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  1. Well right now i think the best two are hirschfeld and stamatopolous. Hirschfeld should be our number one...Onstad and Sutton should retire internationally.
  2. what happened to this guy? i remember he was with the lynx than moved to TFC. After that where did he go? was it a move to europe? Just thought I"d bring back an old name.
  3. hey guys i was just wondering if rogers sportsnet will be broadcasting the canada games live? thanx.
  4. number 10 is just shear supidity! "soccer is not that popular in canada" right now the popularity is comparable to that of hockey and basketball. The porblem is we just don't get results.
  5. In my opinion his exclusion makes no difference. We have other good strikers like DD and Gerba although we will miss DD in the next game. He did play his heartout when he was on the field now it's only a matter of time befoer he gets back.
  6. I hope he doesn't start, Lars should get the go ahead. Both Sutton and Onstad have be lagging with club and country. I always remember seeing an inform Lars. BEHTASH
  7. He's on the roster, im pretty sure he'll be ready.
  8. NO COVERAGE FOR THE MEXICO GAME?! come on, this is world cup qualifying! don't let us down sportsnet!
  9. They probably know that, since nothing has been done yet they'll just use it to their advantage.
  10. You just had to bring that one back didn't you?.....I watched that hole match and I was pulling my hair out the way it ended. I remember as the officals were walking off the pitch, that stupid linesmen looked at the ref. and literally said, "what are we going to do about that"...they know they made a mistake but they didn't fix it. Does anyone know if concacf did anything after that. Fine or suspend the officals.....as far as I know nothing was done. Jack Warner could care less... BEHTASH
  11. Carver would be a great choice after Mitchell. He's getting to know the Canadian game as well as the Canadian players, in time he would make a good choice. However there's also Frank Yallop as mentioned, I feel he can do a good job with the nats as well. BEHTASH
  12. This is World Cup Qualifying, every game is meaningful. One wrong move in any of the games can be a spell of bad forturne.
  13. Great chant, but I agree, 6min is far to long. however lets not put down the chants we already have.
  14. Both those two clubs would be superb for the youngster. I hope he does make a move to either chelsea or arsenal.
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