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  1. If Canada has any hope to Qualify for the World Cup we should be able to handle any team ranked 7th and lower. The group stage will be tough but we should be able to get there at least. And hopefully confidence of winning two rounds will carry some momentum.
  2. New qualifying format? http://www.vavel.com/en-us/soccer/395446-a-look-at-the-proposed-concacaf-2018-world-cup-qualifying-format.html
  3. http://www.goal.com/en/news/1717/editorial/2011/11/07/2746465/premier-league-bosman-list-dimitar-berbatov-didier-drogba Wonder if the Impact will target any of these guys.
  4. Would like to see play out the rest of the year with the Impact. And if Montreal does get a MLS team, keep him until then.
  5. Gabriel Gervais should also be back next season as I think he may work with the Saputo company as well as the Impact. With Pesoli, Pizzolito, Joqueviel and Gervais, the central defense should remain solid if they keep everybody.
  6. Does anybody have a list of which contracts run out in January? Grande is a key player to this team and I hope he sticks around. I thought Pesoli played great this year and unless he's homesick and has some offers in Italy, I hope he stays. I think the key is keeping the Canadian contingent of the team here, but Brillant might be one who leaves. Between Di Lorenzo, Placentino and Brillant, they have 3 players suited to play on the left side of midfield. If Gjertsen leaves, then maybe Placentino can play in his spot and that leaves a spot for Brillant. But I think the Impact will kee
  7. Is there any difference between finishing first or second in your group in terms of quality of the Quarter-Final opponent?
  8. Whatever happened with/to Gregory? He came in with Byers but really hasn't played in a long time. I saw him a couple times, wasn't too impressed but am wondering why we never saw him.
  9. Boy do I hope you are right. Impact are doing what Canada had to do. Canada had to Tie Mexico at home, Beat Jamaica and Honduras at Home and steal one from Hondurus or Jamaica on the road. The Impact got the Mexico tie, one of two wins (for now) and stole one on the road.. but the difference was winning in Canada what the MNT unfortunately didn't do.
  10. Anybody else see the parallel between what the Impact are doing and what Canada's National Team could have done?
  11. I blame Mitchell on this night. I'm usually not one to blame the coach, but he made mistakes throughout the night. Hume: Did not look confortable on the left side. He should have been on the right side, with De Rosario on the left. Move Bernier behind De Guzman and Hutchinson. Mitchell eventually did do this but way too late. Gerba/Friend/Bernier: I'm not going to argue who should have started between Gerba and Friend. Friend is playing well at a higher level than Gerba, but Gerba has played well with the MNT and almost iced the game at the end of the first half. BUT, you are down 2-
  12. I agree it has to be a North American based player to replace Issey. Johnson is in North America and not tied to a team just yet, so he could use the work training with the National Team as well. Can't wait for my trip on Wednesday!
  13. Was very impressed with Brillant even with the missed empty net and red card. A lot of talent and he'll play very well with the Impact. The Impact have an abundance of good midfielders and should trade one (or two) for a big striker (or two)... Aguilera, Testo or Gjertsen could fetch some decent talent.
  14. Exactly Mpenza. If the Impact can advance the next round then its a big opportunity to be seen against the top teams in the region.
  15. This would be a good time for them to sign Ali Gerba if he still hasn't signed in Europe. Also, it'll be nice to have Gabriel Gervais back.
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