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  1. It’s funny you say that because I took the go train to BMO and I was just after 5 and the carriage was 90% Canada soccer fans. I felt surrounded by Canadian soccer fans and it made me very happy.
  2. I think Davies will be doing everything he can to make sure he is ready to play in Edmonton. It might be different if these matches were being played somewhere else, but I would guess he will be very motivated to play in his hometown, and Bayern won’t try to stop him.
  3. I thought I saw Davies pull up when he came across to clear the ball and concede a corner about 10-15 minutes before coming off. He appeared to ‘skip’ a step or two and then grab his leg quickly after the danger was cleared. Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought I saw that before I knew he had any issue.
  4. It’s amazing how lively Davies looked for those 40 minutes. We are so lucky. As are Bayern.
  5. Fantastic ball for the Tajon header. It may not have been one of his better nights, but I’m a fan. I’m so glad he is in our team. Love this guy.
  6. I can see why you’d say that. It was top drawer.
  7. Brugge must be so pleased with the timing of their purchase of Tajon. He looks like he keeps going from strength to strength, and he would already command a significant increase on his price. From the stands, it looked like he really provided a great balance to our attack on our right wing. He also found space well and that was a great leap and back post header for his goal. so excited to see where his development takes him.
  8. I’ve lost my voice and it’s the sweatiest train ride I’ve ever been on, but I am a happy man. Great performance and result. Fantastic atmosphere. Such a great evening.
  9. Pretty sure it was Shaffelburgh that you are referring to. I am sure he was nervous but that was terrible. As you’ve said, that giveaway led to two chances against us when it should have been us putting Jamaica under pressure.
  10. To be fair, it sounds more sinister than I mean it, but I have heard of press officers ‘preparing’ journalists of what to expect regarding questions/answers from a player or manager. Maybe the journalists are just scared of losing access or no longer getting quiet off-camera chats with staff and players, but I struggle to understand how every question is always so fluffy and easy for Herdman. I guess it may also just be the journalists don’t care enough to push for anything substantial.
  11. I have a feeling everyone is informed of what Herdman is willing to answer questions about, and the journalists all fall in line. Edit: or at least are pre-warned what not to ask anyway. Just a hunch.
  12. I recall hearing him shout “away” once that was rightly then cleared by a defender, but I wonder if he is hesitant on the “leave it” calls.
  13. That makes sense. Is it the drink and thinking it through too much by my wondering if Hoilett is actually heathy to go and this is all a ploy to throw the Jamaicans off?
  14. In Herdman’s interview I think he said the pitch wasn’t good but at least the boys had a chance to experience it beforehand. Edit: It does look good though
  15. I am assuming he is referring to the past and not just this season or maybe last. Vancouver used to get ripped to shreds on this site for their lack of playing time for their young players (justifiably in my opinion), just as TFC is IMO justifiably being criticized for their development of their young players now.
  16. It’s whatever he and his family consider their connection to be. I’m sure most of us have family members (or close friends) we refer to in different ways - some familial (e.g. auntie/uncle), some less so (e.g. dickhead). I’m also pretty sure many of us even have someone we refer to as both of those visiting this weekend! 😁
  17. Is it just me or do we often give up some of our best chances against coming from our own throw ins?
  18. Johnston looked like he was struggling for breath the moment before the free kick. I wonder if he’s not really thinking clearly and just reacting there.
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