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  1. FC Edmonton ticket deposit FAQ page mentions a total of 14games for inaugural season and 2friendly games. Meaning a 8team league for launch. - Edmonton - Calgary - Winnipeg - York - Halifax These are all confirmed.....then say Victoria, Hamilton according to Wiki and that leaves us with 1 more.... I'm banking on Ottawa although a Quebec team would be nice to avoid a geopolitical "void" on the map.
  2. First I saw commercial I thought wow MLS paid for some of it or what? But in fact if you watch the commercial again the "New Coach" was MLS First Female Coach and Something something else....in the TV series I mean.
  3. Something more light hearted. A CBC TV Drama 8part mini series about Montreal Thunder FC. Debuts 31st July. Ok I admit the title is a bit misleading in the subject line. But this would be an interesting idea for CanPL if Montreal Thunder FC played in a "Canadian League" on a CBC Drama. cheers everyone
  4. Going to be a f. long week at work until game day. Good luck trying to focus, I will be checking every news and rumor until then.
  5. Roster Changes Larin is IN Edwards OUT Other Quarter Final pairs Wednesday 19th: USA vs El Salvador Panama vs Costa Rica Thursday 20th July: Mexico vs Honduras Canada vs Jamaica That's the Quarter Final Setup
  6. CANADA vs Jamaica 20th July QUARTER-FINALS Alea jacta est
  7. The key will be not only what the Actual salary Cap will be but also the "floor", and more importantly I really hope each clubs spends same amount of money per year on their Academies as on their Roster. Salary windows should be around 1.2-1.5millions & SAME for Academies Academies same, give it until year 3-5 and you will see the academy products coming out.
  8. Well the Gold Cup is definitely giving him more exposure and adding....some pedigree.
  9. Holly crap someone was quick to Update the Wiki page.... Anyone aware that there is NO ExtraTime until the actual final? 90min and then straight PKs....unless its a Wiki blunder. In the quarter-finals and semi-finals, if the scores remain level after 90 minutes the match will go directly to a penalty shoot-out, without any extra time being played. For the final, extra time and a penalty shoot-out will be used to determine the winners if necessary. A fourth substitution is allowed during extra time in the final. Unlike the 2015 edition, there will be no third-place match.
  10. Well it is MLS and as the "commish" said they makeup rules as they go along. I realize they have a players agreement to deal with. But still I could see them pull some stunt put of the blue such as finally treating Canadians as domestic. Then saying you see, why do you need a league. Further to that the CSA needs to have something in place in order for MLS Not to cherry pick any further Successful Canadian Market.
  11. VWFC2 you actually Pay. They have located the team on UBC grounds. They actually draw a descent amount per game.
  12. In regards to Ottawa and Edmonton being in the league. I think all of us will agree it's pretty much a must (Vancouver, TO & Mtl is a different ball game all together). Correct approach would be to ask politely and maybe offer something (not sure what) to compensate for the switch. That's the carrot approach. The Stick...well not sure what the CSA can do...but at the same time I think sponsors(until now for Edmonton lack of after Sears Finacial) might force the hands of owners by asking them which league they part of (NASL no real Canadian coverage) or say CPL with possible TSN coverage (who knows maybe CFL owners will throw in the league coverage for free the first few year with CFL in same package). On a separate matter how long was it before the Ottawa Red Black actually started playing and the franchise announcement? 2yrs? That's a good amount of time to get branding out etc. 18 months might be tight....
  13. I wasn't too happy with the actual podcast. It gave me the impression that: - Schaad tried to make it look like they discussing pro and cons was really against the idea. - the discussion in regards to "What about the USL teams...."well let's face it they are farm teams. I won't cry if VWFC2 looses customers to a New Vancouver Team in the CPL. - they seemed focused on the crowds etc....ok i Don't think anyone expects 20k off the start. A "modest" 7-8k with say an increase of 5-8% in tickets membership per year would be a pipe dream for most owners. - there arent going to be any stars....etc. not sure if "most" people realised it that no one is trying to compete with MLS. Maybe in 15yrs time....but not now. Anyway I'll let others listen to the podcast as I need to listen to it again probably myself.
  14. TSN Radio: Footy Soldiers has a SPECIAL on the rumored Canadian Premier League http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/246634132-footy-soldiers-fs-canadianpremierleaguespecial.mp3
  15. As Per Club League Policy.....bla bla bla...yeah we will never know.
  16. It's Ottawa you better believe it ....politics and god go hand in hand I rmbr that NFL use or still has those. And yes it has been on the rise. Maybe I should switch careers and say: "thanks to me the boys Almost got the Soccer Bowl!!!"
  17. http://www.ottawafuryfc.com/ https://twitter.com/OttawaFuryFC https://www.instagram.com/furyfc/ http://www.bytownboys.ca/ http://www.stonymondayriot.com/ http://www.tsn.ca/radio/ottawa-1200/corner-kicks-1.90346 http://sportspodcastingnetwork.com/category/ours-is-the-fury/ Ottawa Fury 2015 STANDINGS SPRING 2015 Season-->> 8th Place with 11pts TOTAL 10games played 2W/5T/3L FALL 2015 Season-->> 1st Place with 45pts TOTAL 20games played 11W/6T/3L COMBINED 2015 Season -->> 2nd Place with 56pts TOTAL 30games played 13W/11T/6L Top Scorer: Tom Heinemann 14goals SOCCER BOWL RUNNER UP vs. NY Cosmos in the FINAL Average Attendance: 5164 Current ROSTER(January 18th, 2016) 1 Goalkeeper Peiser, Romuald France 2 Defender Balchan, Rich United States 3 Defender Trafford, Mason Canada 6 Midfielder de Guzman, Julian Canada 7 Forward Jr., Paulo Brazil 8 Midfielder Bailey, James England 14 Defender Obasi, Onua Thomas England 15 Forward Chin, Dennis Jamaica 17 Forward Haworth, Carl Canada 18 Defender Poltronieri, Brandon Costa Rica 19 Defender Porter, Kyle Canada 20 Midfielder Eustáquio, Mauro Canada 22 Midfielder Steele, Jonny Northern Ireland 24 Goalkeeper DeBellis, Marcel Canada 25 Midfielder Rozeboom, Lance United States 33 Defender Alves, Rafael Brazil 77 Defender Timbó, Fernando Brazil Staff As of December 10, 2015 Position Nation Staff Head coach Scotland Paul Dalglish Assistant coach Canada Martin Nash Goalkeeper coah Zimbabwe Bruce Grobbelaar Technical director Serbia Darko Buser Team doctor Canada Dr. Taryn Taylor Fitness coach Canada Kyle Thorne Team chaplain Canada Paul Huggins Director of medical services Canada Dr. Glenn Copeland Head athletic therapist Canada David Wright
  18. http://www.fcedmonton.com/ https://twitter.com/FCEdmontonNow https://www.instagram.com/fcedmontonnow/ http://edmontonsoccerfans.com/ http://loyalcompanyrv.libsyn.com/podcast FC Edmonton 2015 STANDINGS SPRING 2015 Season -->>10th PLACE with 9pts TOTAL. 10games played 2W/3T/5L FALL 2015 Season -->>5th PLACE with 26pts TOTAL. 20games played 7W/5T/8L COMBINED 2015 season-->>7th PLACE 35pts(same a RAILHAWKS, Goal Diff) 30games played 9W/8T/13L TOP 2015 Season Scorers: Lance Laing & Daryl Fordyce 8goals each Average Attendance: 3122 Current ROSTER(28th January 2016): 1 Goalkeeper Van Oekel, Matt United States 2 Defender Zebie, Allan Canada 3 Defender Edward, Edson Canada 5 Defender Watson, Albert Northern Ireland 7 Midfielder Raudales, Cristian Honduras 8 Midfielder Jones, Ritchie England 9 Forward Jalali, Sadi Canada 11 Forward Corea, Dustin El Salvador 14 Midfielder Nyassi, Sainey Gambia 15 Defender Roberts, Mallan Canada 16 Forward Fordyce, Daryl Northern Ireland 18 Forward Ameobi, Tomi England 21 Goalkeeper Farago, Tyson Canada 24 Defender Smith, Johann United States 25 Defender Aleksic, Marko Canada 27 Midfielder Cruz, Pablo United States — Forward Keegan, Jake United States — Defender Ledgerwood, Nikolas Canada — Goalkeeper Ingham, Nathan Canada — Midfielder Gustavo, Gustavo Brazil — Defender Eckersley, Adam England Staff Colin Miller – Head Coach Rod Proudfoot – General Manager Jeff Paulus – Assistant Coach Darren Woloshen – Goalkeeping Coach Andeas Morse – Team Administrator Jose Jimenez – Athletic Therapist Brandon Salter – Assistant Athletic Therapist Dr. Terry De Freitas – Team Physician Pricing: Premium - Adult $550 + GST ($577.50) Midfield - $450 + GST ($472.50) Sideline - $350 + GST ($367.50) Supporters - $250 + GST ($262.50)
  19. Trafford played full 90min against a Chinese team, during their camp on Cyprus to a tie 0-0
  20. It's a nice stadium. One of THE cheapest in Ekstraklasa (from those built in last decade) 50 millions PLN in 2006 without land. Even with inflation I wouldn't mind something like that for a Canadian Team for 50 millions CAD. Piast Gliwice has a descent one but 10k capacity. Yeah a crap load of stadiums were built and most of them Simply Can't be filled. Attendance hovers at a 10k avg. Yeah sure Legia/Lech/Wisła/Slask and sometimes Lechia have sold out games....but seldomly. Canadian MLS Teams have better Attendance. Lewandowski is a one off player it won't happen again for 20yrs...most Polish players are sold for under 5 millions Euros and those a few and far between. Still I hope Charlie uses the Polish League to gain experience he ain't young anymore it's now or never. Well Charlie is in Cyprus with the team getting ready for rest of season.
  21. Bottom 2 teams get relegated. With the new format indeed the last few round DO make it interesting.
  22. It will be interesting indeed. The jump is significant from Finnish to Polish League. Then let's not forget the league format. AFTER THE INITIAL 30 ROUNDS points and table is Split in Half. 1-8//9-16(grupa mistrzowska//grupa spadkowa) and so are your points. 70pts becomes 35pts. 8pts difference becomes 4pts... The Final 7 rounds(Round 31-37) become crucial for a lot of Top and Bottom teams. Right now 8-16 there is 4pts separating them...meaning 2pts after 30th round.
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