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  1. What I find interesting is MLS media coverage has been heavily bias towards USMNT even though MLS is suppose to be Canadian and American league.  I wonder how Canadian MLS fans feel about MLS lack of coverage and respect for CMNT.  

  2. This what happens when you hire bean counters to run soccer in this country.  Say whatever you want about Victor Montagliani, but at least he was "soccer guy" who made decisions based on what's best for Canadian soccer. 

    Hiring a women coach with no experience managing men soccer to run senior men's team especially with current group who on paper might be most talented Canadian team ever says what you need to know about current CSA management.   

  3. 4 minutes ago, Copes said:

    The HFX Wanderers left-back (21 year old) had IMO been a standout in the new CPL both on his team in general and across the league in that position. 

    He is at a level lower than what we need but perhaps he is worth a look.

    I don't really follow CPL, but I feel we do have options for LB if we decide to play 4-3-3.  

    On a positive note, at least this tournament answer some questions when comes to who starts for this team moving forward.  

  4. I don't see anyone here mentioning this, but Holliet (besides Cuba game) didn't play well in this tournament.  When we move Davies up front, then Holliet will be odd man out.  But I highly doubt Herdman would have the balls to bench Holliet.

    We simply can't afford to play Davies as LB anymore, we need a proper LB who wouldn't make mistakes that cost us goals like Davies did in this tournament.  


  5. - Hutch is done.  Thanks for your service but it's time for him to retire.

    - Godinho has been awful throughout this tournament.  He's not ready to be starter 

    - Backline is very fragile and need to mature quickly.

    - But on the positive, we got firepower up front that's going to get better in the future.  

    - Herdman has end of this year to keep his job due to nation league.  He better hope MMT rebounds from this disaster quickly.  

  6. 2 hours ago, Zem said:

    As per @Ansem's post, the main stand is below the camera. Attendance is 2,914.

    Good to know.  I only watched 2nd half on CBC and saw an empty stand and supporter section didn't look full either.  

    York U is a great location, but owning your own stadium is better option financially in the long term.  Hopefully York9 able to build their own 15,000 stadium with grass turf ASAP.  

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