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  1. Great finish. More of that please, Cyle!
  2. Apparently they tried with a late bid (I’ve heard Man Utd and PSG did this too) after hearing Bayern had an offer in for Davies, but it was rejected and Davies had already been convinced by Bayern’s plan for him.
  3. If I’m not mistaken, many Canadians get green cards pretty quickly in the states, so they will still be considered domestic.
  4. To me, it is never a penalty. I simply think the refereeing team made a mistake. It’s shitty but they are human too.
  5. I feel like this could actually work but I think it could require a vocal leader at the back to direct Kaye a bit as it has been a while since he has played in the back line (unless I am forgetting something) and he might need some help to ensure he is always switched on positionally. This could also provide us with a solid passer out of the back to break the lines when starting a new attack or after the ball has been recycled. in a 4-3-3 with Kaye as one of the three midfielders in the defensive phase, and then in possession Kaye drops off to the left of the two centre backs. It could become 3-3-1-3 (or a variant of this) depending on other player personnel. This could allow us more of our attackers on the pitch up top (David/hoillet/cav/phonzie?/Oso?) with our fullbacks (Davies? Laryea?) back in defensive phase but pushing up higher to combine with the outside attackers to create overloads when we are in possession. of course it is also dependent on available players to fill the other positions properly but it is an idea I had when I was geeking up on tactics this week, so it was funny (to me anyway) when this was suggested.
  6. We worked at the British Council in Heliopolis, and lived near Merryland Park. We travelled through Turkey on one journey from Cairo, and through Paris I believe on another. There have been so many connecting flights to different countries now though that they kind of jumble together. IIRC the trip to Oz was crazy as it was 6 hours from Toronto to San Fran, stop over of roughly 6 hours and then a 16 hour flight to Sydney. Nowhere near as bad as DM though. 36 hours. Yikes.
  7. Funny, as I’ve lived in Cairo (Heliopolis) and Melbourne (St. Kinda), but I can’t recall if either of those were longer than my total trip to Malaysia (Penang). I think it might have been more to do with time during stopovers though. The actual flight to Oz wins hands down for actual flying time for me though - 16 hour flight from San Fran to Sydney.
  8. If you are interested, here is the website translated by google translate: https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&nv=1&pto=aue&rurl=translate.google.ca&sl=auto&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=https://cafecremesport.com/2020/08/02/jonathan-david-pret-a-conquerir-leurope/&usg=ALkJrhghacLzEQ5sbB9hUd-qWCyU-S6bHw
  9. Interesting that it appears Lille are making a third bid (maybe everyone else knew that but I was unaware of a second bid). Also interesting (to me anyway) is the people at Lille appear to be impressed that David was willing to speak out in the press about his desire to join LOSC.
  10. while I would encourage everyone to click the link to give the website/author their due, here is the translated article for those of us would otherwise not be able to understand it: ————————————- Northern leaders remain focused on the 20-year-old Canadian striker and will try, in the coming days, to convince their counterparts at La Gantoise. In the other direction, Gabriel would have to choose his destination. Napoli, Manchester United and Everton are on pole to welcome him. To replace Victor Osimhen, LOSC has been thinking for a long time about Jonathan David ( 20 years old, 48 goals, 20 assists in 95 games in all competitions during his two seasons at La Gantoise). Relations between the two clubs were complex in July, especially when the player declared, in L'Équipe, his love for the northern club. “ He's a player we really like, whom Luis(Campos, sports advisor) and his teams know very well. And who, in addition, had the courage to declare in the press where he wanted to play. What not everyone does. I have a lot of respect for that, ”Gérard Lopez insisted on RMC at the start of the week Angry, Belgian leaders did not appreciate the northern method. They also felt that the first offers from LOSC did not meet their expectations. Lille suffered a first refusal with an approach of 25 million euros including 5 bonus. But on the Buffalos side, we felt the bonuses were difficult to access. The second attempt, 27 million euros including 2 bonus, has not yet been deemed sufficient On the side of Luchin, some began to think that the file was taking the lead in the wing. Convinced by the qualities and the potential of the attacker, by his desire also to wear the Lille jersey, the northern officials are preparing to return to the charge in the coming days. They would then propose a firm offer of 30 million without bonus to La Gantoise to make them change their mind . If this file is concluded under these conditions, Jonathan David would then become the most expensive transfer for a player leaving the Jupiler League.
  11. I think I recall Kaye saying his attitude was a issue, and being released by TFC was a wake-up call he needed. He said it helped push him on to the next level, and he has no hard feelings.
  12. Yeah I was pleasantly surprised when I heard about his signing. I admit I haven’t seen Tissot play much in the past couple of seasons, but if he is close to what he offered a few years back, he is going to be a great addition.
  13. Not sure why, but I’ve just read this with a southern US accent, and it made me even happier.
  14. It feels nice to be disagreeing about which right back is the better option for playing right back. It isn’t long ago we were all discussing which centre back or midfielder was best suited to play out of position at RB.
  15. I’m struggling to see what the CPL teams would benefit from that type of arrangement. Are you by any chance Bill Manning in disguise? 😉
  16. Is that break in the pictures on the mug meant to be the hydro pole? That is a great added detail. 😄
  17. I see you are a glass half empty kind of guy. I prefer to think it is one letter from the best name ever. To each their own, I guess. 😄
  18. JOIN US TONIGHT AND RELIVE FORGE FC'S ROAD TO THE FINALS IN 2019 Date: Sunday, March 29 Time: 8 p.m. ET Details: Join us, the CPL and Canadian soccer fans for the premiere of Forever First: Rise To The Finals and relive the battle between Forge FC and Cavalry FC during the 2019 season! Where to watch: youtube.com/c/CPLSoccer
  19. I agree with you here. I played for four years at a university in the NCAA, and I can guarantee you no one got any favours with grades because we played soccer. Football was actually pretty bad for it ( baseball, and basketball I only ever heard about it with one professor) but even then it wasn’t all professors helping them out. There was one particular professor who the football team were kept away from at all costs though because he was deemed to be so difficult. Anyone I knew playing soccer at other schools were never handed out favours with marks either. I would say the mid to top end of graduates are quite comparable to graduates up here. For me, the biggest difference is that the yanks have far more lower end graduating ..... which is that necessarily a bad thing? I can see why some say it could slightly undermine their degree, but I’ve experienced that for most cases, no one really cares what your degree is in or where it’s from, but rather if you have one.
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