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  1. They do miss Kimmich, who they will slot into the Thiago role (agreed, huge loss) and should appear more fluid and stable in the middle of the park once he is fit.
  2. I've seen and met a number of coaches who do similar in youth sport. That youth coaches look to professional coaches as behavioral models is to completely misunderstand the role of the youth coach. There has been much studied and written on this matter and the conclusions are overwhelming and clear. I find this equal parts infuriating and sad.
  3. This has no place in youth soccer (or any sport). For the large majority of kids, who are emotionally developing at this age, this will only alienate them from the sport. This is an empirically documented fact. Unreal.
  4. yes, seriously - just take a look through the last 20 OHL priority selections and for every Connor McDavid you will see 10 players you've never heard of. Couldn't agree more with the argument that you need to have competitive avenues for your players until they reach their early 20s (at least)
  5. I think this particular situation is informed, at least in part, by the fact that this is the Houston Dynamo affiliate. Offers a direct route to MLS.
  6. Does anyone know what TFC didn't see in him? Seems crazy they would have let a player of his caliber leave.
  7. Agree with that and also think Davies needs to be in an attacking role for Canada. Bayern is light years ahead of Concacaf competition and Davies would be wasted in a LB role for Canada given how we play and the level of other players on Canadian roster (i.e. way lower than Bayern level).
  8. Have to agree Delgado brings much more. Chapman has all kinds of talent, but very modest tactical wherewithal. Simply doesn't read the game well.
  9. How can we be so dumb as to not plan for contingencies? Honestly, we've been out-witted by the rest of the confederation. Canada has only Canada to blame and that we can't outrank countries with a fraction of our GDP per capita and population is utterly embarrassing. Sure, the CONCACAF qualification format is a joke, but what is the bigger joke...the format or our very long standing inability to field better teams in, at a minimum, the top six teams in our confederation? If we suffer from this format, we only suffer from our own ineptitude. To blame anyone or anything els
  10. SF

    Fikayo Tomori

    Marcos Senna as well
  11. Hard to argue with you about Mathaus. His post playing career has been pure unintentional comedy.
  12. The CSA has taken to posting these documents on its website (there was a time when they were very loathe to do so) and I think they should be commended for this kind of transparency. As far as how to read the financials, I think the story is quite telling around both the CSA and soccer in general in our country. The statement that this is a small organization is spot on - very bare bones and limited in what it can achieve. In effect, this is a body that runs national team programs (and they are clearly not expansive programs) and sets standards (though they lack both the means to ensure
  13. Serious question for anyone who might know...how/why did TFC Academy release this kid? Seems to have developed into a very strong pro.
  14. With due respect, I would argue that inviting a tournament who's organizers have asked to receive a tax exemption, circumvent our labour laws and not be subject to standard foreign exchange rules does present a downside. A large one in my opinion.
  15. I was also in the camp of "don't do it", but for slightly different reasons. My thoughts were around the economic risk to soccer in Canada and the diversion of attention away from player development. I am of the view that Canada is a third world soccer country and that the only way out is to deliberately and slowly build from the ground up. If we spend the next 8 years arranging an event, the attention and money required for proper development will be diverted elsewhere. It's impossible to reasonably imagine otherwise. You might argue that the World Cup could provide a financial windf
  16. Makes me ask, as a Ontario/Toronto taxpayer, why my governments are OK with these conditions. Some are fine (pitch quality, advertising control), some are utterly offensive (exemption from tax/labour laws).
  17. Agreed about the corruption angle. FIFA is one of the most crooked organizations in modern times and that it took the US justice system to hold them to account surely does not sit well. The more we learn about the bid process the more I think we should run as far away as possible. Speaking as a taxpayer and law abiding citizen. The soccer fan in me is conflicted, but the overall welfare of society (both fiscal and moral) outweighs my passions as a fan.
  18. Chicago has Soldier Field, which is grass
  19. good article, thanks for sharing. As the article states, this has become true in all youth sports. The sport that figures out a way to address the participation among lower income people, will have a huge advantage in terms of recruiting the best athletes.
  20. This is a good summary. Between the CSA, provinces, districts and clubs, the entire system is an unmitigated clusterf*ck. If Herdman can fix that, then all the power to him. Based on the reactions to his hiring, he's starting in a difficult place. That said, I don't really see this is the job of a NT manager. It's an administrative problem that requires an administrative solution. In fact, I would argue his appointment is a function of the problem, not an attempt to address the problem. We've had a succession of CSA leaders who simply don't seem to want to deal with this for some
  21. Honestly, not much of a player from what I have seen. Apart from some good performances at youth level, has shown nothing at all. Has always struck me as a player who thought he was better than he actually is. Who knows...do wish him the best of luck.
  22. Agree with that, for sure. What we’ve seen is a professionalization of youth sports. No doubt, we produce better players (not talking about just soccer), but at what cost? Only having rich kids play? Forcing families to make abnormal financial sacrifices to chase a pipe dream? It’s all very complicated, but in a way I see an opportunity for soccer. If soccer can somehow become the “cheap” sport and not diminish the coaching standards, it might be able to gain a real competitive advantage over other sports like hockey.
  23. I honestly don't think anyone is getting rich here. The provincial licenses come with high fees because of the cost of facilities, instructors, etc... all of which/whom come at a cost. The instructor him or herself would have had to be trained somewhere at some cost, which needs to be recovered. I've looked into this and am quite sure of what I state. Again, the issue is the flow of funds up/down the system and the ability to generate revenue from the top of the system. Not greed within the system (though I am sure there are some clubs/academies not playing by all the rules, these
  24. I agree with much of this. I have some insight here (from experience) and I can tell you that, by far, the two biggest drivers of the cost are facilities and coaching. The facilities are often leased from municipalities, school boards, private owners, etc.... all of whom have a profit motive (to some extent). The coaches are not paid exorbitant sums, but they are paid and this reflects in the fees charged to players. What we have been unable to do is figure out how to "fix" the problem. There are grants available (Ontario soccer, some clubs have their own programs, external sources),
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