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  1. Please type comments below that have absolutely nothing to do with the original point of this thread:
  2. I don't blame you for thinking Swangard would be ideal. It certainly appears that way, sitting between two stations (about a five-minute walk), nice view of the mountains and trees, and a great location far enough away from BC Place Toilet, but just across the street from Vancouver in the city of Burnaby. However, it has one down side, which is the City of Burnaby. They won't let anyone touch that track, and they're not very footie-friendly. When there used to be World Cup Qualifiers there, Canada couldn't practise the there because the away team (rightfully so) would demand the opportunit
  3. I'd read there'd been a brief tempest, but I hope it's blown over now.
  4. I imagine it's pretty easy for a York supporter to forget about Forge.
  5. It was already bad enough having 66% of all Canadian MLS teams having the same sponsor.
  6. Ah, is Magna the parts supplier that Belinda Stronach owns? Geez, I went blank on Unico as well (pasta sauce?). Sorry, and thank you. And to think I'll be even older and less with it tomorrow!
  7. May I ask why? Other than Toyota, I've never heard of any of them.
  8. As mentioned and pictured on page 2 of this thread?
  9. I'm going to start a coronavirus thread in the Off Topic thingy so I don't end up hijacking this thread. I'll give more details about the effects on daily life, the economy, sport, etc. for anyone interested in what could be headed Canada's way if this bloody thing doesn't piss off soon.
  10. In Japan, store shelves are starting to get thin. J League matches are cancelled until further notice. Almost all business trips have been cancelled. Schools from K to 12 are closed until April. The Olympics are likely to be cancelled. I can't imagine what it's like in Korea now either, but I believe it's much worse there.
  11. Not being from San Luis, I don't think I can comment on whether the people there can 'relate to' that crest or not. I also don''t see how it's a mess.
  12. Absolutely. Stay safe. The Olympics themselves probably aren't going to be happening.
  13. Technology and I are not on very good terms. I meant to quote you when I responded so you 'd know I'd replied, but unsurprisingly, it didn't quite work out that way. (Please see above post.)
  14. I've seen it before. What about it specifically is atrocious? As we've seen in this thread, we all have very different opinions.
  15. Yes, the manufacturer is Pirma, from Mexico. What's wrong with the crest?
  16. I couldn't wait for my lunch break today so I could have a chance to have a look at the new kits. I'm glad I looked at some of them before I ate. Now that I'm home, I can sign in and get a few things off my chest. Pacific: The starfish don't bother me nearly as much as that fading business. It's the football equivalent of acid wash. Every Pacific player should be required to grow a mullet and the team should come out of the tunnel to Working for the Weekend by Loverboy. That bizarre crest that looks like a Girl Guide ribbon just looks worse on this shirt than last year's. However,
  17. Just how big is this thing? Does the league have room to store it? How heavy is it? These are the questions the man in the street wants to know!
  18. OK, yes. The location's great. I've never sat on the seats for more than ten minutes. I'm not sure what you mean by pretty, but it's not on my list of things that make a good football ground. You're bang on with the sound. It's horrible, for exactly what you described. The only sound that carries in that tomb are drums (so why not have five of them!?)
  19. I was really trying to find something nice to say about it.
  20. Although I'm not a fan of that roof, with its navel-sized opening that lets in sunlight onto the 'pitch' over a space about as big as the centre circle, there's no chance of that. I can't drink that stuff. So, here's an oldie but a goodie: Q: Why is American beer like sex in a canoe? A: Because they're both f***ing close to water.
  21. If I didn't have explodophobia (a fear of popcorn) your solution would be perfect. I had a traumatic childhood.
  22. Besides being a soulless toilet, BC Place has the worst atmosphere I've ever experienced. That's not all down to the supporters, though, although the drums don't help. Those cornball curtains at the top absorb any sound other than the incessant drumming. Then there's the tiny pinhole opening at the top that's been closed 90% of the time that I've been there, even on sunny days. Then there's the giant gap in the middle of the stands at both ends, the plastic pitch, the over-priced food that tastes as if it was made out of the previous pitch...Cool lights on the outside though.
  23. I agree. If any former international were needed, it would be Bunbury. Rather than panning the league and sounding as if he'd like to run the entire thing over with a steamroller like De Guzman, Bumblebee's been very enthusiastic, despite being a bit ...how shall I say, 'flighty.'
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