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  1. Via bittorrent is the only way to get it from me but someone else might have the time and bandwidth to upload it to a dump site like rogepost.com or mediafire.com. What's stopping you from downloading via torrent?
  2. The feed from the Home Depot Centre is having problems but it's on GolTV. I wish they'd leave it with stadium sounds only
  3. I don't know. I've watched matches at the Georgetown Tavern (formerly Fergus Inn), The Duke of Somerset and Local Heros. The first two cater a bit more to soccer fans but since there is little else going on in Ottawa right now locals would put the game on for us.
  4. The Canada match was live on their digital channels so they probably switched over that that feed after TFC ended, thus getting the tail end of the live broadcast. I'm glad I started my recording right at 9pm or I'd be in the same boat.
  5. Any others from o-town? I'd be interested in a meet up to watch some of the upcoming matches.
  6. Please stick around and seed after you have downloaded. I can't distribute it to everyone myself.
  7. 512 x 384 xvid average 860 kbps From sportsnet with absolutely horrible commentary Full match http://www.unbase.com/n/0509720546 or http://www.sendspace.com/file/s4oz1z Please keep any discussion about results in the post match thread.
  8. It's sad when you a wishing for Dobson... How many times did he say "the Canadian mens national team" when Canada would have sufficed?
  9. It's available for download http://www.canadian-soccer.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=12271
  10. 512 x 384 xvid average 850 kbps CBC version with comms by Craig Forrest and Nigel Reed. Mitch Peacock is on the sidelines. First half here Second half here Please keep any discussion about results in the match thread
  11. Their streams (webcasts) are not the best. low framerate makes it choppy. I'll be releasing todays TFC match as well as the Gold Cup as torrents for dowanload after it finishes.
  12. I just ordered one, shipping address should be in the Paypal details.
  13. http://www.canadian-soccer.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=12271
  14. 512x384 xvid 805 kbps average Rogers Sportsnet with comm by Gary Dobson and Craig Forrest They are torrents. First half here Second half here
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