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  1. Bernier!!! I forgot about him!! my bad!! he would fit nicely in my 4-3-3 formation although in the 4-1-2-1-2 if you see the way I have it I do not know who to replace
  2. Well... It's really nice to see that in the recent replies we are taking a lot more into consideration the younger players and for that matter the qualfication process that is in 2008-2009. We also have to consider the regional tournaments like the Gold Cup. Do not forget that Gold Cup 2007 is the month before the U20 World Cup. We should also consider sending some of the U20 guys there to get more experience for their upcoming tournament. I agree with a lot of what Canuck Oranje is saying, especially waiting for certain players to hit a constant good form like Josh Simpson. The
  3. hello to everyone... I like to see people making references to international starts (young ones) who had a good World Cup, players like Podolski, Ronaldinho, etc. But @ the same time we must also keep track of the topic for this forum which is dicussing a potential line-up for Canada, with the players that we have, despite the fact that we do not have that many players in the top leagues. If we want to choose players that play for top-leagues in their current countries, we should consider: All Canadians who play in Norway Hutchinson in Sweden De Guzman in Spain Johnso
  4. To wildboy The reason why I changed some of the players from my original suggestion, was because I considered some of the suggestions that were made by other people in this forum. @ first I was a fan of the 4-3-3 (and I still I am). But after checking the game yesterday btw MLS All stars vs Chelsea FC, I felt that a 4-1-2-1-2 would be a bit more suited for the players that we have. I like DeRo coming from behind, @ the tip of the dimond. As for the new reviews, it only means the new psotings made by people in the forum. So I read those as well and I take into consideratio
  5. I can see why you would like the 4-5-1 (4-2-3-1) since 3 of the 4 semifinilists played used it @ Germany2006. It is a good thought to consider that now adays it is important to control and the midfield and the more personel that you assignt to that section of the field the better chance you have of keeping the ball or winning it. That being said consider the current 4-3-3 formation that Canada's using, check the starting linup vs Austria: GK) Stamatopoulos RB) Pozniak CB) Reda CB) McKenna LB) Klukowski CM) Hutchinson CM) Serioux CM) Grande CF) Radzinski
  6. OK... So it has become a question on what formation and lineup we can use for CONCACAF teams vs other international teams. We have to agree on 1 point: We have to first qualify to the World Cup and to do so we have to be able to play and win games in San Salvador, Guatemala City, San Jose, etc... Don't forget... In our last WCQ(2006) Costa Rica and Guatemala beat us in Burnaby. We can not let things like that happen. DeRO not for midfield??? Personally I like the guy in midfield because of his appearences for Houston. Although I must agree that one thing is playing a
  7. To Loyola I don't play for the Varsity Team, I play for the Intramural Leagues inside the University. BTW I like your formation, although I would be in favor of keeping De Rosario in midfield because he is probably the best guy that can connect our midfield with our attack cheers
  8. lol No man... I am not Mr. Hart. The reason why I started this topic was because I wanted to get people's opinions of the type of talent that we have for our MNT and that we can compete with nations in CONCACAF and other places. I am 4th year student @ the University of Calgary... Born in El Salvador (central america), but a proud Canadian. And yeah I am a hardcore Canadian supporter for the world's best game -> soccer That being said from the new reviews here a new suggested line up has arrived: Canada 4-1-2-1-2 GK) Sutton RB) Stalteri (until we fi
  9. Nice to see more people in the mix for this forum. So small summary of all the replies up to date: 1) Canada must be an offensive team 2) Canada must keep the ball on the ground 3) We should reinforce our attack and defence 4) We must begin to work with our younger players So a new updated line up that I may suggest is: 4-3-3 (4-3-3) It supports for the forward line, since traditionally we been having problems scoring goals: GK) Hirschfeld RB) Braz CB) McKenna CB) Edgard OR Klukowski (I didn't know he plays central as well) LB) Simpson OR Klukowski
  10. Well guys!! It seems this little topic has brought very creative and interesting ideas from everyone. I like the fact that most people are considering bring U20 to the national fold from the start, and that we are also considering the age of the current members of the squad. We are also taking into account the opponents in our region such as the ones from CONCACAF (after all we have to play against them to qualify to the world cup). Some of the points that I have noticed from everyone is that the MNT is lacking quality, especially in midfield. There are several ways to compensate
  11. Alright! So we have some people who are looking into the mechanics for the national squad. Two main points I have seen from the 3 posts: 1) I should not be the next manager (which of course I agree with) 2) Canada should be an offensive team 3) Let's try to play the ball more on the ground. So it seems so far (based) on previous results a 4-3-3 is a good formation for the national team. It is kinda funny how this is a classic dutch system, the only difference is that instead of having the outside forwards coming down the wings providing crosses, we have the outside fo
  12. Hello... I am new here with the forums, and I love the atmosphere. Anyways, since we do not have an official long term coach for the men's national team, I wanted to know your thoughts on how you would organized the team on a game. What formation would you use? Would you be defensive or offensive? Would you use guys coming from the U20 team? Let's see what you guys have to say! WHEN CANADA MAKES 2010, I think they should play as follows CANADA should play OFFENSIVE (try to get the first goal ASAP, attack opposition's defense) Formation: 4-1-2-1-2 Offensive St
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