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  1. Well it's not a game for everyone... if you're going in wanting it to be outdoor soccer, I'm not surprised you wouldn't think much of it.
  2. Sounds like an exciting game! Much of any media there? How was the crowd?
  3. Should be a good'er, I imagine Calgary will be looking to get a little revenge for last year.
  4. I'd love to see Ken Read take over the CSA... who cares if he knows a lick about soccer, he turned around the Alpine program and it had nothing to do with his ability to ski. He's proved himself as an administrator, and I think a demanding personality like his is needed to make something of this mess we're in.
  5. Got the Calgary and Saskatoon schedules http://drillersfans.com/content/view/278/32/ Ends up being quite an unbalanced schedule. Edmonton plays 8 home games, 4 away Calgary plays 8 home games, 8 away Saskatoon plays 4 home games, 8 away Edmonton hosts three double headers, and Saskatoon one... for those interested. Also looks like the championship will be played in Calgary in March.
  6. When have the Alliance had anything current on their website? They have virtually nothing on there, I'd hardly consider it a source for anything. Do you really think a league is going to be announcing dates without clearing them with the teams?
  7. If the team is announcing dates without booking them, I wouldn't be faulting the MTS Centre.
  8. No mention of the game evidently scheduled for Nov 1st either... and yet more question marks arise
  9. I seem to recall people saying there was a lot of papering done to get that big crowd in '06 (tying in with mrpopulistfutebol's hearing about Stewart wanting to sell, or flip the team). Granted, at least they got the people to show up... last year Saskatoon distributed 10,000 freebies for a pair of weekend games, and still drew less than 1,000 per.
  10. Just as example of the dates that were available during January and February past. January 6th thru 16th... wide open, not a thing booked at MTS, including 2 Sundays, a Friday and a Saturday Other good dates: Sunday, Jan 20th - between concerts Sunday, Feb 3rd - Hockey game day before, but nothing until the next Friday Friday, Feb 15th - Between hockey games So right there are seven wide open weekend dates... and there were no lack of mid week dates also available. So like I said, it was a B.S. excuse for the CMISL to try to save face.
  11. Takes less then a week to set up curling, and Winnipeg finished their schedule in February... it was the CMISL's excuse for the Winnipeg owner not wanting to bankroll his team last year... truth is there were several open dates, even on prime nights.
  12. I know that was the party line that they "couldn't" get dates... I recall Kowalchuk blaming it on the Brier amoung other things. The flaw in that excuse was that the Brier didn't even start until the season had already wrapped up... so I seriously suspect there was something different at play that no one wanted to own up to publicly.
  13. 4-7,000 per game?... that's a pretty lofty goal. I can't imagine they think they'll draw that paid, out of all the games played last year there was maybe only one game that drew even 1,000 actual, and that was the final. Financially Edmonton was easily their best for paid attendance... and in the 9 games they hosted I don't think they drew 6,000 in total, and a fair number of those were comps
  14. From the sounds of it they'll be playing a 16 game schedule (including interleague games)... Edmonton will be playing out of Servus Place again, but only have 5 dates, so they'll be some double headers *groan*
  15. To this game, I say nothing, because there are no words that can accurately communicate the simple gesture of rolling my eyes as far back into their sockets as they can go.
  16. Good on all those from Toronto, what a great crowd! As per the game... not so good on that front. Mental errors and a lack of timely finishing continue to haunt us.
  17. Canada certainly can't blame their draw. We had the easiest group, and their side of the knockout stage is practically hitting the jackpot. Now, the hard part has been won, just have to take care of the trivial... you know, actually win games
  18. As DeVos said on the telecast, the dump and chase mode of soccer isn't going to beat anyone who isn't tactically naive. During the infancy of womens soccer it may have works, but the game has evolved since then. Other than that, I wish they'd get someone other than Wilkinson to do the throw ins down the right side. She throws it so softly, gets no distance and doesn't seem to be terribly accurate either.
  19. $50 on a Sweden Win $50 on a US/Japan Draw $50 on a Germany Win $50 on a Brazil win $50 on a Canada/China Draw $50 on a Norway win Lets see how I do... I actually would normally pick China to win, but it's the Olympics, I'll pick with my heart
  20. Doesn't look like the Germans, Japanese, Chinese or Argentinians (well, other than the large usual ones down the front of course) http://en.beijing2008.cn/photo/sports/football/
  21. Maybe they just took the stripes away from Adidas... I don't think the Canadians had any on the uniforms
  22. Trivial question... but does anyone know when the IOC changed their rules concerning the uniforms? I just noticed that the only logo or patch on the Canadian uniform was a small Canadian Olympic Association logo on an arm... IIRC in past years the national soccer feds logos were prominent on the teams jerseys. Is this true for all sports? If so, I imagine Hockey Canada will be displeased come 2010.
  23. Relative to the other groups, I'd say this is the weakest of the three. Group F has Korea, Germany and Brazil... three of the top six in world rankings. Group G has two with Norway and the U.S... and Japan is nothing to sneeze at. Sweden will be good, and China formidable, but of the three groups, I'd rather be in this one.
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