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  1. Don’t be so harsh. They have a tiny talent pool to draw from, and their strategy of “keep the Canadian youth from actually playing until everyone else is injured” is scientifically backed. It is a fool-proof plan! 😉
  2. We’ve done that to ourselves. Davies should t ha e thrown that to Kennedy here but Kennedy the. Should have just sent it long. Fuck.
  3. Laryea has looked like he wants it mentally but has been sloppy in possession.
  4. again, wrong thread. Emotions got the best of me.
  5. This is what I was thinking. Plus in my own extremely limited and kindergarten level sleuthing, I see there are direct flights from Washington to Brussels, and from Newark to Brussels with united airlines. No idea the airplanes though.
  6. I feel that most people would agree with much of your post. I certainly do. We are all biased in one way or another. Very few supporters want to see TFC tank in order to get a few players on the field, but when they are tanking with the veterans and are giving little opportunity to the young Canadians in those spots, it definitely hurts more than it would the other way around (for me anyway). The only real point I disagree with is that it appears you are suggesting that coaches/management are not biased because they “have to look at the bigger picture”. Every manager in world football is biased in one way or another. They are human and we all are. Now it may not be bias against Canadians but it very well could be bias toward favouring certain nationalities or veterans, or something else entirely. They may be making the correct call in not playing the Canadian kids more, or they may not be, but they are not without bias whichever it is.
  7. I wonder if clubs haven't offered him as much as he has hoped yet, and maybe he thinks holding out until closer to the end of the transfer window or just after it closes will bring more offers. Junior could have a few clubs who are much more interested if their first choice transfers don’t come off and then transfer window closes, meaning they could be stuck with no incoming attackers until January at the earliest.
  8. I’m interested how you have come to this conclusion? To me, he is playing out his contract that was agreed between player and club. Besiktas have reportedly had offers and turned them down. I would argue that Besiktas have already got much more value out of their investment in Larin than they had paid. They now just want even more. If Larin hadn’t been performing and playing well, Besiktas wouldn’t have offered him a new contract. Would you consider them to be screwing Larin in that circumstance?
  9. I was thinking he may have Atiba giving him advice on his move. He has all the cards really. From January he can sign anywhere outside of Turkey on a free.
  10. Haha thanks for sharing that. I had just gone to Google this myself!
  11. Agreed. The double change made a huge difference. Can’t believe the difference from the first half to the second.
  12. Priso has been dynamite since he came on. Looks so assured out there, and he always seems to make a good decision with the ball.
  13. I would be very surprised if our players played 3 games in 7 days plus travel (from clubs locations and between matches) with no one being rested. Tactics will be changed slightly due to matchups, of course, but there will be multiple factors for any changes, with rest being one of them. That, to me, is simply a matter of maximizing performances and minimizing risk of injury.
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