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    Tyson M reacted to Olympique_de_Marseille in The Road to Qatar.   
    So, unless COVID19 spoils the established schedule (very likely folks!), it would be:
    Thursday, October 8th: Canada vs Bermuda
    Sunday, October 11th: Cayman Islands vs Canada
    Saturday, November 14th: Aruba vs Canada
    Tuesday, November 17th: Canada vs Suriname
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    Tyson M reacted to Stryker911 in Canadians abroad: Nov 22-28, 2019   
    Because after a horrible start to the season they have no chance in advancing  in Europe. While in the league, despite having an equally horrible start they have won 5 and drawn 1 in their past 6 and are in contention to win the league.
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    Tyson M got a reaction from johnyb in Canadians abroad: July 19-July 25, 2019   
    Pretty sure I saw Phonzie in the 2nd half highlights vs Real Madrid last night.
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    Tyson M got a reaction from apbsmith in Gold Cup - June 23rd 2019 - Canada vs Cuba   
    For those of us in France... does anyone know if the Concacaf GO app will work here?
    Also... Borjan will likely not start, not because he is resting, but likely because we don't need him(A la Busti during a very important qualifier). The difference between Borjan and Crepeau or Leutwiler will not be noticeable in this game. I am NOT saying that this will be a huge cake walk, but even if the keepers let in a goal (or even 2), you have to believe this Canada squad(not like any I've seen 20 years prior) can easily score 3. I do expect some changes(ex Hutch out/Liam in) but this will be a strong attacking squad.
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    Tyson M got a reaction from apbsmith in Gold Cup 2019   
    RE: GK situation
    Goalkeeping is ALOT different than other positions on the field. Definitely Leutwiler is more experienced and arguably has played vs tougher competition, but Crepeau is in form and playing recently. Make no mistakes, Max is the #2 right now and going forward.
    As far as going forward, BORJAN starts vs Mexico and we are playing for 3 points. Maybe you all missed the champions league this year but if anyone on this team is capable of stealing a game it's our keeper(see Liverpool game if not sure). Nevermind excuses of shaky defense(which we definitely have and it is a problem), I can easily see Milan frustrating the Mexicans and Cav banging one in.
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    Tyson M reacted to Greatest Cockney Rip Off in Gold Cup 2019   
    For anyone in the UK, the whole tournament is being shown live on freesports. 
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    Tyson M reacted to Shway in Gold Cup 2019   
    A better viewing list....
    Milan Borjan, Alessandro Busti, Maxime Crepeau, Jayson Leutwiller, James Pantemis, Simon Thomas
    DEFENDERS (14):
    Samuel Adekugebe, Zachary Brault-Guillard, Juan Cordova, Derek Cornelius, David Edgar, Marcus Godinho, Andre Hainault, Doneil Henry, Dejan Jakovic, Manjrekar James, Brett Levis, Kamal Miller, Adam Straith, Ashtone Morgan
    MIDFIELDERS (11): 
    Scott Arfield, Atiba Hutchinson, Alphonso Davies, Junior Hoilett, Will Johnson, Mark-Anthony Kaye, Russell Teibert, Jonathan Osorio, David Wootherspoon, Samuel Piette, Noble Okello
    MID/FWD (5) :
    Jonathan David, Anthony Jackson-Hamel, Liam Millar, Ballou Tabla, Raheem Edwards, 
    FORWARDS (4):
    Lucas Cavallini, Cyle Larin, Tesho Akindele, Tosaint Ricketts
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    Tyson M reacted to Sam in Women's World Cup France 2019   
    A group of us are buying lots of tickets for the first two Canada games. So if you are interested in sitting with us hold off on buying these yourself and shoot me a message. 
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    Tyson M reacted to jpg75 in US Virgin Islands-Canada match thread (R)   
    It does happen that a RB can be stripped of the ball. If it's a one possession game you take the knee and win the game, it's the smart thing to do.
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    Tyson M got a reaction from SuperCanuck in US Virgin Islands-Canada match thread (R)   
    Why did we make him come to this game at all?
    Cap tie BUSTI already. Even if he goes bust in Italy, he's gonna end up in the MLS or CSL. We can't risk a guy who's on Italy's radar.
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    Tyson M reacted to tyler453 in U. S. Virgin Islands vs Canada , September 9th 4pm IMG Academy in Bradenton Florida   
    Two cap-ties right off the bat also, I like it
    Edit: Three actually, even better
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    Tyson M reacted to spitfire in U. S. Virgin Islands vs Canada , September 9th 4pm IMG Academy in Bradenton Florida   
    Arrived in Bradenton after a 12 hrs journey form Liverpool!!! Looking forward to the game tomorrow!!
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    Tyson M reacted to JamboAl in Canadians abroad: August 31 - September 6, 2018   
    No no, we must have a dodgy audio stream with Philips Bakery ads on a loop every 5 mins.
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    Tyson M reacted to michaeltfc91 in U. S. Virgin Islands vs Canada , September 9th 4pm IMG Academy in Bradenton Florida   
    Brault-Guillard                   James                   Henry                    De Jong
    Davies                   Osorio                   Arfield                  Hoilett
    Larin                      Cavallini
    Millar, David and Busti sub in
    7-0 win please
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    Tyson M reacted to squizz1402635577 in CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE   
    "So Mr. Infantino, welcome to the new job, there's a lot to do... there's the lingering corruption scandal looming over FIFA's head, you've got to work with UEFA to ensure the smooth operation of this summer's Euro, there's the--"
    "No no, stop everything. Have you seen this letter?! Three fans running onto the field in Canada! Three! This is unacceptable crown control! Get me on a plane to Canada City right away!"
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    Tyson M got a reaction from Kristin in Canada vs Mexico Viewing Parties   
    London is set up and ready to go.
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