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  1. for a country that gets a thrill out of nascar ( as boring a sport, if you can call it a sport) they need to learn the game. You see all the soccer fans in the us with foreign jerseys on and now MLS are popping up more each day. The sport will not reach the top quite yet but should replace hockey in the near future, Hockey in the states is losing spectators and one would expect those to continue. Sorry having a NHL team in Kansas City is not the brighest idea. But having an MLS team in Philadelphia, St Louis and Seattle will make the league more stronger.
  2. MLS needs expansion to help get the game to a larger area of the country in America. Im sure the People in Philly don't get to excited watching the LA galaxy play the Chicago Fire, they need their own team to support. And Philly is agreats sports town the team will be supported. Yes some of the team monikers need changing, Wizards,Dynamo, are not the best going.
  3. After watching Canada's final game against Congo, it was great to hear the Canadian player being interviewed after the match that they didn't show up for the first two games. Honesty. But you at a major football tournament why the hell didn't you show up from the start? Maybe we're expecting too much from this team, talk of a semi final berth seems a bit much for a team that couldn't score a goal. Lets hope the CSA finally wake up and see they are doing the men's program no good and resign and get proper football people in charge. The long term future of the full national side does no
  4. Dale doesn't need help, just look what he did for the U-20's!!
  5. As long as TFC don't sell their tickets to opposing fans, which happened during the TFc /Benfica match. Canada needs this tournamet, and Concacaf needs to get it away from the States more often.
  6. Just ask the LA Galaxy on Frank Yallop managing ability.
  7. just to bring this to soccer fans attentions...polls mean dick all in this country!!
  8. Cleveland and Milwaukee....no chance.....St Louis,San Jose, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Tampa Bay are the main targets for MLS.
  9. Saputo is a idiot..wahy play in a mediocre pish league when you can play in the best league in NA> maybe he hasn't got the money to buy a franchise in MLS? Vancouver? betting on around 2012-14 for that city.
  10. they won't have scarfs again at BMO till August at the earliest.
  11. The CSA is a corrupt backwards group who have little respect for the fans, sport and the players, It was a foreign manager that got us to World Cup 1986, and a foreign manager who won us the Gold CUP....Canadian managers lead us to early exits in competitions, maybe thats what the CSA wants?
  12. doesn't the national spelling bee out draw the stanley cup finals on a regular basis? I hope Canadians are not getting excuses ready like this? All we have to do is go out and play like we did against Costa Rica and Guatemala and we could advance, play like we did against Guadeloupe and will get hammered. simple as that.
  13. it all about your point of view, last time all the gold cup games were on fox sports world canada, now only on sportsnet we get Canada games only ( don't get gol yet). we need a national wide soccer channel in Canada....fox and gol should merge into one soccer super station.
  14. Kansas City don't deserve the team they do is a bit unfair they do have a loyal following and a new stadium would help the team,arroehead is not good for MLS> But can't see the team moving they have solid owners and the MLS want a stable market place for there teams.
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