get this idea oh not yet wait to nations league and Herdman needs to grown and learn like he’s a high school student. Where are Canadian soccer fans  standards are??? Basically one of Canada’s best squad to ever been  Assembled and Herdman **** the bed! 
    1. No friendlies needed ( that’s what he said)
    2. He picks of players (mainly back line)
    3. He starting XI vs Mexico, tactics and just saying just stupid **** to  justify his BS
    4. The Haiti   Collapse And  Game management. Just  a deer in the head lights. 
    5. His just plan arrogance ! 
    The Gold Cup was our chance to show the world oh crap Canada can play and is real the deal. But we just came off as a joke. You should watch what ESPN FC said about it. What more do people need here? There are way better manager ( even Canadians)  options out there ! 
    If im Tomori, Ferreira and  Gutiérrez I would be laughing at the idea of  joining Canada and saying are you serious ! They can’t even beat Haiti and they only play minnows. What a joke
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    TFC07 reacted to Floortom in Gold Cup QFs - June 29th 2019 - Canada vs Haiti   
    Kaye has looked  bad. I get the sub - we were up 2-0. But in retrospect it really hurt.
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    TFC07 got a reaction from Addona in Gold Cup QFs - June 29th 2019 - Canada vs Haiti   
    Wow just wow
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