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  1. Really nice interview. Looking forward to watch him play soon.
  2. Quite a few of us expressed our Anger and Emotions on the thread in question Badge of Honor, Eh?
  3. How many STH would actually Stop purchasing Van/Tfc/Mtl tickets and buy instead for a "Canadian League" (D2/D1 call it whatever you want). We should do a POOL. I know I will Leave the Whitecaps if there is a Canadian League Alternative.
  4. Yes BeIN Sports Channels(1-16) are GREAT. I have Cancelled my MLS Live subscription last season.
  5. Couple of things might be happening: - isn't he having a baby? - Nacional(Fenix) might have told him you go to play for Canada we will bench you upon your return. Its simple he wants to play and make a name for himself. If they bench him he won't have a career. The club is looking at the fact his value might go up faster at the club level than by going to play for his country. If one looks at the amount of foreigners that play in 1division Uruguay. According to wiki its like 20guys total!! So no wonder Lucas doesn't wanna lose the spot.
  6. Maybe Knighton didn't want to be a backup keeper...or asked for more money? Carducci won't cost them anything as a 3rd keeper I doubt he will be the backup as he's too young IMO. And Lenarduzzi said they will have a 3rd round pick so maybe they will pick one then. Needless to say it will be interesting to see how the roster takes shape with so much room now.
  7. Doubt that NASL might be too high for him right of the bat. NASL or MLS as a Backup Keeper I could see. If by any means he get in a USL Pro team as First Keeper and plays well for the season he will be back on MLS radar
  8. Michal Misiewicz still warming the bench. Can't crack the No.1 SPOT for MKS Swit Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki (polish D3) in a team doomed for relegation. They are dead last 18/18 with 14pts trailing 7pts behind 16th spot which is safe from relegation to D4. 20 out of 34 games have been played this season. Hope to see Misiewicz make at least 1 appearance this season.
  9. STARS or COLOR System would be great I think. Another little thing I would like to add would be when you Actually make the UPDATE have somewhere on the page: UPDATED on 1march, 2013 (page 6) as sometimes people endup writing a bunch of stuff during the week and it's hard to follow where you left off. Then: UPDATED on 8march, 2013 (page17) etc, you guys get the idea. then it's easier for everyone to sort thru the thread IMHO.
  10. Yes it's an ugly situation unfortunately. But at least he is willing to play instead of just quitting. As for beig relegated they will need a miracle, really. The coach has almost no experience a that level of soccer(D3!!!) and the club doesn't really have money. If he does well even if the club get relegated he should be able to get a spot on a I Liga(D2) team.
  11. The Polish II Liga(D3) doesn't start till Mid-March but here is article: http://switndm.cba.pl/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=697:qwszyscy-zawodnicy-docz-do-kadry-wituq&catid=17:sprawy-klubu Loose Translation: ALL PLAYERS WILL JOIN THE ROSTER The Board of directors has agreed to the recommendations made by the head coach in regards to the 5 players. Next week they will be siging the contracts. The Players have agreed to the contracts being offered to them by the team all that remains is for them to put their signature, that should happen next week. Michal should be getting around 1000$/month plus maybe his appartment being paid by the club. But that's it. EDIT: In Poland II Liga(D3) teams barely survive, MKS Nowy Swit OPERATING budget is probably around 1mil PLN that's roughly 340k CAD per season at that level of play players can't negociate contracts. Once a player reaches I Liga(D2) levels, and only then there are "minimum" salaries. Mind you the situation of polish soccer clubs is pathetic to say the least 50% of them in Ekstraklasa & I Liga wouldn't survive if not for money given to them by the City where they operate. Another 25% barely survive, and only 25% can say they have solid finances. Big clubs like Wisla Krakow or Slask Wroclaw that had rich owners had to drastically cut their budgets in last few years and sell off players. Many players do NOT get paid for 3-6months at a time. Keep in mind it's supposed to be a 1st world country in the EU and all......long time ago I said let the clubs die off, stop the cities giving them money every year without end. Even if it means a D1 and D2 with 10teams each. The top salary in Esktraklasa this year belongs to Danijel Ljuboja @ 500k EUROS but most avg players will never see that kind of money in the polish league. Within 10years MLS teams will be stronger than the Top Polish ones at a fraction of the cost probably.
  12. POLAND: we missing MICHAL MISIEWICZ (ex-Edmonton FC) he plays now for MKS Swit NDM(Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki) Polish II Liga(D3) When did Adam Polakiewicz make a move from Whitecaps to Slask Wroclaw?
  13. Not sure if the CSA can force the provincial bodies to do it. Also as in politics "Lowering or keeping frozen" Taxes(registrations fees) is more popular than Raising Hell....even when sometimes it is simply needed to sustain the Growth....but it's easier to pass the Hot Potatoe until the next election to another party.
  14. Agreed people lose their spots as others show up and raise the bar, or thru injury, etc. But unfortunately this is a little different, he was asked before to join the national team for training and said NO. We have to ask ourselves this would 1-2-3guys make a huge difference to our roster? Yes then by Qualifying to the World Cup in 2014 those few guys would help SEED the turf for the next generations. I would see this as as Huge Benefits(SPONSORS Being #1), for future player development and infrastructure in Canada. Who knows if we qualify some Zillionaires might decide to Jump Starts some teams or a league.
  15. Correct we might see some guys that are sitting on the fence declare their love for Canada if we make it into the HEX since you have more than 50% chance of being at the World Cup. (3 spots out of 6 plus 4th place vs. Oceania winner....let's not forget Australia left that federation so our chances might be better). Imagine you have played for Canada the whole campaign, put your heart out on the field and then "joe" shows up as being Canadian suddenly. WTF that would piss me off and might create some bad chemistry in the locker room too. It would be completely different if someone declares their intentions at the Beginning of the soccer campaign for WC 2014. Or hey even better for the Gold Cup in order to rub shoulders with the other players.
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