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  1. A late backer now labelled "The White Knight" put $50,000 NZ in to get the franchise bid over the line. The Australia Football governing body will now decided weather to grant the licesne to the Wellington bid although it is likely they will.
  2. Since this stage the club has now been brought out by new owners. We have a fresh start and are looking to build our squad backup. Alens name has been thrown around alot so if we could get him back i would be stoked. Seen him at the first training session when he arrived and i was thinking this guy is quick with a nice touch and a classy finish, why isnt he in Europe.
  3. Apparently his signed again for Puerto Rico Islanders, A step backward as far as im concerned.
  4. I was happy to see him go because my team was bottom of the ladder and i knew that if he could impress Canadian national team selectors, coaches ETC it could be the prefect platform onto a huge Europe clibs list.
  5. I'm from New Zealand and a while back Alen Marcina was signed to my club New Zealand Knights to solve our goal scoring issues. At first i thought oh yeah just another striker wont do much but slowly i watched Alen evolve into one of the best strikers i've seen in the Australian A-League. Alen is a real talent and someone i rate very highly as a player and a person off the pitch. I was very happy to hear that Alen would miss our last game of the season because of Canadian national team commitments. Does anyone here know what Alens club future beholds. Im hoping he comes back to New Zealand next season although i feel he has what it takes to cut it somewhere in Europe. Anyone know anything about where he will sign next?
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