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  1. You're quite right and that's why the CSA's proper role in this is to be the one saying what MLSE can't publicly say -- that this proposed move would be a disaster for soccer in particular, and for all parties in general. Unless the Argos spend $30 million to knock out one of the end zones, they don't have room for a regulation CFL field (and don't look to C&S to pay: the wouldn't pony up the $1K a game to suit up their third string quarterback this season), and if they do, they're going to play in a stadium with only 14,000 good seats for CFL football (fans want the seats between the goal
  2. MLSE didn't get as big as they are without having friends in very, very high places. They won't have to do much in public, but behind the scenes, they'll be making it very, very clear to city council that you don't make the Empire angry. Especially to appease a couple of small-time hustlers such as C&S who don't want the team, anyway. What's going on is kind of like what happened between the owners of the Leafs and the Raptors when they unveiled competing designs for arenas. Eventually one bought the other. The same thing's going on here -- and C&S are trying to get either Rogers
  3. Those ticket sales and season ticket figures come from 2003, when C&S bought the team. And as a CFL and Saskatchewan Roughriders fan this is a dumb idea. C&S are demanding that the league rewrite its rules in order to make them happy, yet those two clowns have the attention span of a ADHD kid after six bowls of Captain Crunch.
  4. Alleged is the operative word. A couple of years ago a couple of DC United players were accused by a woman in Columbus of sexual assault. Turned out the charges were baseless. I didn't know Freddy was in Seattle long enough to find somebody, let alone allegedly turn into a bunny boiler. Something fishy about the story ...
  5. The real question is how much the Basi Brothers investigation and the alleged corruption in the BC Rail sale is going to affect Campbell. That hasn't shown up in the polls, but the trial could continue through the electoral campaign.
  6. The NDP could end up spending more to cancel the contract that they would spend if the project went ahead, just like Chretien with his helicopters a half-generation ago.
  7. Not to say that Saputo wasn't bluffing with all that strong a hand, but still ...
  8. You're right and you're wrong, Ben. I've been scouting the Seattle papers, fan sites and blogs regarding the Sounders in the weeks leading up to the first game, and one of the things that many people from outside the Pacific north-west don't understand is the strange regional rivalry (especially in soccer matters) amongst Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver. IMHO, I think that Gerber took a look at the situation and figured that if they wanted to develop a regional rivalry (and right now there doesn't appear to be the kind of intense rivalry amongst teams in the MLS), teams in Vancouver and
  9. Sounds like the Western Hockey League. Money talks. Nobody walks.
  10. It's a shame when the bean counters interfere with good writing. Let us know when the new blog comes out. I wish you all the best, Ben.
  11. I'd say a five per cent chance. There are three spots: the US and Mexico are all but assured of two. A fourth spot goes if the fourth-best club beats a South American club -- which, sadly, isn't going to happen. However strong a starting eleven Canada has, the Canadian MNT has no depth. The first injury, the team is in trouble. As well, there are not enough players with different styles of play to match what other teams can do. Canada also has a coach who probably got the job thanks to photographic negatives of somebody on the CSA executive in bed with a live teenager or a
  12. The way I see it, the CSA funds its national team programs from the money it gets from youth soccer programs. There's squat for promotional money that the men's and women's NTs generate. Also, if the CSF comes along and becomes the Canadian youth soccer federation, either parents are going to pay twice to two organizations, or there's going to be a bloody, messy showdown between the two groups.
  13. Probably the same thing I was doing talking about the Saskatchewan Roughriders on a Rider fan forum when Al Ford was GM -- when the team stank like rotting yak carcasses. Praying to the Gods of Sport that those running the show (in this case, Canadian soccer) would one day see reason. Or failing that, walk into a ruaway train.
  14. The talent may be there, but after seeing Dale Mitchel's coaching ability at the U20s I have no faith that this team will make it to South Africa. None at all.
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