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  1. Derek Martin did address the Halifax CFL question in a 4 part tweet on Nov17/2017. I'd say they have different visions as the what would be required to make it fly. Downtown intimate atmosphere vs big stadium in Burnside for one. Not sure about my cut and paste skills, but here is the bulk of it: Derek Martin‏ @DerekBySEA 17 Nov 2017 4 – We believe our accepted proposal for a right sized, privately funded, modular stadium located in the heart of downtown on the historic Wanderers Grounds is the best option for our downtown and our community right now but we are excited t
  2. Comparing Halifax to a generic “Bob and Doug Mackenzie” type city is a special combination of inaccuracy and ignorance I have not seen before. Nothing at all wrong with Bob and Doug and it’s associated culture and values...but Halifax is as far away from that culture as anywhere in North America. Heck, even back in the late 80’s/early 90’s we were being compared with Seattle as a hip city. And since then Halifax has grown far more diverse and exciting.
  3. Halifax is at least 3-1/2 times the size of Moncton, and will still have a tough time to consistently get 5000 in the stands. I'll be surprised if an ownership group steps forward.
  4. Chalk this Chronicle Herald editorial up to bad editing. (There's a reason this paper has a nickname of the "Chronically Horrible"). Unfortunately, in today's media, it's all too common for journalist to write about topics they have very little understanding of...and the lack of understanding shows in the final product. If you asked 10,000 people here in Halifax if they knew what USL was, only a handful would know. This would be a very hard sell. If I had to guess, I would think WNT or perhaps U17 mens. Dream scenario would be MNT.
  5. No, not at all. The wording in the article is clumsy at best, plain wrong at worst. The SEA proposal in a separate issue.
  6. Just thinking out loud here, but think the reason for the 3 year+3 option relates to the ongoing fight around the issue of using the Halifax Common that the Wanderers Ground is part of. There is a very small but well organized group of NIMBY's that oppose virtually everything. SEA is wise to phrase this request in "baby step" terms as part of the political gamesmanship that relates to the use of these parcels of land. Look back at the battle of keeping and enriching the Emera Oval (located close by on another part of the Halifax Common) and you'll see some of the history of how w
  7. I think the Soccer NS event might be interesting, but I get the sense it is not directly connected with SEA. (Although if it's done half assed, it may very well be harmful to SEA's cause) The stands they are bringing in, for example, are totally different from the potential pop up stadium. SNS has a poor track record with creating a game day experience. However, if SNS Has hired SEA to run the event, I would have a bettter feeling about this. Is there still time schedule a WNT game for September? That could be more likely.
  8. This is very positive. I like how the proposed league and potential owners group are involving/reaching out to the fanbase early on. The level of public awareness that is being created in Halifax relative to other potential cities is mainly due to this being a new organization, whearas the other markets presumably are working from an existing structure. ie existing CFL team.
  9. Heck Yes! I'll need 3 scarves minimum. They do look great, BTW.
  10. Will you have them there at Bubba Rays on Saturday?
  11. my apologies... Didn't even realize it they did any kind of tour. Good job Jays.
  12. After the Red Sox won their first (so called ) World Series in a very long time they brought the Trophy to Halifax, even hosted a shin dig at the American Consulate for the fans. As for the Bluejays, not so much....just take our money and ignore. It's the Canadian way I guess.
  13. The way I see it, at a point, (around 30 teams for most North American leagues) the new franshise fees don't cover the splitting of the TV money pie. That's why the major leagues top out around 30.
  14. Fair enough. I think the positive key to success in Halifax will be the game day experience. It has to have the atmosphere of excitement. 5000 people in a 20,000 stadium is the kiss of death. Small, intimate, and downtown will be be the recipe. I'll have to look at the immigration numbers, but Halifax has always struck me as being very diversified. We invented the donair ? Tons of soccer is being consumed in this market by people both new and old to Canada.
  15. I would argue that Halifax would be one of the best choices for a professional soccer team in Canada. Yes, there are plenty of "wishful thinking" opinions on this board...I get that. Yes, it will be tough to actively engage and excite 5000 or so Haligonians to consistently pay and show at the wanderers ground. Yes, we only have 400-450k in our mid-sized city. Yes, the only professional soccer track record is the Clippers from almost 30 years ago. But it's a different world now. soccer is everywhere on TV. Halifax is a very young city with a large population of soc
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