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  1. See you at 1. I'll have a bright red ball cap on so should be easy to spot.
  2. I'll release torrents when I get back from the pub.
  3. 2 part documentary tracing the roots of the beautiful game in North America. Part 1 looks at the introduction and growth of the game in the early parts of the century. Then on to USA beating England in the 1950 world cup and the memorable Pele years in the NASL. Part 2 looks the post Pele years in the NASL and continues through the 80s with the Canada's WC86 qualification, the rise and fall of the CSL and the birth of the MLS. 94 min (2 x 74) 974MB 640x368 xvid Both parts here At 24 min of the 2nd part they show footage of the CSL's opening game in 1987. I was at that ga
  4. Raphael Uncein, it came to me after posting. While the production has been poor it's still better than 320x240 streams or not seeing it at all. I hope GolTV are getting enough viewers and will pick this up again. They finally got on Shaw recently so most of country has it available now.
  5. Would be very interesting. Panama to score on a counter.
  6. OK, thanks for the info. Slightly off topic, do you know who did the GolTV coverage for our friendly against Hungary? It was Lee Godfrey and Either Dean or Schoen from GolTV doing comms but I'm not sure who did the camera and production work. Are Insight sports capable of doing full match production?
  7. They are not onsite, their pre/half/post is in a studio. Also, why does GolTV have no commentary of the Canada matches on delay if Concacaf is providing it.?
  8. It definitely has been. With the exception of the opener (while TFC was on) Sportnet has gotten the stadium sound and done a studio broadcast with Forrest and Dobson in Toronto. GolTV on the other has had Phil Schoen (GolTV regular) and 3 or 4 others guys doing different matches. They are very painful to listen to. GolTV have had plenty of audio issues and the video freezes for a second at least 3 or 4 times a match. The best GolTV broadcast was the first half of Mexico vs Honduras.. It was Spanish for 20 minutes and stadium noise for the rest. Sadly they got the English audio working f
  9. Cuba vs Honduras Goals Download <-- still being processed by youtube
  10. I'm sure most of us are hoping Onstad will play as we've looked much better in front of him but does anyone know if he'll start? Nothing on Dobsons blog yet...
  11. GoltV production has been poor. GolTV USA does not have any rights in the states and for some reason GolTV Canada paid GolTV USA to do games instead of using Lee Godfrey and Paul James to do a studio job. It's just us though, the Univision (Galavion, Univision, etc) spanish language feeds are fine.
  12. Because the FIFA rankings use a goofy ranking system. The elo system is acknowledged by most as a superior formula. The FIFA system was revised in July 06 and was even worse before.
  13. Some brief highlights of TnT vs Guatemala Download
  14. Guatemala denied a goal as the scorer was offside
  15. Tonights is the worst it's been so far. I wish the SAP button worked.
  16. The source feed is legal, they get most competitions as China is mad for the sport. Redistributing them over the internet however is not.
  17. 512x384 850 kbps average xvid Sportsnet Comm with Forrest and Dobson Full Match here Please keep all match discussion in the results thread
  18. Bernier on for Issey The red did not look deliberate but I'll take it.
  19. Need some fresh legs out there. Harmse to come on? EDIT: Yes for DeGuzman. Bernier warming up too
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