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    sloth8 reacted to Patrick in NWSL to Vancouver   
    I'm not a fan of the NWSL as a place for Canadian Women, even if I enjoyed watching 3 of them win the Challenge Cup.  The style of play and the coaching are all American, athletic and powerful, but not exactly technical or skilled.  The place to grow in the future has to be Europe.  That so many of the young Canadian female talent is now over there makes me very happy.
    The question is what can we do to encourage development for our younger players?  It's a fantasy to think we can support a cross-Canada league for the women.  The US has a much greater population density that we do and they can barely afford the travel.  We always want to start big, we don't seem willing to put in the drudge work to grow the game locally before we jump to a D1 league (yeah, I'm reference the CPL...)  With women we need to develop real club-level teams competing in regional leagues with reasonable travel, smaller stadiums packed with fans rather than empty monstrosities, and we need to build local support.  We have to build the pyramid from the bottom first.  Sure, the NT players will not be here but the next level can.  Like a broken record I keep pointing to Canadian Junior hockey as the model and like every time I mention it, it'll be ignored among the demands for top tier play and $60k salaries. 
    I'll continue yelling at clouds, I guess.
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    sloth8 reacted to Aird25 in Players you expect to see in the CPL   
    Are we seriously worried about Humey's hair getting wet?
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    sloth8 reacted to Bison44 in Iain Hume   
    Hmmm, Hume says he'll be on our shores in 3 weeks.  Winnipeg technically isnt a shore....but my fingers are crossed.  
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    sloth8 reacted to Viruk42 in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    Platt been told to self-quarantine because he'll be expected to travel somewhere in the near future. Unless OneSoccer is shuffling him to cover some other league, it seems to suggest he'll be going to wherever the CPL games will be.
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    sloth8 reacted to xabuep2 in The Road to Qatar.   
    For next Monday, July 27, we will have a new format according to local media. In fact, the fepafut (Panamanian Football federation) was waiting for the confirmation of the beginning of Concacaf qualifiers to choose its new coach: the Danish Thomas Christiansen.

    And according to the media today, the format will be a little different from what was public yesterday.
    First round: 6 groups of 5 countries. Each country will play 4 games: two at home and two on the road. 

    Second round: The six group winners will meet in March in round-trip matches that will be previously drawn to define the 3 winners.

    Final Round: Octagonal with Mexico, Honduras, USA, Costa Rica and Jamaica and the 3 winners of previous rounds.
    (About first round it remains only to guess how they will define which teams will play the 2 games at home and  the 2 on the road  ... They may do something similar to the 2019–20 CONCACAF Nations League qualifying draw)....
    (this source indicates that only the winner of each group  of the first round will advance)
    (this Mexican source says that in the 6 groups of 5, the first two places will qualify and then play in round trip games. But in my opinion it is a mistake in writing, because it would involve more games)
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    sloth8 reacted to CanadianSoccerFan in The Road to Qatar.   
    So if I translated correctly, this is the format.
    October 2020:  Teams 9-35 (27 teams) play 9 groups of 3 in single matches (2 games each).  9 group winners advance.
    November 2020:  Teams 6-8 join the 9 group winners (12 teams).  Two leg KO round. 6 teams advance
    March 2021:   The 6 winners play another two leg KO round.  3 teams left.
    June 2021 to June 2022:  Teams 1-5 join the other 3 teams to start the Octagonal.
    With FIFA's recent change to the FIFA calendar, this means the last two games of the Octagonal would be played in June 2022, just days before the intercontinental playoff.  For both 2021 and 2022 the June match dates are a double window (4 matches instead of 2)
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    sloth8 got a reaction from Greatest Cockney Rip Off in Jessie Fleming   
    Fleming has signed a 3-year contract with Chelsea.
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    sloth8 got a reaction from Trois Reds in Jessie Fleming   
    Fleming has signed a 3-year contract with Chelsea.
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    sloth8 got a reaction from rkomar in Jessie Fleming   
    Fleming has signed a 3-year contract with Chelsea.
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    sloth8 reacted to Jith12 in Gianfranco Facchineri   
    MLS designates an exclusive scouting zone within Canada to each of the three Canadian franchises. The zones vary in terms of geographical size in order to ensure that each club has a proportional amount of the population to scout from. Vancouver's zone includes BC and the Prairie Provinces. I believe that TFC gets all of the Golden Horseshoe area (The exact zone could be a bit smaller or larger, I'm not 100% sure). The Impact get all of Quebec.
    All of Canada that was not included in any of the aforementioned regions is fair game for any of the Canadian clubs to scout from. That means the Territories, non-Golden Horseshoe Ontario and the Atlantic provinces can be scouted by any of the three clubs. The Whitecaps take advantage of this rule in every way possible. They have "Academy Centres" in every province and territory that they have access to, except for Nunavut and New Brunswick. TFC has a similar program, but it's not as widespread. Their affiliate clubs are Ottawa TFC, London TFC and Windsor TFC. As far as I'm aware, the Impact do not have any affiliate clubs outside of their exclusive zone.
    So in a nutshell, London or Windsor aren't necessarily "Whitecaps territory" or "TFC territory". Rather, any of the three clubs have access to that area. In fact, both TFC and the Whitecaps have centres in London. As for Facchineri, he was already playing on the other side of the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit with Vardar SC before Windsor TFC came into existence, which is why he was never TFC property. 
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    sloth8 reacted to spitfire in Liam Millar   
    As far as I know not a single player from that video made it past u16 at TFC  or plays pro. Except Liam. (If anyone knows different please let me know)
    there were some really quality players there a keeper named Alex. A defender named Jayden A striker who’s name I can’t remember. . Glen  M and Shaun Hundal came to TFC a few years later than this video 
    Ryan Raposo wasn’t selected as part of that group. (too small again, Liam and Ryan played together for one season in Burlington U12) 

    The voice on the tape is Rick Titus btw.  A great coach from NMSC and TFC. Played a few games for TFC too ...

    sorry for my limited replies. the twitter post of my response on here has forced me to be selective in what I’ say. I thought this was  a closed group didn’t expect to be quoted.... I even msgd the guy on twitter Asking to take down the post and he blanked me and left it up. 
    Will try to add what I can but won’t talk any specifics at all as don’t want it repeated outside of here ....
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    sloth8 reacted to VinceA in The Importance of Ricardo José Araújo Ferreira   
    I'm pretty over this guy at this point. Rather just focus on the likes of Didic and Zator. They aren't in as good as leagues, but their the best in the CPL, younger and actually seem interested in playing for their country. They're also not made of rice krispies.
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    sloth8 reacted to The Real Marc in Canadians Abroad June 26th to July 2nd   
    That's some late 90s NIntendo font
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    sloth8 reacted to CanadianSoccerFan in The Road to Qatar.   
    CONCACAF just gave official confirmation that the old format is 100% dead.  The wording is interesting.  The reason given is the integrity issue due to the ranking cycle.  It does not mention a lack of dates.
    The challenges presented by postponements to the football calendar, and the incomplete FIFA rankings cycle in our confederation, means our current World Cup Qualifying process has been compromised and will be changed. We will now work with the new framework provided and liaise with FIFA to finalize a new World Cup Qualification format for the Concacaf region.
    We will also work with our stakeholders to reorganize the Concacaf Road to Gold Cup Qualifiers (originally scheduled for March and June 2020), the Concacaf Nations League Finals (originally scheduled for June 2020) and a range of other suspended competitions.
    A further update on World Cup Qualifying and other Concacaf men’s international competitions will be provided in the coming weeks. We will also continue to work with FIFA and the other Confederations on the international match calendar process for women’s football to ensure we are well placed to support the return of the international women’s game as soon as possible.
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    sloth8 reacted to Alex in The Road to Qatar.   
    So by my count between now and June 2022 there are 18 available matches. 
    October, November 2020: 4 games
    March 2021: 2 games 
    June 2021: 4 games 
    September, October, November 2021: 6 games 
    March 2022: 2 games
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    sloth8 reacted to Olympique_de_Marseille in The Road to Qatar.   
    Several changes approved for CONCACAF WCQ:
    -No games in September this year.
    -The June 2021 window becomes 4 matches.
    -They postponed the inter-continental playoff to June 2022 (allowing for CONCACAF WCQ matches in March 2022).
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    sloth8 reacted to Zem in Atlético Ottawa 2020 Season   
    Now, the boots worn in the "2" tweet appear to be Nike Phantom Venoms (https://www.nike.com/ca/t/phantom-venom-elite-fg-football-boot-kkN635/AO7540-606 ), but I haven't really gotten anywhere with that info. Initially I was convinced it might be Glenn Muenkat (he did partly grow up in Ottawa, after all), but while he wore Nikes that look vaguely similar last season, they're definitely not the same boots.
    I've gone through every out-of-contract CPL player who fits the description and none have worn boots in the past year that match that tweet, aside from those who don't have pictures from last season with their boots visible.That said, I think it's most likely that these are a brand-new pair of Phantom Venoms and it could therefore be anyone wearing them, as I imagine this particular design of Phantom Venoms might not have been out last year anyway.
    I couldn't figure out the model of the boots in the "3" tweet, the striping makes them kinda look like an older model of Adidas boots, but not much to go off there. No out-of-contract CPL players I could find matching the description wore boots like those last season, either.
    TL;DR: I spent a couple hours squinting at player photos and looking at dozens of different football boots for basically no reason
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    sloth8 got a reaction from TGAA_Star in 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup   
    Based on the bid evaluation report published by FIFA earlier in the month, it sounds like Australia and New Zealand are a lock. Especially, considering that Japan has withdrawn its bid. The Colombian bid received a low score and the report said that significant investments would be required.
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    sloth8 reacted to Olympique_de_Marseille in 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup   
    This isn't the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup Thread; this is a rehashing of the same of the same points discussed ad nauseam in the thread "Should Christine Sinclair retire":
     ...a thread you have already posted in btw!
    Meanwhile, there is actually news about the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup to talk about.
    The hosting rights will be allocated on June 25th - this Thursday.
    There were 4 bids still active at the start of the month; Brazil withdrew a few weeks ago. Now Japan just withdrew:
    So the tournament will be hosted by either Colombia or (most likely) Australia & New Zealand.
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    sloth8 reacted to _Vic_ in Should Christine Sinclair retire from the CWNT?   
    There wouldn't be that many playing, perhaps about 400k by registrations. And only a percentage of that would be strikers. But your statement still stands on it's own.
    Anyone care to fathom a guess at how much funding Christine Sinclair has received from Canada over the past 20 years?
    Now how about the rest of the women in this country? I seem to remember the "wish sandwich" in the Blues Brothers... two slices of bread and you wish you had something to go in-between.
    Pretty much every other country in the world you have an elite women's club system that produces annual crops and rotations of players. They have great programs and professionalism (read: attitude and approach) and facilities. They take it very seriously. Build it and they will come, and they did.
    Some like the Scandinavians did it 40 years ago. But this true north social democracy is still waiting for the right moment. Perhaps on the centenary of the Northern Europeans doing it, only 100 years of caution is probably politically correct enough considering we're a leading country in women's rights. 
    Long story short: when you live in a country where the highest opportunity and level of club play is beer league amateur, putting their lack of world class standard on the players is perhaps a bit misdirected.
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    sloth8 reacted to Kyle_The_Hill in The Road to Qatar.   
    @admin Again this is Robert's new account.
    It's actually impressive how you and TGAA can singlehandedly ruin intelligent discussion from hundreds of people and turn this forum into a frustrating place to visit.
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    sloth8 got a reaction from Kent in KHM out   
    Can't say I am disappointed. The team never really played well during his tenure - especially going forward. Here's hoping the squad will be re-energized with a new manager.
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    sloth8 got a reaction from MtlMario in KHM out   
    Can't say I am disappointed. The team never really played well during his tenure - especially going forward. Here's hoping the squad will be re-energized with a new manager.
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    sloth8 reacted to Blackdude in KHM out   
    Kenneth Heiner-Møller is leaving in August 2020. So we'll have a new manager for the Olympics. 
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    sloth8 reacted to dyslexic nam in Jonathan David   
    Yes, you have made that abundantly clear.  You don't need to say it again.
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