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  1. Great comeback - really thought the Caps should have had a goal in the first half so good to see them scrape out some points. The 5 minutes of injury time was nice and deserved considering the KC time wasting - glad to see it backfire on them.
  2. Yah was definitely an intense period in the 2nd half after Guevera's 2nd goal. Nothing quite so nailbiting in their regular season games - very fun and glad they got the result for another 6 games.
  3. One problem with the ratings for the last CBC game is that it was the first TFC game on CBC in about a month and a half. Unless you're an established fan or a regular CBC watcher you're not getting the promo lead-insabout the upcoming CBC game that draw in the borderline fans.
  4. MLS TFC Schedule site has TV coverage listed as well: http://web.mlsnet.com/schedule/season_print.jsp?team=t280
  5. Great victory for Montreal. I'm also hoping the Canadian men's team can repeat it and keep the WC 2010 dream alive.
  6. Ruiz doesn't really seem to be doing anything. Not sure if it's a lack of midfield service or he's just not getting open but not a big fan of the gesturing at a referee when the ball is 2 yards away and still in play.
  7. I like the Dobson/Forrest team. They really are the sound of the Canadian Men's team to me.
  8. Next is group stages with Atlante (Mexico), Olimpia (Hondurus) and Joe Public (T & T). Glad to see a Canadian team progress - 6 more games to watch too. Edit: apologies on the title, modified.
  9. Despite showing the Champion's League games (when not conflicting with Curling) - TSN's soccer coverage has been pretty non-existant. Good to see them discussing soccer development in Canada even if they opinions expressed are a bit jarring.
  10. Entertaining game at least. Vancouver really came out firing. Hopefully will be a firecracker on the 22nd.
  11. Was exciting, but frustrating from a TFC perspective - just wanted shots on net and couldn't seem to get it.
  12. Any chance of having a sticky thread with the results and upcoming schedule for the Men's team? I'm a pretty sporadic follower of the mens' team so sometimes miss the important info that gets discussed in some of the longer threads. I figure I'm not alone with that.
  13. CBC Link comes up as a "technical difficulties" page. What does it say?
  14. Pretty excited about these games. Hopefully the actual competition is close on the field and lives up to the anticipation.
  15. My big question is why Gansler doesn't have a more central role in managing the team. It looks like he has a real coaching pedigree in the past unlike Mo's half season with New York.
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