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  1. You have to be kidding.... WTF was hainault doing?
  2. Got very sloppy after the goals. Thankfully Onstad was there as Haiti had a couple chances.
  3. Took a while to find any rhythm but they have been connecting with more passes in the past 15 minutes. Poor keeping on the first goal but it's about time we have a bounce go our way. Great run by Issey and a stonewall penalty.
  4. EDIT: beaten to the punch... Haha Onstad ripping up the turf...
  5. EDIT: beaten to the punch... Haha Onstad ripping up the turf...
  6. Unlikely to be any in English, you can probably zoom the video to make it bigger, but the quality will suffer.
  7. Unlikely to be any in English, you can probably zoom the video to make it bigger, but the quality will suffer.
  8. Might want to install TVU and try channel 51222 should be the match in Spanish on Galavision.
  9. Guadeloupe under a bit of early pressure.
  10. On the left hand side of myp2p.eu there are links for each of the programs. They should have multiple download links (mirrors). So try a different one if the download is slow. Streams are not 100% reliable as they are run from peoples homes, mostly in china and south asia which a few from other places. Many of the channels will be on Mandarin. Channels marked with a red [EN] will be in English but don't expect any for the gold cup. You should install and configure tvants and sopcast and try both about 20 minutes before game time to see if the stream is on. If there is more th
  11. Watched the simulcast on GolTV. The timing of the goals could not have been better. I really wanted Sevilla to win the league but they squandered their chance and now need both RM ands Barca to lose.
  12. Gold Cup - Mexico vs Honduras June 10th xvid 448x336 900 kbps xvid Capped from GolTV. Starts off in Spanish, then to stadium noise with faint English comm for the first half. Second half is all English. Full match: here
  13. Who else is going to take them? CBC has shown with TFC that they only want weekend games. They would have taken the 'high profile' New York game on Thursday if they wanted to, but they would rather air their regular prime time programming. I expect decent coverage of short running tournaments but random games in on week nights are unlikely to get aired on the main CBC channel. TSN shows no interest in the game outside of the Champions League. They could get lots of stuff from ESPN but they chose not to. They even stopping showing classic FA Cup matches on espn classic. GolTV di
  14. What exactly do you expect them to do? We get Canadian announcers on a channel that most people have and they are showing more NT games than we got before they had the rights. Do you think CBC will somehow be immune to human error and scheduling conflicts? They've already been hammered by TFC supporters over the handling of a late running hockey game.
  15. It could certainly be better in terms of availability and choice of commentators but we are still getting all the matches available on standard tv packages. The first was only delayed for 2 hours by a TFC match that ended up giving us an unprecedented prime time double header. It was actually live in Atlantic Canada on the standard channel. Our neighbours to the south need to purchase a special channel just to get their own matches. I prefer Godfrey and James for the analysis but the GolTV announcers leave something to be desired so I have to give the nod to Sportsnet in that regard. I re
  16. GolTV has Keyvan Heydari doing all the matches including our opener against Costa Rica. When he's paired with GoTV regular Phil Schoen he's tolerable but for the opener and yesterdays matches he was with someone else who is just terrible. Together they are downright appalling. They are talking over the Spanish feed but that's nothing new for GolTV. I'm somewhat confused as to why GolTV is doing these matches. They don't have the Spanish or English rights in the USA so as far as I know it's just GolTV Canada that is using these matches. If it is only GolTV Canada I wonder why they are payi
  17. 512x384 xvid 800 kbps average Rogers Sportnet Comms with Gerry Dobson and Craig Forrest Full match: here Please keep all match discussion in the results thread and please seed to 100% or 1:1. More if you can.
  18. Haiti just equalized, I missed the first half but the second has been pretty good.
  19. The lack of preparation is very apparent. There is very little synergy amongst our attacking players as they rarely get to play together.
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