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  1. The Nations League doesn't really matter but we now need results in our favor to stay in 6th place in Concacaf
  2. Can't blame him for being gassed...he's being asked to run goal line to goal line
  3. this announcer on ONE needs to stop saying "oh no". It makes him an even bigger HOMER and it just sounds terrible. Plus it seems to be said every two minutes since we are playing so bad
  4. lol love how the announcer pointed out our last loss was the last game Davies played as a defender
  5. what is more embarassing....the performance or the fact that professional players don't know the rules.... discuss
  6. The announcers on ESPN2 said the same thing during their broadcast that the major networks turned it down
  7. Problem is it took them way over an hour to post it on their social media and site....imagine if people in Toronto had to wait that long to find out if Matthews or Marner went to the bathroom today....they would be shut down
  8. If anyone was watching the ESPN2 feed of the match, they mentioned something regarding TSN and Sportsnet declining the option to show the game tonight. If that is true, both broadcastors should be embarrassed. Twenty years ago when each only had one tv channel and no ability to stream games on their websites maybe you could give them a pass but considering TSN showed multiple Euro qualifying games on their channels and website today, they should have put on this game. It's sad how TSN bends over to show MLS games (including some without Canadian teams) but can't support the MNT.
  9. Msged an insider and basically got told this was more about OZ than Herdman. Take that how you want.
  10. When he coached the WNT, he would have lengthy camps to get them physically ready so that they could overcome their lack of skill with being fit. This is how they excelled at the Olympics. In men's soccer, you typically get several days with the players before a big match. Tactics and choosing the right players is what it is all about.
  11. lol the mexico feed has the canada game on in the corner of the screen
  12. The boys are trying....coaching has let us down but really unless Mexico did the job tonight, it really didn't matter
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