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  1. Even their owner (at time) recently admits that he made a mistake returning to Rogers Centre instead of working with CSA to build a stadium at York University. I love how Argos and CFL fans play victim card, but don't criticize their owners being cheap. Argos and CFL at this point needs to put up or shut up for good if they're serious about having CFL team in Toronto market. You can't be cheap in Toronto if you want to survive in this market. There's a lot of competition for entertainment money that you need to spend a lot of money to attract people to your product. This is why CFL keeps failing in Toronto or lack respect from Torontonians.
  2. MLSE is no longer interested in Argos. It has been pretty clear for good 6 months. This is why CFL is talking about lease instead of ownership of Argos now unlike the past. Argos simply don't have cash or ROI to build a new stadium for themselves so I highly doubt MLSE is worry about another stadium popping up.
  3. Actually it's other way around, CFL fanboy. Argos left CSA and York University last minute to return to Rogers Centre since Ted Rogers offer free rent to Argos. MLSE came into picture and propose building a soccer stadium at Exhibition place which CSA agreed and had three level government and MLSE contribute money to building a soccer stadium for FIFA Under 20 tournament. Then Argos wanted to come to BMO field but it was too late since construction was done and BMO field wasn't big enough to host CFL games. So they really have no one but themselves to blame especially since they didn't want to contribute any money of building a stadium. Argos can workout a lease all they want, but it's going to cost $20 million to get them into BMO field. If they can't come up with money, then they're not coming to BMO field. It's really that simple!
  4. Yup. That pretty much sums things up. Don't forget football lines which you can clearly see.
  5. That exactly what's going to happen. We're (as in Toronto) is going to gift Montreal with WCQ games which is bad since CMNT have played well at BMO field.
  6. Hopefully TFC sign him and put him in their USL Pro team. He's still young enough to develop and upside is there for Alderson to become a good MLS player.
  7. But my problem is why he played for our youth teams when we could have selected someone else who's committed to Canada in the long term? Unlike Tesho, Doughty played and train with Canada youth teams in the last few years.
  8. Did you see turf during Cowboys-Jaguars game? It was awful! No way that field is suitable to host both football. It either has to be gridiron or soccer not both if MLSE wants keep grass or get hybrid turf at BMO field.
  9. Meh. It isn't huge loss what some people are making it out to be here. Bunbury isn't exactly great striker and his career looks like it has falling off the map. I except Tesho will face same faith in the end (being a mediocre MLS player at best). I am sure next year, Tesho is going to struggle because teams will figure him out by then which pretty much hurt his game and eventually his international career. Larin, Hamilton and Cavallini are strikers we should be more concern about not Tesho whose is going to be a career MLS player unlike those three who have potential playing in Europe one day.
  10. I read somewhere (I can't remember where?) that Hamilton's loan is done end of spring, but the way things are going right now, I wouldn't be surprised if he returns to TFC end of this year.
  11. Hybrid turf. TFC made it clear that they're not going back to field turf. However, CFL end zones will have fieldturf not hybrid grass/turf though.
  12. So far, a lot of TFC fans seem to like new BMO field. But then again, we judging future BMO field based on pictures posted online only. So I think we should be caution of getting excited over BMO field renovation for now. Rollins usually has inside sources, so maybe he knows something that rest of us don't know.
  13. Looks great for Canadian national team who will play a lot more games at BMO field in the future.
  14. Interesting conversation going on here regarding about MLS role in Canadian soccer. I personally have been saying this for years (and sick of saying this), but only way Canadian soccer will ever improve if we have our own professional league where we can develop hundred of players through pro league which will increase quality and quantity of players for national team. Right now, we don't have too many Canadians playing full time for their clubs in MLS and overseas which is affecting quality for national team while we got guys like Tesho using Canadian soccer and supporters to pressure other nations to cap tie.
  15. I support ladies on this issue. You can't host a World Cup playing on fake turf. If you look at Men's world cup, how many time have we seen games being played on fake turf? Is World Cup in Russia going to have fake turf? So why double standard? If Canada is serious about soccer and want to host major events in the future, then get rid of fake turf and put on natural turf (even it's temporary).
  16. It's threat because TFC can no longer mess up and treat their fans like crap like they have in the past. There's no more monopoly for TFC/MLS anymore! Does this mean TFC will become money losing team? Of course not, but it means that TFC might not make much money as they want to. To your second point, I am not complaining about it. Maybe you need to read better! I said MLS feels threaten by competition and now countering with counting Canadians as domestic with USA clubs now.
  17. I am saying both. With Hamilton team, TFC now can't afford to mess up like they have in the past (both on-field and off-field) or else risk losing some of their fanbase who might go with cheaper option near their neighborhood to watch live soccer especially if they're Ti-cat SSH who can get tickets even cheaper as part of their benefit being Ti-cat SSH. But at same time, GTA is huge and filled with a lot of soccer fans that if one of 905 cities (say Mississauga as an example) build a stadium and end up with NASL team, then it wouldn't have any problems supporting it. Obviously this more concern for MLS and TFC than Hamilton NASL team. Right now, there isn't much option to go watch live soccer and there's plenty of TFC haters in GTA who either former fans who got priced out or part of Ontario soccer community who have been disrespected by TFC in the past to point that they're telling talented soccer players to avoid playing for TFC and their academy teams. Let's not forget that a lot of people hate traveling to downtown Toronto (traffic and how expensive everything is in downtown Toronto) that they will be more open to support a soccer team closer to their neighborhood.
  18. What a dumb comparison. Toronto Marlies are Toronto Maple Leafs farm team. If you were trying to make a comparison, then make some sense. To use Toronto Marlies and Toronto Maple Leafs is like using Toronto FC and their academy team playing League One to make a point. Hamilton and Buffalo (who have to rely on Southern Ontario market to sell tickets) play different leagues with different rules. Let's not forget they're not even located in same country. Not only that, but it's much easier to get to downtown Toronto (thanks to Go transit train) than travelling to Buffalo. If you know TFC fanbase, you would know that good amount of them come from west end (close to Hamilton territory and have sort connection with city and their football). Now I am not saying all them will leave TFC to support a team closer to them, but TFC will have to complete with Ticats now to keep soccer fans in that part of GTA and Hamilton happy So yes, TFC are affected to some certain extent to NASL team in Hamilton. FYI: Winning is what brings people to games the most which TFC is doing this season. Defoe signing hasn't increase TV numbers at all!
  19. Comparing semi-pro (using this term loosely here) to professional club playing in top league?
  20. Hamilton is close enough to Toronto to be consider in same market. TFC has huge chunk of fans coming from west end including Hamilton. Also, don't forget if there's another stadium built in GTA (there's interest out there), then don't be surprised to see "Toronto" team in Canadian NASL league. Toronto/GTA is big enough market to support another soccer team. MLS doesn't even crack 100K in Canadian TV ratings for most of time, but if we got two Canadian markets playing against each other, ratings have possibly to be higher than MLS especially if one of major networks (like TSN) broadcast their games. Given CFL ties to this Canadian league, there's possibly that we will see games on TSN.
  21. MLS is scared of Canadian league being a threat in terms of Canadian interest (TV and sponsors) and hurting their Canadian club attendance revenue (which MLS gets piece of).
  22. I believe they had to leave that option open due to City council demanded it.
  23. I agree with you on this, but MLSE can face possible lawsuits from their SSH and especially those who own seat licenses who prefer Leafs to play indoor for all their games. Also, NHL has their own agenda so who knows if they allow Maple Leafs play outdoor an annual thing.
  24. Actually, money from government for Argos to get movable seats to make room to fit CFL field. It's going to cost $10-20 million! Since two level of governments (province and federal) hasn't committed any money to project, MLSE revised their plan so they can start rebuilding BMO field now without Argos/CFL in mind for now. So this means in couple of years, if the money isn't there, then Argos aren't coming. This is why CFL is looking another ways to get money so they can bring Argos to BMO field.
  25. If that's case, then all Canadian markets and Detroit will host outdoor games every year, but reality is that NHL keeps a limit how many teams and/or games are played outdoor each year.
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