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    Lordsnooty got a reaction from gator in Do you know who I feel the most sorry for?   
    How is it that all you Albertans think we British Columbians look the same? Very racist. Anyway, I'm much more handsome than Terry Dunfield, in my humble opinion:

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    Lordsnooty got a reaction from Olympique_de_Marseille in Do you know who I feel the most sorry for?   
    I woke up next to Lizzy this morning hoping she had forgotten about the pledge. She then quickly pulls out her latest horror on 3' x 2' cardboard:

    Allez Les Rouges

    I suppose we are heading to the Gold Cup. Apparently it will be a long, cold winter on the West Coast.
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    Lordsnooty got a reaction from 1zzurri in TICKETS: Canada vs Mexico - March 25th BC Place   
    Need help.  I wish to purchase 10 tix this morning, but I want them right in the thick of things.  For Honduras I recall choosing a section, but on the paypal site I do not see this.  Am I  missing something?
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    Lordsnooty got a reaction from Olympique_de_Marseille in Clock ticking for 2018 WCQ seeding   
    "No Sex Till The Octogonal"  is unacceptable.  It doesnt even rhyme.  My and Ladysnooty's chaste vigil continues from the last cycle out of our fanaticism for Canadian football.  But to suggest that this will continue indefinitely, with no chance for redemption, is ludicrous.   FIFA....you have been warned. 
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    Lordsnooty got a reaction from Under The Cosh Blog in Exclusive Interview: Paul Stalteri   
    Enjoyed that.  Thank-you.
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    Lordsnooty got a reaction from A_Gagne in Striker Problem   
    I like Occean.  Good player.  NCAA to 2nd Bundesliga is not an easy feat.  Still he was out of the CanMNT for years, behind Gerba and Friend, totally ignored.  Nevertheless, when we needed him in 2012 he came right back and scored goals.  He had the balls to call out Stephen Hart for his poor decision making and laid back training sessions in the media after the 8-1.  
    His club situation is unfortunate.  Occean should not have played hardball with the Impact this summer.  That would have been a great fit for him, and hopefully it still happens this offseason.  
    Occean will be 33 in a few days.  It makes sense to turn to the future with younger players.  
    (One wonders how his presence in Honduras would have changed things.  Same goes for Simpson and DeRo.  Our three most dangerous players.  Ugh.)  
    Must admit that I was REALLY surprised to read these positive/sympathetic comments on Occean.  His strike rate for Canada was shite (6 goals, 29 appearances).  Had the balls to call out Hart AFTER the thrashing.  What's so brave about that?????   Perhaps if he'd gone to the media before that match he'd have testicles.   I went back on this board for some reaction to Occean's outburst, and this one really rung true for me:
    irregardless if there is any validity in Occean's comments, he's the last guy who should be calling out Hart or anyone else.
    remember that "back problem" that kept him out of the Panama away match? funny how quick that creeped up and how fast that "injury" cleared up when he arrived safely on German soil. hmmmm....makes ya wonder
    gotta wonder who much respect he has among that "great group of players" who make up the MNT after that.
    Hart isn't Murinho or Sir Alex but I'm pretty sure that physically, the players were prepared to perform much better than 8-1 on that hot day in San Pedro Sula. By not pinning any of the blame for that gutless, hapless performance on the players who started that game, Occean has zero crediblility in the eyes of anyone with half a brain. Hart has paid the price for that result. his team failed and now he's unemployed. hit and run artists like occean won't be held accountable for their failures in the Canadian shirt, unless the next coach decides he doesn't want guys of questionable character and debatable ability.
    oh, and by the way, where were you Mr Occean on that fateful day in honduras? oh yeah, back in Germany because he took a silly and unneccessary red card in the home game vs. Cuba and rendered himself unavailable to play in what would have been the most important international game in his career.
    Mtl Impact should be careful about associating themself with this guy. he might be able to score goals (if he's getting excellent service) but is this the type of guy you want in the locker room? definitely not the type of classy leader that a Pat Bernier is
    It was Occean's attitude that I beleive was absolutely poisonous.   Time after time, from the red card, to the imaginary injuries, the pointing of fingers.  I've no idea if his poor attitude affected his club career, but wouldnt be surprised.  I'm glad we are done with him.  One last visual:
    This is the Canada-St Lucia in Beausejours.  Start 2:13.  Occean's second goal (one third of his total Canadian goal scoring production).  Played through by Hume, Occean insists on humiliating our opponent by dribbling into the back of the net, a goal that made it 5-nil Canada.  Hume congratulates Occean, and has a quite word to the goalscorer, something like "dont be a douche 'Livier, we're up 5 nil on their ground" Occean then tells Hume to fuck off, and Hume then goes back to ask why .  Embarrasing.  Occean was poison.
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    Lordsnooty got a reaction from Obinna in Friendly - Colombia vs. Canada - October 14, 2014 - POST-match [R]   
    K.  Thanks for clarifying.
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