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  1. I am pumped with the prospect of a pro team in Edmonton. The time is right for the city IMO and I am sure the current owners/management will avoid the mistakes of the past. Finally an Edmonton team to cheer for!
  2. 2-1 Galaxy. Galaxy goes up 2-0, but RSL score late to make it exciting.
  3. Poor selection of teams and promotion sunk this one from the beginning. Sorry, but these teams are invisible to most of the the average soccer fans in Edmonton. I myself love the game, but had no interest in watching these teams. Toronto FC or Montreal Impact as one of the teams would have drawn even better, IMO. Promotion was next to nil and tickets were pricy. Only a 10% discount was being applied if buying though youth soccer.
  4. I can't even fathom how low the Impact feel right now. Hopefully they will return to Montreal to a throng of cheering fans. To bad I am over in Edmonton Ab. I'd be there for sure.
  5. True, my U-10 team could have made some better decisions. Defense was supposed to be the Impact's strength. Anyhow, kudos to them on getting this far. The better team did win tonight.
  6. What a heartbreaker. Santos was the better team unfortunately....
  7. The ref is just atrocious... oh wait, that is normal.
  8. Allez L'Impact! Beating Santos in their own barn will be quite an accomplishment.
  9. YEAH BABY!! Congrats to the Impact and the fans in Montreal. Hopefully this signals a shift for fan support in Canada. Is the game anywhere online to see again?
  10. Just popped in to find out the final score, 3-1 for the good guys I take it?
  11. Wow... were it not for the sound of the crowd in the Corral I would say nobody was there; I didn't see anyone. Anybody have attendance numbers?
  12. What a game!!! Chris Klein with the bicycle kick in ET to tie the game!! Yeah baby!! C'mon Galaxy, take it!
  13. I have to say Goltv's broadcasts are pretty bland. I will have to check out TLN.
  14. I second that motion. They (US) can run, but they'll never run far enough!
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