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  1. Is there also an award for Canadian Player of the Year separate and apart how well a player did for the national team? If not, perhaps there needs to be one so that players with great club from can be fully recognized separate and apart from who the top international player of the year is. Failing that, just acknowledge that international player of the year also includes club form as that's what most people already seem to be doing anyways. ? take care, romurra
  2. 1. Borjan 2. Davies 3. Cavallini Others with strong seasons: Osorio, Arfield, Hutch, Kaye before his injury
  3. Too bad about Mark Anthony Kaye's season-ending injury as he would have been one of the top nominees up to that point. Here's hoping he can come back just as strong for next season once he has fully healed.
  4. Hi longtime member but just don't post that often. The Ceinture Flechee/Arrowed Belt award How about some sort of Voyageurs Sash (ceinture flechee/arrowed belt/sash in English) as a way to recognize/honour players just like the ceintures flechees worn originally by Voyageurs and Coureurs des Bois in New France. Ties in past history to present Voyageurs and would be kind of classy and unique to Canada and our culture. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceinture_fl%C3%A9ch%C3%A9e https://www.pinterest.ca/rutemple/braid-ceinture-fl%C3%A9ch%C3%A9e-m%C3%A9tis-finger-woving-voyageu/
  5. Response to El Diego up above...we do have another possible short-term option in defence...Hutchinson. Unfortunately. this would also mean no Hutch in midfield but if he is starting to slow down somewhat this may be a way to extend his national team career while still benefiting from his leadership and skill on the ball.
  6. I'm not sure if this is an issue on this forum but there are still free links to websites covering the 1:30 pm (Eastern) Canada-Turkey match. Here are three of them and just scroll down to find the different Canada-Turkey feeds: https://www.strikeout.nu/soccer http://firstrowca.eu/ http://www.sportcategory.com/c-1.html If it is a problem posting these, moderator(s) let me know.
  7. Thanks, Gianluca...still read the boards regularly but rarely post. Canada has the potential of improving the way Australia and Japan have the past 20 years but it's going to take a complete overhaul of the CSA, higher level coaching across the system, developing better players, better funding sources and much more time and effort for these changes to actually happen. At best, this current squad under Stephen Hart may make it to the Hex but without past/future defectors such as Junior Hoillet, Jonathan deGuzman and an improvement in coaching, tactics and player selection I really don't see this team getting anywhere near the World Cup. I'd love to see Canada get there but this current squad doesn't give me any confidence that they will...quite bluntly, they just aren't good enough and need about 3 or 4 other teams above them ie. Honduras, Costa Rica, Jamaica and even Panama to stink up the joint for them to have a chance of getting to Brazil. If somehow things turn around and this team gels, you will not find a happier Canadian fan. :-)
  8. Hi guys, As jpg noted, once Armenia figured out that they just had to put consistent pressure on the Canadian player with the ball the game started going their way and it only took about 20-30 minutes for them to figure this out. Stephen Hart seems like a really nice man but is a bit of a one-trick pony tactically. He preaches possession and his emphasis on square passes among defenders in the Canadian half is great as long as Canada is playing minnows and teams not smart enough to apply pressure. Once the opposition clues in, Hart rarely if ever adjust tactics and Canadian players usually cough up possession easily, lump the ball forward and/or don't support one another off the ball for more passing options. Hart needs to learn to adjust to other teams tactics otherwise we can and will be picked apart by the big boys. Having said that, Canada can play better than this with some more of their top players and more time together to gel. They will be in for a dogfight however to make it to the next round of WCQ. Honduras and Panama will be tough to get points from especially in Central America. I don't rate Cuba that highly but they could be a stumbling block if we fail to score as many goals and points against them as Panama and Honduras do. This team has a long way to go and no guarantees of getting past the next round and Hart's tactical naivety won't make qualifying any easier. romurra aka David Carmichael
  9. re: "Pesky" Peschisolido. His days as a starter for Canada are pretty much over. I hope we do see him again as the odd time as a late game sub as long as he stays healthy, in form and is playing at a decent level. One thing for sure, I would like to see a testimonial match for him and guys such as Jason deVos here on Canadian soil. By the way, I've been coming to this site since 1999 and I haven't posted much the past 3 years because there has been far too much negative crap between various posters-ie: flame wars, sarcastic pissing matches, petty arguments and so on. take care, Dave C
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