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  1. i hope this is the the last we see of this defense, most disappointing result is canadian history?
  2. /\ would not expect no less from a impact player. i bid you adieu montreal
  3. Temporary stadium set for PNE site Vancouver MLS 2011 will begin life in Major League Soccer at a temporary stadium at the PNE's Empire Fields. December 22, 2009 BC Lions and Vancouver MLS 2011 to play home games at a temporary stadium at Empire Fields during roof construction at BC Place The Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) and BC Pavilion Corporation (PavCo) today confirmed the BC Lions will play all of their home games during the 2010 season in a temporary stadium to be built at the PNE site. In addition, Vancouver MLS 2011 will open their inaugural season as a Major
  4. congrats to impact fans and to the impact players do take the ccl seriously next year please
  5. how many fifa sanctioned refs do they have in canada? and they choose this one?
  6. according to football-lineups.com her hometown/birthplace is montreal.... the fix is in
  7. /\ especially after the ref was already giving him a card, which he reacted to then he sprung to life and chest bumps the ref?....wtf
  8. Wow what atmosphere....well done vancouver, you just wanted it more! TFC scoring 4 goals? has that ever happened? cup will be vancouvers
  9. did montreal even have a shot in the 2nd half....doubt it
  10. the impact didnt even belong on the same field as santos in the second half
  11. vancouver has to be a done deal....there is not many teams left
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