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  1. Based on the highlights, he missed a chance that would have been easier to score on and had a header cleared off the line. Nice run for his goal though:
  2. Jackson has been called up for the Scotland friendly. In fact, Walsall has to reschedule their game on March 25 because too many of their players are away on international duty. http://www.expressandstar.com/sport/walsall-fc/2017/03/07/walsall-match-against-port-vale-postponed-due-to-international-call-ups/
  3. I'm optimistic that we can get out of the group stage as one of the best 3rd place teams. I like that we are playing FG first and hopefully can build off the confidence of getting 3 points. A draw against either or both CR and Honduras is not out of the question - especially if they bring less experienced squads.
  4. Here are highlights of the goals: http://www.concacaf.com/video/cu20-2017-antigua-barbuda-vs-canada-highlights
  5. The UK mut with French combination makes me think of the Royal Standard of the UK or the escutcheon of the Coat of Arms of Canada (maybe replace the maple leaves with the ship from the NB flag). I think the ship from NB flag/UNB logo (the old one) is a better symbol than the anchor. Other suggestions include lighthouse for Patridge Island, the Carleton Materllo Tower, or Fort Howe. Perhpas just avoid using a soccer ball with a flame or wave behind it... From what I understand, most Loyalist regiments did wear red coats, but some also wore blue and green. I think the city went with blue because to fit with the ocean motif. If you want to go Loyalist route, this is the logo for the City of Saint John:
  6. Grew up in Saint John, NB, but moved to Ottawa 10 years ago. I look forward to actively supporting a team in Ottawa. If the Fury decide to stay in the USL though, I will support Halifax and any other future teams from the Maritimes!
  7. As a born and raised Saint Johner, this does not really reflect the Port City. There are key historical moments that are vital to the Saint John identity: Samuel de Champlain in 1604 Loyalist founding 1783-1785 Shipbuilding throughout 19th century Irish famine migration in 1840s Great Fire of 1877 The city definitely has a love/hate relationship with the Loyalist Man persona [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loyalist_Man], but it is unique. Other options include physical geography such as Bay of Fundy, Reversing Falls. Or, hell, just slap the Iriving Oil logo on there.
  8. Received mine yesterday. Fits well and looks great (except for the words "Made in Honduras" on the tag)!
  9. I'm assuming that $20 would be the best price point for selling the most shirts. However, if $25 covers shipping costs, then I'll still buy a couple. I personally prefer the term soccer, but I know that my brother would want his shirt to say football.
  10. I like both the grey options. Nevertheless, I will get a couple of shirts whatever style you decide on.
  11. TFC just announced that Chapman is out for 3 weeks with a MCL tear: http://www.tsn.ca/giovinco-out-with-quad-adductor-strains-1.557030
  12. Canada is in Group B and will play Cameroon (Sept. 30), Germany (Oct. 3), and Venezuela (Oct. 7). This is Cameroon's first time playing in the U-17 WWC. Germany and Venezuela won their resepctive championships to qualify. Only the top two teams advance from the group stage. http://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-learns-schedule-for-fifa-u-17-women-s-world-cup-jordan-2016-p159560
  13. It's unfortunate timing, if Henry is out again. Winston Reid and Joey O'Brien both picked up hamstring problems last night in West Ham's win over Liverpool in the FA Cup. Could have been a good opportunity for Henry to play some minutes with the senior squad.
  14. Iain Hume joins Tranmere Rovers on a 6 month contract. http://www.tranmererovers.co.uk/news/article/iain-hume-returns-to-tranmere-2233790.aspx
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