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  1. The Football Factory on Bathurst should have a few people showing up
  2. I also have a single available. Section 114, Row 4.
  3. 1 ticket please. I will be arriving most likely in the early afternoon on the Wed.
  4. 25 tickets in 114. Row 3, 5 tickets starting at seat 18 Row 4 and Row 5, 10 tickets starting at seat 6. This is a group order for the Red Patch Boys.
  5. Looking at the RUV channels for wed., it repeats "Útvarp" which according to an online Icelandic/English dictionary, means radio or radiobroadcast.
  6. ^^^ Thats the best screen shot I have seen yet, good job.
  7. Here is my limited graphic design ability at its best. The ball is already halfway to Onyewu and Atiba is still practically onside. p.s. If something similar has been done, I apologize in advance, feel free to move or delete this.
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