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  1. Another miss by Stalteri.... So many squandered chances
  2. Hume on for Gerba... Come on Boys! EDIT: We're in the 70th min now
  3. They just confirmed that it will be on live on 2 of the 4 digital channels
  4. We've got all the ball and loads of time and space but have been unable to put together many chances yet.
  5. Hastings and Sutton get their wires crossed and we get caught out... 1-0 to Guadeloupe after Canada has had all the possession in the opening 10 minutes.
  6. Sportsnet had the formation all wrong against Costa Rica so I'm hoping this is not correct
  7. Some streams available here http://myp2p.eu/Matches/Match4.htm
  8. I think Onstat has a suspension so if he gets back on their roster for this game it's time served, otherwise he'd be missing the next game.
  9. I know, I said exactly that in my post. I also said that my digital guide for Sportnet East agrees but it shows Sportnet Pacific showing it live. The Rogers tv schedule is not always correct and they usually use the 4 digital feeds when they have 2 conflicting live events.
  10. The June 30th matches in Montreal are sold out, tickets remain for the others. I don't have hard numbers but remaining tickets in Ottawa are for the upper rows and ends of the north side stand. It does not appear that they have started (or will start) to sell tickets for the south side.
  11. Could not agree more. Nash in the holding role is a big reason why we didn't see the defenders hoofing it forward at every chance.
  12. Soccertv says: Mon Jun 11 06:00PM Pacific Mon Jun 11 07:00PM Mountain Mon Jun 11 08:00PM Central Mon Jun 11 09:00PM Eastern Mon Jun 11 10:00PM Atlantic Mon Jun 11 10:30PM Newfoundland Length: 2 hr LIVE Rogers Sportsnet - ALL REGIONS - Canada CONCACAF Gold Cup/Copa Oro Haiti vs Canada Rogers sportsnet shows 2 AM on their site and on my digital guide for the regular feed but it looks like the digital Sportnet Pacific will air it live. They've been pretty good with the Gold Cup so far so I can only hope they continue this.
  13. Rogers does throttle bittorrent upload speed but downloads should be unaffected. There is a relatively small swarm (9 at the moment) and most will be from people on home connections who limit their upload rate so I would not expect great speeds. That said, you might want to increase the number of connections your torrent client allows so you are connected to as many as possible. I switched to 3web from Rogers to get away from their throttling, it's almost the same service (6 mbps down, 800 kbps up cable) for about 2/3 the price.
  14. If they can play like they did vs Costa Rica they'll easily win.
  15. I was hoping they'd stay with the stadium sounds only, it's a much more enjoyable way to watch a match. Phil Schoen is one of the regular GolTV commentators and it's probably the most palatable of the ones they have. I'm not sure who the second guy was.
  16. Thursday and Friday's Gold Cup matches are now available. USA VS Guatemala by Brain26 and El Salvador vs Trinidad and Tobago by yours truly. Both are here Mexico vs Cuba is available at the above link If you don't know the result, don't read any further
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