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  1. I watched on my tv via my wife's Roku. Was perfect feed. Usually I go from my laptop, but this was much better. Also I forbade anyone from using the internet during all Canada games henceforth.
  2. What NO WAY! I would have been happy with that pairing tonight so they could gain some chemistry and we could decide if we wanted to risk it... but hard to see Vitoria NOT starting in such a big match on Tuesday!
  3. same, best I've ever had it. Sometimes I have to go find another feed(like my iptv) for a better feed as onesoccer is usually unreliable but tonight has been perfect.
  4. Exactly. Saw this coming. Did not see that backline. With Tajon they must be attacking fbs... How else do they not play Laryea OR Johnston?!
  5. Wow, wasn't expecting that, but Hoilett as captain makes sense(thought it would be Piette but he's being spared for Suriname). So Tajon is playing RB? Don't we already have Johnston and Laryea??
  6. That's why the reported backline of Adekugbe-Kennedy-Sturing-Johnston doesn't make sense for tonight. Especially without Borjan behind them. I'm not saying the result will change but we should think about where we are going to be when(fine IF) we have to play Mexico, USA, CR, Jamaica. At CB maybe we'd be best to go Kennedy LCB & Henry RCB and the sooner we start that pairing the more familiarity there will be. I guess we could continue with Vitoria, but I think the ceilings may be higher on Kennedy & Henry(of course the know with Kennedy is experience & Henry makes grevious errors from time to time).
  7. Then that's exactly what happened when we haven't qualified these last few times! Get superstitious or at least a little stitious or we're not going anywhere! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!
  8. If you had to pick a spot on the field to have someone who hasn't played but is experienced wouldn't it be GK? I mean Hahn is 6'6" has played 100ish Eredivisie games and likely has quality having been signed by Anderlecht(and thus has trained with them). I think he would probably make Canada as a 3rd.
  9. Good point. I think we complain about how bad our defenders are while thinking about teams in the next round, but for this round our defense is clearly one of the best compared to all the other teams in this round. Suriname will not score more than one and we will atleast score one. I know anything can happen but this is why we are favourites. I feel like alot of voyageurs come on here and talk without any confidence so that if the improbable happens they can say see I told you so. The reality is, I don't think anyone on here would bet actual money on us losing. Sure maybe you would bet on a draw, but give your head a shake if you think that we are anything other than strong favourites.
  10. Good to see some pics, but didn't see Borjan in any of these. Anyone else notice anyone missing?
  11. Where are the surprises there? Now there's some surprises! I would be excited to see Flores, Dias and Mitrovic! BUT you gotta leave room for Ferreira who is obviously using Canada to get his career back on track(and luckily were desperate in that position).
  12. Pretty sure it'll be Borjan as captain. He's worn the armband before for us no? If we're not cap tying St Clair this is my bet. Vitoria would be a good candidate except some on here don't think he should start. Dark horse as captain would be Hoilett. Remember when people here were wondering IF he should be called. 2 years ago who would think we would name a quad without Hoilett, Hutch or Arfield?! That was supposed to be our strength last gold cup!(if I remember correctly).
  13. Some won't want to hear this, but neither is breaking into the Sheffield United starting 11. Don't get me wrong, I am on the Jebbison hype train and would be fine if we call him early to try to cap him and I have seen his goal(which was a simple tap in), but he got in for so many minutes because United are basically a championship caliber team. Wolves and Liverpool are clear cut premiership clubs.
  14. We should've had an actual competition to see if any of us could name the entire callup list perfectly. The way we call the occassional dark horse(or unattached fc type), it would've been near impossible, like trying to pick a perfect march madness bracket!
  15. I harbour the same fantasy but he has said in the past he grew up a ManUre supporter! Best scenario for us is that he stay out of England. France is a fine league, but maybe he will end up at a better club in Spain, Italy or Germany... otherwise there really aren't alot of better places than Ligue 1 for him(he is a native French speaker after all and is likely very comfortable there).
  16. I prefer the Vitoria & Henry combo, even though I love Cornelius. Cornelius hasn't played much recently. Either way it will be Vitoria plus someone. Unfortunate we can't squeeze a bit of time for Kennedy in one of these matches.
  17. pretty much. Confirmed list(more or less): NONE usually isn't there more rumours and things slipping from family members social media accounts? Where are the Voyeurs of the Voyageurs???
  18. Group E sounds more interesting than group B(ours) to me. I think we have excellent odds, what's interesting is we have all but thought a trip to Haiti is coming, but the other alternative Nicaragua is seeming very possible. I would rather play Haiti(although that last game still haunts me). Not sure we should be playing there though, with the security issues.
  19. Ya but who is second in both groups and how close is it. ALL these groups still have it all to play for... most importantly for us group E(with HAITI!!! and even Belize I think are technically still in)
  20. Also, did you guys hear that Tim Weah's Lille won Ligue 1, thanks to his humongous contribution!
  21. misplayed the ball while they were up a bunch of goals. Lack of concentration as it was an emotional finale for many big Bayern names. I'm not exactly a Bayern fan but I would look on those message boards for an honest(non-voyageur biased) opinion. today's game he showed his speed a few times and I thought he looked very good other than the error. The commentators were impressed too.
  22. Anyone else watching games this week just hoping for no injuries? Our squad is fine without injuries. I usually tune games in hoping to see Canadians sub on(or even score this year!!!) but now I am watching and counting down minutes for them to sub out! Please... sub out Phonz and David at half(although obviously David still has it all to play for)... sub em all out!!!
  23. That would be true at any position, other than CB for us. It is clearly our worst position and I couldn't see us calling an unattached player in any other position but his pedigree has to mean something. He is likely 5 or 6 on all of our imaginary depth charts(after Vitoria, Cornelius, Henry, Miller if you count as a CB,??? Kennedy if he comes)... Doesn't matter how you rank 'em. He will be a part of either this WCQ squad or the Gold Cup for sure.
  24. He looks likely to score again... geez! I am starting to worry that he is going to chase the England dream!
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