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  1. USL1 is a pipedream for Winnipeg. Keep in mind, the Winnipeg Alliance (CMISL gong show) couldn't survive on an operating budget which involved travel to Saskatoon, Calgary and Edmonton. The $2.5-mln public ownership fee would evaportate in 2 - 3 years and the team would be toast before the end of season 3. You need a Saputo or Kerfoot in Winnipeg - an investor (with vast amounts of cash to burn) who is willing and able to bleed money for 5 - 8 years. Unless this is the type of owner in discussions with the USL - then forget it.
  2. As I predicted... the Callies won their first three games. The game against Manitoba is a write off tomorrow and they can rest all their players for the final which is HUGE going into the Gold medal game. The team they will face from the other pool will likely be in a dogfight to make the final and will not be able to rest players. Advantage Callies.
  3. How is that a brutal schedule? Everyone plays 5 games in 6 days at this tournament... if they can secure the top spot in their pool by day 3 which is highly likely... they can rest players against Manitoba and then have a full day off before the final. This is a dream schedule for the Callies.
  4. Calgary now shows an 8 game schedule on the PASL website... Winnipeg shows no games (down from 4 games a few days ago). Plot thickens for the Winnipeg franchise. Bizarre.
  5. Well it looks like somebody forgot to tell Bob Dylan that the Winnipeg Alliance were playing against the Denver Dynamite on November 2nd. The PASL schedule says Denver plays Winnipeg at the MTS Centre at 6 pm on that date. The MTS Centre website says Bob Dylan is playing the MTS Centre at 7:30 pm. Just a slight conflict / oversight.
  6. Winnipeg drew over 7,000 to their show case games 2 years ago. They promoted promoted promoted. They sold tickets to the youth clubs, senior clubs etc. There was a big push and the event was a huge success. The club has a cumulative record of 0 - 14. Will the support still be there from Winnipeg's knowledgeable soccer community? I assume they will have good support again should a league actually materialize because there was so little exposure to the club's losing record in the press last year and hopefully people have short memories. However, with a month left before the season
  7. If Hargreaves account is true (I have no reason to doubt it), then the CSA is at fault for attempting to strong arm him into attending their useless camp at the expense of his professional career. This is how it works in Canada and you have all seen it time and time again if you are involved in soccer here. We hold players with ability back for the sake of a club team's success at the youth level... restrict age advancing under the guise of 'protecting' a players social development etc. It happens ALL the time, across Canada. At the end of the day, our amateur sports organizations (in
  8. It's nothing personal pfc. And it's not sensationalizing. As I stated... Ontario won the tournament a few years back only to have the CSA disqualify them for an illegally registered player. That's a fact. I can see where people will be concerned with all the coming and going with this player and the teams in the tournament will want comfort that they are all subject to the same rules.
  9. Does anyone smell a protest coming? Hopefully Real has all the proper documentation. I recall a few years ago an Ontario team being stripped of a gold medal because they had an inelligible player at Nationals. Cheers
  10. Only in Canada or only in Ontario?? That could never happen here in Winnipeg... there are transfer deadlines, signing deadlines, you are cup tied no matter if you've participated in youth, senior or masters cup... amateur status vs. pro status... the list goes on and on. Good for RT though.
  11. Only in Canada or only in Ontario?? That could never happen here in Winnipeg... there are transfer deadlines, signing deadlines, you are cup tied no matter if you've participated in youth, senior or masters cup... amateur status vs. pro status... the list goes on and on. Good for RT though.
  12. Wasn't BMO Field intended to be our National Stadium? What home field advantage is there for our MNT other than playing in Canada when they are playing in multiple cities? Home field advantage is also about familiarity, routines, and consistancy for players who preparing to play the biggest games of their lives. In other words, friendlies could be played in various cities so that Canadian fans can get a glimpse of the players representing their country. All WCQ games should be played at BMO Field (despite the fact that I can't stand field turf on our National Stadium). Doe
  13. "It would be like asking Rooney to play on the wing, or at centre-forward like Peter Crouch or Emile Heskey. Assanine." Like I said - I don't care how out of position he is playing. If you can hold the ball up as a striker with your back to goal and Rio Ferdinand or John Terry nipping at your heels... then you can sure as hell receive a ball in the midfield with 15 yards of space and complete a simple frickin pass to Julian De Guzman. Don't give me that BS. That's my point. I can forgive the odd mistake in judgement or some combination with a teamate that just doesn't come off. He is
  14. (1) Perhaps the dumbest comment of all time. You don't fit players into a system.... you find a system that best suites your player's abilities. (2) Dale Mitchel's appointment as head coach is political BS and Stephen Hart should be appointed the head coach immediately if they have any chance of salvaging qualification. (3) Canada will never qualify with players on the squad like Ian Hume. I don't care how "out of position" he was played. I do not recall him completing a single pass. He lost possession every time he touched the ball. I would go as far as to say that Canadi
  15. I will reiterate perhaps my most relevant point - Modern football evades Canada - particularly if you are mentioning a player like Hume (nothing personal) in the same breath as our National Team - even if it is in the name of fairness. We simply have too many players who do not belong at that level. I'm not suggesting that there exists an abundance of players who should replace the 15 or 16 currently on the roster. I am suggesting the current suite of players - who may just be the best that we have - are sorely lacking at an international level. Re: Mitchell... he is the on
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