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  1. it goes without saying, but you know nothing will happen now. i'm hoping we either somehow miraculously get back in this quest with a result in Mexico on Wednesday, or flame out so badly that they'll have no choice but to can him ASAP
  2. got back from the game..a few thoughts; -Radz was playing his best game for us in about 10 years..really hurt when he went down because Hume had a brutal, brutal game -Mitchell has got to go. first the under 20's and now the way this team has played since he took over, it's ridiculous. time for the mrons who run the CSA to hire a real soccer coach -Serioux was a force -the fact that CONCACAF lets these grease monkey teams pull this BS every game they are ahead in, supported by the central american refs, is without a doubt one of the biggest jokes in all of sports.
  3. with Onstead, to be frank our goaltending is pretty weak. Hirschfeld i think needs to be given a chance. i don't have much confidence in Onstead.
  4. We gave up some chances, but most of them came when it was 4-0 so that didn't bother me too much. having said that..Yes when we play better teams we're gonna face pressure and give up some goals, but at least now we can score. Friend-Ali G-Dero trifecta..no problems there. Radz is a problem though IMO, and if they're gonna have him and/or Brennan that far forward, Hume has gotta be in that mix somewhere because i think he's better than both of them. impressed and encouraged by Nakajima on the wing though..played a very strong game tonight.
  5. really good time..4 nice finishes by our strike force. nakajima #12 whatever his full name is..LOL...very impressive on the wing; created a lot out there. De Guz sort of on cruise control, and our D kinda lolligagged a bit after we went up 4-0, but good performance overall. i was actually happy for the St-Vincent team and fans that they got a goal. their central defender #6 is a beast...the Alouettes could use him at linebacker! Now for the bad....Radzinski. this is not just tonight either, but he is doing nothing out there..really bringing nothing to the table. his best days are definitely be
  6. The coach is responsable for his team..that's the way it works in sports. Had Canada played well i'm sure they woulda been all over Mitchell's sack...they tanked and none of it is his fault? Bullocks.
  7. can you imagine the reaction of the Canadian players to this garbage? how unbelievably and colossally stupid do you have to be given everything that has happened to name the USA team of the week? obviously TSN didn't screen for mental retardedness when they were hiring for the soccer department. absolutely unreal.
  8. let me take a moment to consider whether i believe anything Jerk Warner has to say...OK the moment is over. Warner is as full of s hit as he always has been. I wonder how it feels to be president of the biggest joke in the sports world.
  9. it might be funny if it weren't so pathetic. nothing that goes on in this country ever ceases to amaze me.
  10. Warner= Crook CONCACAF= joke ...but it doesn't matter, because no matter how they try and screw us again, and they will try, we'll still qualify, and Warner and the US can shove their Gold Cup up their collective arses.
  11. I agree. what a pathetic response.
  12. it's gotta be the goal against Mexico back in the 1990's in qualifying called back on another bogus offside call. a decade or so later, it's clear nothing has changed in CONCACAF...the soccer equivalent of the World Wrestling Federation.
  13. I'll take Hume on my team over this pansy anyday.
  14. wow Linford..that's really letting them have it. maybe you can send them a tin of home made cookies with a card that says "it's ok..we understand" for good measure. How about you show a bit of guts and tell those crooked scumbags off. your players played like lions out there..we don't need our officials acting like mice and just rolling over and taking it. they sure as hell wouldn't roll over and take it in England or Germany or anywhere soccer matters.
  15. And don't forget...he's a tad dirty, and I REALLY like that[8D]. this is the kind of guy you love having on your team and hate when he's on the other side. things are looking good boys
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