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  1. Canada had no chance of doing well in this tournament. You put a bunch of players together 2 weeks before qualifying and hope for the best. That was the CSA plan. Surprise, surprise they do qualify but then what do they do? Have another 2 week camp and then off to Japan. It's a total joke. You are not going to compete against the top nations like Germany, USA and Japan where they actually take these things seriously. Not only do they have a much larger pool of skilled players to choose from but they actually practice as a team and become a team. This group of players needed a couple of months together (or at least more camps) with meaningful games so that goalies, defense, midfield and forwards become a cohesive unit and actually form a bond where they can overcome deficiencies. The preperation of the big teams is paying off again as they advance as usual. It's too bad because this is probably the most talented team we've had in a long time. Hopefully in 2014 they put a lot more preperation into U20's so that we could put our best team forward on home soil.
  2. That is the scariest CB tandem I have ever seen from Canada (so much indecision and giveaways) If we play Sweden with them in there we will get crushed. Sesselman and Wilkinson had good solid games. Scott was the best Midfielder for Canada again. Matheson (is still not up to full strength) and Schmidt played poorly (too slow to react when they had the ball and then could not get there passes thru when they had the time). Tancredi is doing what she needs to do to keep starting (absolutely no way should Filigno replace her in starting lineup) Sinclair had a very poor game as well I thought yet scored 2 goals that only Sinclair could score for us (otherwise it's 1-1 and we are done)
  3. I really hope we can do more than just ask the team to show up 2 weeks before the finals in Japan and say have at it. Even by Canadian soccer standards this was awful preperation. And yes there was a real possiblity of not qualifying out of Concacaf before the tournament started (remember Morace's squad from 2 years ago). We were lucky in that really there were only 3 good teams here this time. Is this perhaps the most talented group of forwards Canada has ever put forward in a U event (Sinclair+Thorlakson were pretty good)? The 3 starters all seem to provide different skill sets (Ezurike-needs to finish much better but otherwise..., Richardson-come a long way in 2 years has great pace and seems more composed than before, Oduro-seems to have flair, passing ability and some scoring). The U20 player of the year (Pietrangelo) couldn't even start because of the other 3. So bring in some new players (so that we can have real tryouts), have some camps with good quality matches so that the players can become a team. Give them a chance to do as well as they can. With a strong group of forwards and a strong defense (with a great goalie) many things are possible (including beating more skillful teams).
  4. This has got to rank as one of the greatest upsets in Canadian soccer history. Watch the highlights of all the beautiful goals the U.S. have scored. Tremendous passing, skill and most of all finishing. Got to be the most dominant team in any Concacaf tournament, but maybe that was their problem. They seem to score at will against other teams and then finally face a little adversity and then they still can't score and then they start to think they don't want this to go to overtime and definitely not a shootout. Canada had already faced the adversity (hung on against Panama and then losing the must win game against Mexico). Canada lost to Japan today in sledge hockey (semi-finals). The Japanese coach said if we played Canada a 100 times we would lose 99 of those games. Such is sport. The irony is Courtnall (who I assume was not good enough to make this U.S. squad) will now make it to the World cup and her 1st choice team will not. I really hope they (CSA and coaching staff) can come up with a legitimate plan to allow this team to reach their full potential. They need a proper residency or a series of smaller residencies with lots of meaningful games. There are probably a lot of countries with top U17 programs out their right now who are thinking thank-you very much Canada (North Korea, Japan, Germany, and Brazil)
  5. CSA standards are crap and all international games with the womens team are out of the country by default. "Out of the country" does not make a proper international game. If we had the more experienced players at the tournament then we probably could of got away with the CSA standard. If we had a coach that knew our existing players and knew how to coach in a Concacaf tournament then the standard may also of been enough. But we didn't. This whole cycle should of been started as early in the year as possible in order to not rush thru the selection process. By the late spring they should of been playing competitive games against NCAA/USA youth. By the summer she should know who her core players are. Send them to Europe for a 3 game series with the same core players starting every game. Allow the starters time to gel and the whole team to bond. Cancel the stupid camp right at one of the most critical times for the NCAA players (which was a total waste of time) and have international games at the end of December and January in Central America or in the caribbean islands (against youth or senior or mixed teams). And the most important thing Morace has got to do is not change 1/2 the players from game to game. A little consistency would help. As for the U17's the situation is even more pathetic. I seem to remember them having a much longer selection process last time around (and it still wasn't easy). It will all depend on how talented these players are compared to those of the other countries and how good our coach is at selecting the right players and getting them to play like a team quickly. It would be a great story for Women's soccer in Canada if they succeed. NO PRESSURE OR ANYTHING.
  6. So you are saying because of a conflict with Canadian staff due to her ego and pride she walked away from the Canadian program. You are not really helping your case here. She was 14 (I believe). Did she expect to start at an under 20 tournament?
  7. If Canada had 5 or 6 international friendlies (so that Morace could see which players perform well under pressure and also the team could gel a little bit) they probably would of at least qualified. If they had all those experienced U17's and U20's then they very well could of been playing for a gold, but Morace (and some Canadian fans) don't want to win that way. Like the Dutch they would rather be beautiful losers than win ugly (Actually I would say we were ugly losers this time around).
  8. Absolutely shocking! If someone had told me this would happen before the tournament started I would not of thought it possible. I thought they would just beat Mexico and then get blown out by the Americans due to the lack of proper preperation and scouting but once the tourney started you could see there were serious problems. The biggest thing here is the lack of international experience starting with Morace (coaching her first Concacaf tournament) and also a lot of the players in the middle and up front. This is not the Canada summer games or the NTC's. This is the biggest stage these girls have ever played on. There are a bunch of Canadian girls out there that have U17 Concacaf/world cup experience and some that have U20 Concacaf (championship)/World cup experience. THAT MATTERS. This is the CSA's fault for not funding this program better and allowing the selection process to start earlier (and it should of started much earlier and allowed for international matches) and also Morace for selecting a bunch of inexperienced kids (who could one day be good players for Canada), but not ready for the rigours of leading Canada in a much improved international environment. I don't blame any of the players involved, they seemed to do the best they could under the circumstances. The best way to make the Women's program more irrelevant than it already is in Canada (media wise) is to not qualify for World championships anymore. The U20 team is dead for another 1 /1/2. How can you go from 1st place to 4th in a span of 2 years? This is a serious blow to Morace's credibility and I hope she doesn't take the senior team down the same path at the Gold Cup. Canada must qualify.
  9. Could only watch the 2nd half and that was awful (on our part). Guatemala was the better team from what I could see. How in the world did we score 3 on them? It looks like the days of pounding our Concacaf competition are gone. I think Guatemala outhustled and outmuscled us for good parts of that half. This is not a very physical Canadian team compared to what we are used to. That advantage is gone. Still a lot of balls to no one or worse right to other team. That was the worse half I've seen from a Canadian side in a long time. They play like that against Mexico and they are done, then it will be back against the wall facing Costa Rica who are far better than Quatemala. Somehow they need to just gut it out and make it to the World Cup and hopefully this summer they actually play some international exhibition games (and look at some more experienced players). Hoefully On demand will be working tomorrow so that I can watch the 1st half (and feel a little less gloomy). No stars today for Canada.
  10. There is no cohesion to this group yet (as expected). They are not a team but a collection of individuals right now. The defensive mids and defense gave up way to many prime opportunities. Not first rate chances but good chances. Canada seem to either lose the ball in the midfield or kick it to no one when on offense. C.R. has some pretty good little players, but as usual they tend to get hurt later in the game (getting tired) when they make any kind of physical contact with Canada (sometimes self-inflicted). C.R. could of tied it twice. Hoepfully we gain more confidence in the next 2 games and begin to get some flow to the game. Players of the game for me: Defense -- Bry Mccarthy -- real sparkplug on the left side. Made lots of good stuff happen down the wing. This years Alyssa Chapman Midfield -- Chelsea Stewart -- after a real slow start she picked it up in the 2nd half and made some strong runs down the left side as well as some good dribbling. Forward -- Tie (Leon and Lamarre) Leon scored the goal but Lamarre had absolutely wonderful control of the ball with 4 CR players around her and made the right pass to the open player who passed it to Leon.
  11. It's about bloody time someone in WPS recognized what a valuable player she is. One of my Favs for sure. A few more D.M.'s on the CWNT and we would be in a lot better shape. Best Canadian Midfielder easily.
  12. Please anyone but the evil empire...again! I watched the Stanford vs Cal game about a month ago and I must say Stanford were a pleasure to watch. Very positive brand of soccer. Fast, technical passing style game with terrific ball skills by every player on the pitch. They looked like they could compete with and beat a lot of countries out there. But of course that style does not necessarily add up to a championship. Go Stanford!
  13. Fantastic atmosphere at the game. I got to it 15 minutes before the start and had to park miles away, but I could already hear the singing from there. Gave me goose bumps. I thought P.R. played well especially their D. but there is not much they could do about Gbeke headers goals. Clarke what a lovely flick back to Gbeke. Was Clarke ever huge in the Montreal series and this game. In terms of Gage I thought it was a mistake to start him in the Montreal game (biggest game he's ever played in) at such a young age, but was I ever wrong. I thought he was one of the best players on the pitch. So reliable defensively as well. I thought he was better in the Montreal game, but still very good against P.R. It was a pretty cool sight seeing all the fans swarm the field while the Caps were being presented the trophy, I'm hooked, I need that every year now.
  14. According to Sportsnet (live interactive schedule) it's only on Sportsnet West at 6:30 pacific time. All others will be baseball.
  15. Not a bad game. Some poor passing however as it looked like both teams were nervous. I hope Moose is feeling better for the return match as he made a great impact in the game as usual. Vancouver was clearly the better team and probably should of won 3-0. It looked like Hirano was pushed down in the box while waiting for a cross, but got no call from Chenard. Chenard will never make it very far in Concacaf if she refs like this. She lets a lot of physical play go and seems to want the players on the field to decide the outcome. Strange stuff.
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