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    sloth8 reacted to hulkrogan in WCQ: Third Round - Window 3 (November 12-16, 2021)   
    I think we need to slow down a little.

    June: "I hope we beat Suriname, I'm nervous with all of their Dutch call ups"
    October:  "We'd better fucking destroy Mexico or I'm done with this team"
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    sloth8 reacted to An Observer in WCQ: Third Round - Window 2 (October 7-13, 2021)   
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    sloth8 got a reaction from Cblake in Jessie Fleming   
    Fleming has signed a 3-year contract with Chelsea.
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    sloth8 reacted to Olympique_de_Marseille in WCQ: Jamaica vs Canada - Sunday, Oct 10, 6pm Eastern / 3pm Pacific - Kingston, Jamaica   
    World Cup Qualifiers - Matchday 5
    Jamaica vs Canada
    Sunday, Oct 10th 2021
    6pm Eastern / 3pm Pacific
    Independence Park, Kingston (Empty Stadium)
    Online Broadcast: ONESoccer
    TV Broadcast: Telus Channel 980, Sportsnet 360 & Sportsnet ONE (EN) , RDS (FR)

    Referee: Keylor Herrera (He was the ref down in Panama for Independiente vs Forge, the ref who gave Babouli the red card)
    Canada Squad:
    Canadian players that were in the original in the squad but that won't play due to fitness/injury/illness:
    Buchanan, Laryea & Vitória are suspended due to yellow card accumulation.
    Canadian players that are on a yellow card:
    Original Jamaica squad for this window:
    Updated Jamaican squad:
    Centre-back Damion Lowe is suspended due to yellow card accumulation for Jamaica.
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    sloth8 reacted to narduch in WCQ: Mexico vs Canada - Thursday, Oct 7, 9:40pm Eastern / 6:40pm Pacific - Mexico City   
    Can't wait to buy that jacket in 5 years from SVP
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    sloth8 reacted to El Hombre in WCQ: Mexico vs Canada - Thursday, Oct 7, 9:40pm Eastern / 6:40pm Pacific - Mexico City   
    My gawd, as I sat on early 8am conference calls this morning in a hoodie and jogging pants and stared bleary-eyed at little Microsoft Teams avatars, the thought of another beer made my stomach do somersaults.  I really need to adjust when my pre-game drinks start when its a late game.
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    sloth8 reacted to El Diego in Jonathan David   
    Don't take away my likes plz
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    sloth8 reacted to Joe MacCarthy in WCQ: Third Round - Window 2 (October 7-13, 2021)   
    Ok,here's some food for thought
    Deep dish Dominos pizza is on the menu for the game tonight.  It's not that great but it's relatively cheap.  Two things, if you order online you can get extra sauce put on for free.  You can get a good deal if you buy one and get one free with a code.  They also have a deal where you get unlimited medium 12" pizzas for $7.99 each, if you upgrade them to deep dish they will be $9.99 instead of the regular deep dish price of $12.99. Also, the toppings obviously add to the price, the less you get the cheaper, here it is about $1.50 per topping.  Also I find the deep dish reheats much better if you have some left over.  Prices may vary depending on location.
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    sloth8 got a reaction from Cblake in Jonathan David   
    Here's the order for tiebreakers for Ligue 1:
    1) Points; 2) Goal difference; 3) Goals scored; 4) Head-to-head goal difference; 5) Fairplay ranking
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    sloth8 reacted to Macksam in 2021 Voyageurs Cup   
    CSA organizes this right? I wouldn't mind a little corruption where all future MLS/CPL match ups always seem to randomly end up as away matches for the MLS sides. 
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    sloth8 reacted to Stryker911 in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    Davies latest post of him standing in a bathroom was liked by 14 CMNT players. The post prior of him drinking a slushi was liked by 15 CMNT players. I didn't have time to ranalyze all 600 comments from his 4,000,000 followers. I assume they still like him...
    David's latest post, which is actually soccer related, was only liked by 11 CMNT. Uh oh mb Davies is more popular than David!!!
    Also, David liked Davies post, but Davies did not like David's. From that I assume Davies is worried David will be more popular than him.
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    sloth8 reacted to footballfreak in Biennial World Cup Proposal   
    If we’re going full speed ahead on a biennial World Cup, here’s one possible way to make it work without it totally sucking. The reduced time between tournaments makes the following feasible. Buckle up buckeroos.
    Qualifying? Where we’re going we don’t need qualifying.
    Instead of one World Cup per cycle with only the top 32/48/64 teams, you have a 3-4 tier pyramid of 7 World Cups, with promotion and relegation between each tier.
    For example:
    Tier A 1x32 <—> Tier B 2x32 <—> Tier C 3x32 <—>Tier D 1x19.
    Hockey already does something similar. The number of promotions/relegations can be tweaked as organizers deem appropriate. You can include continental quotas if absolutely necessary, though I think a simple meritocracy is ultimately more beneficial in the long run even if some editions are UEFA/CONMEBOL heavy.
    Fairness: Under this system, 192 of 211 teams are never any more than 4 years (2 WC cycles) away from “qualifying” for the A Tier World Cup - same as it is now. The top 96 teams are never more than 2 years away. The remaining 19 are only 6 years away, and realistically there was never any chance of a team that bad qualifying under the current system. Decongestion: No qualifying means happy club teams. Competitiveness: dead rubber matches become more meaningful, almost every team has something to play for in every game. Revenue: Potential to add more matches (relegation knockout for the bottom 16/third place teams) while maintaining the 32 team, 4 group structure we all prefer to the 48 team abomination that’s coming Parity: more balanced competitions produce more entertaining games. Continental tournaments become more special: Removing WCQ against the other nations in your region makes Continental qualifiers and Finals games more meaningful. Scalability: Tiers B,C and D require progressively less infrastructure to host by way of smaller stadiums, lower quality training facilities, and less fan accommodation. Lower tiers can also split into smaller 16 team tournaments to reduce stadium demands even more. Novelty: Tell me you wouldn’t watch the Tier 4 final between Somalia and Gibraltar just for the sheer strangeness. Player Opportunity: Tournaments present an opportunity for young players to showcase themselves. Maybe a young wunderkind from Eritrea or Tonga gets discovered where he would have otherwise floundered in obscurity. Reduced Travel Cost: Particularly for the minnows and ultra minnows (like the CSA ), travel cost is prohibitive to playing games. International games in every other year would now be compressed into a few weeks in a single host nation.   
    Possible cons:
    Hosting complications: Without assurance that your team will be in tier A 4+ years from now, picking hosts becomes more problematic. A potential solution is enforced promotion should a host team fall below the tier they are scheduled to host in. Eg. if France gets relegated after 2026, but are due to host in 2030,  the number of merit-based promotions would be cut by one in 2028, and France would play Tier 2 as a warmup for hosting. Not really sure how to solve the reverse problem wherein the D-tier host gets promoted out before hosting, but perhaps such a small scale event would require less lead time and 2 years would be sufficient. No home qualifiers: FIFA wants to reduce qualifiers, but this strategy removes them entirely, which admittedly is a bummer. It does, however, present more opportunities to host Tier B/C/D Finals tournaments. Fewer local derbies: Personally, I think this can be mitigated by structuring continental competitions properly, but it is possible that Canada v Uzbekistan in a Tier B group match doesn’t have them same fire as Canada v Honduras might. I still think the weight of the occasion would be enough to create fast foes, but YMMV. Timing: 211 countries all playing at once in the same month is likely too much, IdeaIly it would be better from an audience standpoint to spread the tiers out. eg: Tier D in March, C in April, B in May, A in June. This has potential to create player availability issues with clubs, but at least these issues would be spread out over the calendar. Overall load would be reduced though, so this might be an acceptable compromise. Instead of Premier League clubs losing 4-9 internationals every month for a week, it might be 1-2 different players each month. You can keep playing league games while only missing 1-2 players.  I’m sure there’s more, and I’m sure you’ll all let me know what they are. If you made it this far, I’m so sorry. Thoughts? Tweaks?
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    sloth8 reacted to JamboAl in Match Thread: September 8, 2021 - Atletico Ottawa v Forge   
    Ditto…stupid idea.  Only people going will be casuals or people who are club over country (they do exist in Ottawa).
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    sloth8 reacted to BigMo in WCQ: USA vs Canada - Sunday, Sept 5th, 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific - Nashville   
    I feel like Hoilett's recent run of NT from has earned himself a start.  From GC to last night, we look like a far more dangerous team with him in our attack. Not to mention his striking ability, in a team where goals at times seem scarce against quality opponents.
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    sloth8 reacted to trc2014 in World Cup Qualifying Third Round Match Day 1: Canada Honduras - Thursday, September 2nd, 2021 - BMO Field, Toronto.   
    I had the same déjà vu feeling with the 2012 game, only difference in my mind was we dominated that game.  I would argue Honduras had the better chances last night.
  17. Sad
    sloth8 reacted to JamboAl in World Cup Qualifying Third Round Match Day 1: Canada Honduras - Thursday, September 2nd, 2021 - BMO Field, Toronto.   
    Spare a thought to any supporter who was taking the VIA train from Montreal or Cornwall to the game tonight.  There was a major derailment and unless they left on the 6 am train, they won’t arrive in time for tonight.  A friend of mine is now heading back home to Montreal on a bus.  What a waste!
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    sloth8 reacted to An Observer in The Road to Qatar.   
    Hopefully its not "Oh Henry, Oh Handball!"
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    sloth8 reacted to goleafs67 in The Road to Qatar.   
    Seems yellows do NOT carry over into the Octo, despite it not being mentioned anywhere in the regs
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    sloth8 reacted to narduch in 13 of Canada’s WCQs will now be broadcast on Sportsnet.   
    I fully support One Soccer but I'm happy I can PVR the game and watch it at my leisure later on.
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    sloth8 reacted to Obinna in 13 of Canada’s WCQs will now be broadcast on Sportsnet.   
    Count me in as one of those who is happy it will be SN streaming the One Soccer feed.
    I get the importance of bringing this game to "everyone across the country", but ultimately this is a giant promotion of One Soccer, a Canadian soccer channel. Think about it, that is absolutely MASSIVE. 
    I know the service has it's issues and isn't perfect, but you got to see the forest through the trees. This is OUR Canadian soccer channel and we want to expose it to as many people as possible, in any way possible.
    I don't care if you can't stand Wheelers corny style, in fact I believe the more people who become aware of Wheeler tonight, the better. He is a Canadian Soccer guy through and through. When it comes to publicity it is far better for them to remember you and hate you than to never know you exist.
    A lot of people are about to learn that Wheeler exists. The non-descript, unmemorable commentator he is not.
    I hope he wears the most flamboyant, outlandish outfit he can dig up. Canada, get ready to meet soccer's Don Chery, minus the "xenophobia" (very heavy air quotes on that).
    Anyways, up the Reds, up SN, up One Soccer, and even up Wheeler! 
    Wins all around, folks.
  22. Haha
  23. Haha
    sloth8 reacted to kobasew19 in World Cup Qualifying Third Round Match Day 1: Canada Honduras - Thursday, September 2nd, 2021 - BMO Field, Toronto.   
    For the folks attending the game, feel free to throw bags of maple syrup at the Honduran players.
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    sloth8 reacted to jtpc in The Road to Qatar.   
    Isn't this an interesting graphic. Away wins in WCQ in this region are no easy feat.
  25. Sad
    sloth8 reacted to jordan in Marcelo Flores called 'Canadian prodigy'   
    U20 call
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