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  1. Wow... I thought I was going to get bashed for suggesting to get a "latin" style player. I just feel that with the investments that other clubs are doing in MLS, TFC should also follow their lead. Mo's mentallity is way to "scottish", even Steve Nicol @ NE, was able to get their players to play more of a possesion style of play. Nicol understands the league now, and the fact that in the Americas (including the states) the game is about speed and possession. TFC must also take this mentallity into account, but as long as Mo is in charge, that is not going to change due to his b
  2. Wow... I thought I was going to get bashed for suggesting to get a "latin" style player. I just feel that with the investments that other clubs are doing in MLS, TFC should also follow their lead. Mo's mentallity is way to "scottish", even Steve Nicol @ NE, was able to get their players to play more of a possesion style of play. Nicol understands the league now, and the fact that in the Americas (including the states) the game is about speed and possession. TFC must also take this mentallity into account, but as long as Mo is in charge, that is not going to change due to his b
  3. Well since u asked, and it might give more blind optimism. I would go with: GK) Sutton RB) Braz CB) Boyens CB) Reda LB) Pozniak (if healthy) RM) Nagamura CM) Robinson CM) Mulrooney LM) Brennan RS) Ibrahim / Lombardo LF) Eskandarian I would like to see more "latin" players in the roster, people from Portugal / Italy / Latin America (not Nagamura or Canizalez), so that there could be more ball control in the middle of the park. A lot of teams have signed major latin players to their rosters: Red Bulls -> J. Angel Crew -> G. Schelotto Fir
  4. Talking about oponents for this years GC, does anyone know who would be televising the Canada games? cheers
  5. Man!!! Haiti really is on a roll... I am praying for devine help, that Canada beings their Gold Cup preparation ASAP. Given the cirumcustances, Haiti right now is better than Canada, and they way that they are preparing, they will beat Canada at the GC and it will be humiliation for Canadian soccer. According to new FIFA Rankings: Haiti (86), Canada (94) The way things are going I am almost willing to predict: CAN vs Guadalupe (WIN/TIE) CAN vs Haiti (LOSS) CAN vs Costa Rrica (LOSS) CAN eliminated in 1st round... What can we expect from Canadian s
  6. It has been 2 games that I have seen from TFC, given them my full support and taking embarrassment from friends and family that Canadian soccer mounts to nothing. The events occurring with the CSA and TFC's dismal display against New England, makes me to think that they are right. BUT, I do understand that for TFC this is their 1st season, and in fact they have done a great job in marketing the sport not just in Toronto but in Canada in general. In that case I can say that Mo has managed his financial resources quite well so far. He's coaching skills is something else though.
  7. After I saw Toronto's 1st game ever in MLS, I have some mixed messages about their performance. I am not going to lie I was dissapointed with the result. So I wanted to know in general how much faith you have in Toronto FC this year. So when you reply, just reply your answer to the question (YES or NO) and your guess of number of wins this year. My answer: Give the way that they played on the weekend Answer: NO # wins: 4
  8. Well I guess I dont have the overall power to demand what I would like to see from my country's national soccer team. But I guess I am asking this demand in name of some many people who want a change in the MNT program and who BELEIVE that our MNT can do better than previous tries. Our main Goal is to reach SouthAfrica2010, but it must start in this GoldCup and the U20 World Cup. As fans we have the responsibility to support both teams in both competitions (which I will do proudly this summer). As an organization, the CSA has the responsibility to demonstrate and show the potential
  9. Well I am sure that all of you are up to date by now with the CONCACAF Gold Cup draw. I know that we are on "track" to have a MNT coach by the end of this month. So I am done with asking and hoping... As a Canadian fan and knowning the skill level of our players, and the current draw that we have been placed in: Costa Rica, Canada, Haiti, Guadalupe... I AM DEMANDING that Canada makes @ least the 2nd round of this tournament. Logically it has to be the MINIMUM REQUIREMENT FOR THIS TEAM. I know the U20 World Cup is a HUGE event and I AM ALSO DEMANDING THAT CANADA MAKES T
  10. That was a very good post bu Jeremy... I also believe that aside from the CSA's lack of vision, it is also the fact that there is no money to support the resources of the program. So guys... What do you ALL expect from the MNT in this Gold Cup? Do you expect them to qualify to 2010? Do you think that TFC is a better organization than the MNT? Personally given the current cirmcustances of the CSA: I expect Canada to have a bad Gold Cup (eliminated in Round 1) I don't expect the U20 to make the playoff round of the U20 World Cup I perhaps the way things are going To
  11. Thanks to all the people who are responding back to this forum. To all due respect we have to try to keep this as much in topic as possible. I have seen some great points so far. We have to come down to a common ground that we can agree on. How can we get the CSA to react and demonstrate that they are serious about the MNT program. I am sure that most of us agree that this 2007 year is a very important year for Canadian soccer: TFC is doing its part (although success depends on their aility to win games in MLS). Whitecaps are the current A-league champ, so it
  12. Right on!!! I agree that the allocation of resources is different as oppose to having them... Maybe that is part of the issue... But it seems to me that you think (FreeKick) that Canada just does not have the talent for qualifyig to 2010, is this what your tryint to tell me?? I have always believed that Canada does have the skill, even soccer experts (here in Canada), like Craig Forrest also agree that the ability is there to qualify but the CSA needs to step up. So I am, I guess, confused on what to expect for the Canada MNT. I want to be a supporter of something tha
  13. I understand what your trying to say FreeKick: I can't completely blame the CSA because there is an overall lack of resources and initiative at all levels of the Canadian soccer game (both government and priate)... SO... What do you think we can expect from the MNT program, we can't be supporters always living on some faint hope that things will improve if there's no action by someone. I thought that action needed to be done by the CSA, but as you mention I guess it is also up to the private firms as well... SO, what can we expect from our men's national team program then?
  14. Hi... I just wanted to know how many people here are FED UP with the apparent lack of action from the CSA to support the MNT program. We have not had any proper preparation for this 2007 year, and knowing now the opponents in this year's Gold Cup I see Canada once more being a disappointment. I wanted to know if there was a way that as group, we could get the CSA to get some answers and influence it to take some action. I think that something is gotta get done. I know that the U20 World Cup is a big event, but the main goal of a national association is to take your team to a F
  15. Well about line ups and tactics, I always felt that Canada should be an offensive team (since we do not have a striker who consistently puts goals in), so the midfield would have to step it up to support the attack. As well, Canada should also gain more support in the midfield, in order to aid the defense as well. That being said, I feel that a sort of a dimond formation (4-1-2-1-2) would be ideal. And offensive midfielder supporting the attack and a defensive midfielder helping the defense. I think that Yallop tried this formation in a game against Luxemburg (end of 2005), It was not
  16. It really is a nice dream, although I only wonder if it is only that. I have the same hopes that everyone has here, that Canada will qualify for the 2010 World Cup. I must say though that the lack of (or evident) initiative from the CSA has brought down my entire confidence in Canada soccer. No coach No friendly games or preparations NO PRIORITY TOWARDS the MNT Pogram... I understand that the CSA should evenly share the resources amongts the program (Mens and Womens), but I also think that the Men's national team program should be the priority. Only a camp that gets th
  17. So I think it is all about money... And since we do not have enough then what are the chances then for us to make it to 2010... I am not saying that our hopes to qualification rely on good coach, but there's a lot depends on the choice that we make. My point is that if our program does not get the proper preparation for this time around then I can almost bet that we will NOT make it to 2010 sadly so... If we want the best for the MNT, then the CSA has to do all it can and more in order to make it qualify to the world's most prestegeious tournament. What does the CSA really wan
  18. Sorry if I did sound over the top in my last reply... I should not make any conclusions right of the bat like that. I guess I am just frustrated that other nations in CONCACAF have their 2010 program under way, and it seems that we have not (or at least it looks like it is not). These nations in CONCACAF are the ones that we have to be ready to compete in order to qualify, and we should be able to meet or pass their preparation programs...
  19. That is precisely my point... We are not even sure that the CSA is looking, which frustrates me and other people that I know about. I just feel that the CSA has to put more effort into this operation, I mean come on, we all want Canada to qualify to 2010... They have to put an effort into this program like they never have before... They can not put all their eggs only on the U20 Basket
  20. I must admit that preparations for Toronto FC have been really good. The roster is taking shape, although I would like to see more Canadians from what they have so far. Although that being said, I think Mo should stay with the team in order to enforce his coaching experience and see where he takes the first Canadian MLS franchise. As for the Canada MNT, I tired of waiting. The Gold Cup is soon to be and it is clear that the CSA is waiting for the World Cup U20 to occor so that the job can be given to Mitchell. Although I belive that if the CSA has any desired to see the MNT qualif
  21. Hello... I just wanted to know, if anyone knows when will the CSA start its official search for the MNT coach position. Considering that the camp will start soon and as well the allocation of teams for Gold Cup 2007. Thanks
  22. Hello Due to the recent results of the MNT in the game vs Jamaica (lost 2-1), many have felt that Canada still has a lot to develop in. They MNT has shown that they can play in Europe (games vs Spain, Luxemburg and Austria) but we also need to be able to play against teams in the CONCACAF region since those are the ones that we have to qualify against. So if I were to be the MNT coach I feel that I should have the following: 1) Enter the youngesters of the U20 program ASAP into the MNT program: A lot of the player in our current MNT crop will be about 30-31 in 2010 (including
  23. No matter what game it is, I would keep Canada as offensive as possible. From this point forth we have 4 years (2 until qualification) for WC. That means that we have to make the most of these friendlies as possible (this one in Montreal and the 2 left for this year). The new coach (even if it is Hart), has to begin to work tournament by tournament (Gold Cup 2007, World Youth Championship 2007). A standard of play must be set for the national team (like Klinsmann did for Germany, an offesive style with no prisoners). The same has to be done with Canada, even if Yallop is not with us a
  24. To wildboy26... The reason why we picked Lars in our line-up is because we still consider him as the best Canadian goalkeeper as he plays for Rosenborg. You have to understand that we are not the CSA and that this is a forum just ti express opinions. We are not getting paid to make these opinions, these are pretty much for purely fun. Now I respect your opinion that Lars has not been picked by the CSA, and like you said, it could be because the CSA think low of him. Although to refer to everyone else "live in a dreamworld" is not cool! We have not disrespected you or anything...
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