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  1. Based on what? So far we know they're planning to host one hockey game to celebrate their 100th anniversary. I believe Leafs will need NHL permission to host outdoor games in the future.
  2. Yeah they were interested to get them cheap. Guess what? They rejected to buy Argos for $10 million. So what does that say? How come no one else is stepping up? To put things perspective, Ottawa paid $7 million expansion fee get into CFL. So you're telling me that a team as old as Argos playing in biggest city in Canada is possibly worth less than Ottawa? It seems like it.
  3. Hosting one hockey game is main reason why they're expanding it? Thanks for the laugh. I am sure it's part of their reason, but they main reason is they need more seats to make bigger profit from their investment on DP signings while making game day experience better for fans.
  4. This year, numbers below 700K for some odd reason.
  5. Of course the story isn't over until 2017-18 when Argos leave Rogers Centre. Argos play bigger stadium than TFC and even then, ticket prices are super cheap and they only play 9 games. What's worst is that they're winning team unlike TFC but yet they struggle to get fans to come to their games. 3500 SSH only in city and surrounding area with population close to 6 million? Why so low for team with 100 years of history? TFC are doing better (more SSH despite high ticket prices) and even increasing their seating capacity to get more fans to come to games while Argos doing the opposite. So what does that say about Argos? TV ratings argument is funny one given Cohon mentions Southern Ontario ratings instead of GTA ratings. How many people were lining up in the streets to watch Argos play in the playoffs last year like they did with Raptors and Maple Leafs? If Argos such great product, then how come they don't have their own stadium and don't have investors lining up to buy them? Let me guess, because they're not valuable team to own and build a stadium for. This is why CFL is trying so hard to get Argos move into BMO field and get MLSE own the team.
  6. But yet, they struggle to draw fans and find their own stadium. City of Toronto has changed a lot in the last 100 years and Argos haven't been able to adjust to their market. So can you seriously say history really matters in the end?
  7. It has been rumoured in the past that most of Argos fanbase coming outside of the city. Even Hamilton Ti-cats owner admit if Argos move up north they will do much better than they will in downtown core. I personally believe Argos at best is same level as TFC in terms of support in the city which is okay, but it never be same level to Leafs or Blue Jays. Even then, TFC at least play a sport that is very popular in grassroot level that Argos don't have to tap into to attract fans. Not only that, but demographic of city doesn't flavour Argos. So I have very hard time believing Argos will ever become relevant in the city.
  8. No surprises there. Argos aren't very popular in Toronto proper so it will be best for them to move to 905 region. This news doesn't change the fact that Argos can still come to BMO field in 2017 though.
  9. No, but Raptors playing in best basketball league in the world. MLS in the other hand isn't even top 10 league in the world. Most soccer fans in this country watch European soccer which is why European soccer and international tournaments (World Cup and Euros) gets better TV ratings than MLS. A lot of kids who want to become professional soccer players don't look up to guys like Michael Bradley or Landon Donovan, but instead they look up Messi and Ronaldo who happen to play in Europe. If Canadian league does become a reality, hopefully Canadian league will be able to properly develop players and sell them to European clubs which a lot of young soccer players want to play in. This will be huge for the league and help owners to make money quickly.
  10. I got this from RPB forum: Source: https://twitter.com/KurtLarSUN/status/477524151243395073
  11. Where's CSA? I love to know what they think about BMO field renovation. Do they even care that national soccer stadium is being converted into multi-sport venue which risk damaging the turf?
  12. Toronto city council has voted 39-3 in favour of a deal to expand BMO field. Now MLSE is waiting for provincial and federal government to give them their respond.
  13. I am sure MLSE will step up if both Feds and provincial government decide not to give them money. MLSE needs this upgrade so they can host Maple Leafs for their 100th anniversary at BMO field
  14. I don't see how exactly TFC will be negatively affected by Toronto NFL team. It's really Argos who will be affected the most in Toronto Sports landscape.
  15. Ralph Wilson's death opens door ever so slightly for NFL in Toronto: Kelly
  16. Nothing is going to happen in short term. If somehow someone from Toronto ends up owning BIlls, then except Bills to move to Toronto by 2020 to brand new stadium (which also be used to host World Cup if Canada wins bid).
  17. In this market, Toronto Maple Leafs can play anywhere and they'll still sell out their games. Outdoor game wouldn't be an issue in Toronto. There's too much money to make from hosting Maple Leaf game at BMO field.
  18. Yeah, MLSE is currently negotiating to buy Argos. As for Argo fanbase, I assume they will always get their 20,000 plus crowd coming to their games, but in the long term, I could see Argo fans complaining about BMO field and how doesn't feel like their home (like currently whining about at Rogers Centre) We all know Maple Leafs run sports landscape in this city so we can't do much about them. This is why you see supporters not bother fighting/protesting against MLSE about BMO field renovation. Too bad CSA remain silent since stadium was built for them to host national soccer games and events.
  19. You're right, but I am sure there will be clauses in contract if Argos mess up the turf that either they or city will pay for repair costs. Don't get me wrong, I think it's stupid idea to bring Argos to BMO field (they should go back to their roots and play at Varsity Stadium), but reality is that City of Toronto is pretty much forcing MLSE to take Argos if MLSE wants to upgrade BMO field so they can host more events (mostly Winter Classic which MLSE is hell bent hosting at BMO field in couple of years to celebrate Maple Leafs 100th anniversary).
  20. One more thing: if Argos mess up turf, then I am sure they will repair and pay for it (or city pay for it). Biggest issue should be stands moving back permanently to fit CFL field size.
  21. Tim L already said there's no way fieldturf is coming back. We're going to have hybrid grass (which we should had to begin with) that a lot of top EPL teams have installed in their stadiums. So can we end this field turf talk?
  22. But yet, MLS teams get as much TV money (or in some cases more money) as CFL teams who happened to have high ratings. What does that say about CFL? Just imagine if MLS had higher ratings, how much more money they will get from TV rights.
  23. How is it hate? I am simply questioning motivation of Argos moving into BMO field and why MLSE would be interested in Argos. If anything, it's CFL crowd that have a hate on for TFC/soccer and have this entitlement that we (taxpayers) should fund their stadiums and Grey Cups.
  24. But yet, CFL fans like brag about their little (yes, it's little) TV deal despite their huge TV rating. $4 million CDN is peanuts to MLSE. Then add the fact that Argos only play 9-11 games, gate revenue isn't going to be that high either (especially compared to TFC who play 20+ games per year) So there isn't much upside owning Argos. Argos just being used to get taxpayer money while protecting NFL interest for potential owners of Toronto NFL team. It's too bad CFL fans don't see it and continue bashing Toronto and Argos' competition (TFC and Blue Jays) instead of accepting what's going on despite reports out there.
  25. MLS has more than one TV contract unlike CFL. There's Spanish TV rights, Canadian TV rights and regional TV rights. Money adds up pretty quickly and I wouldn't be shocked if MLS clubs get more than $4 million USD per team. NFL dream is still alive and even Americans know that (A journalist on CBS admit this recently). Toronto NFL dream is going to be determine when Wilson family sell the Bills. Whoever buys the Bills will determine if it's leaving Buffalo and moving to Toronto or not. Reports already out that MLSE (Larry T, Lewieke and Ed Rogers) plan to bring NFL to Toronto. In fact, MLSE is working on design of new stadium for NFL team while doing their due diligence seeing how market (Toronto) would react and support NFL team in Toronto as we speak.
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