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  1. Yes Kitson on loan,maybe Rob will find another team and score zero for them..to me Friend is an average target man striker who forces the coach to play the negative and fruitless long ball game..he will never fit in to the possession game that Stephen Hart (rightly) seeks to play for the Nats..also Gerba's fitness problems bring up another problem as far as finding the right frontman for Canada!
  2. It would not surprise me if Friend ended up at Middlesborough they have a habit of signing strikers who rarely actually score goals..watch this space!
  3. Picked up a bootleg copy in Little Korea on Sunday..great film..great actors..would love to read the book..have read a few of David Peace's "Ripper" era books and they are great..what a character Cloughie was..Revie's Leeds were a great side but they were also brutal and dirty..Jim Broadbent (playing Sam Longson)is surely the greatest living English actor.
  4. I put Mo/Cummings because I am not sure who is calling the shots as far as team selection or stategy after Tuesday's debacle. The lack of heart or effort on Tuesday by Guevara and Robinson in particular, was a sickener for the fans. Garcia because he is slow needs support and I would throw Gomez in beside him. Gomez may be raw but he is quicker and smarter and would help out Garcia's defensive problems. I would move Serioux into Robinson's spot. Nana, when he is fit, must replace Wynne who, if he has to play should play right midfield, if at all.Wynne's positioning is costing us big time
  5. In my humbel opinion the best dispaly by TFC this year, a "teambuilder". Give those two young lads a shot plus Gala and we have a potential play off surprise
  6. On the third goal Marvell Wynne was miles behind the play on the far post. All focus is on his speed but he is a poor defender in my opinion. The whole defence is shakey. Brennan should have been left at full back and Gala(who had a good game against River Plate) should have played in front of him. DeRo played too deep he has to get closer to Gerba if we are to be successful up front. I see DeRo playing a "Rooney" role, coming wide on the left linking with Gerba. Gerba is what he is though, a pure goal poacher.
  7. Watch the game tonight and you will seea team that switches styles throughout the game. Mitchell's Canada could never do that, Hart's can and by the way we created a ton of chances in the Honduran game..the goals will come.
  8. How can we possibly field a Canadian team without Dero..would you really choose a one dimensional Josh Simpson or a physically weak Johnson over him..surely not??
  9. Name one other Concacaf team that plays the old rigid 4-4-2 system.. teams have to have play a fluid system with players having the ability to adjust and adapt during a game..playing 4-4-2 with a striker/target man like Friend will only add to the robotic long ball/hoof it type of football favoured by Mitchell and their ilk..enough already its time Canada, under Hart, played the skilled style of soccer that has been lacking in our system for years!
  10. Rob Friend Bundesliga Div one 24 games 7 goals Div two 33 games 18 goals MNT 22 games 2 goals He is a target man striker, limited skills...He is a product of the B.C. British mafia long ball/ugly football coaching mind set..the school that spawned Dale Mitchell. Hart has coached at two Gold Cup tournaments,has Canada playing an attractive brand of football that i cannot recall EVER being played by our national team in 25 years of watching them. Conclusion: Hire Hart now and forget about long ball Friend he does not fit into the system and i
  11. No one mentioned it but for me Patrice Bernier was the best player on the field tonight..without Deguz he bossed the midfield..time to give him some credit boys
  12. No one mentioned it but for me Patrice Bernier was the best player on the field tonight..without Deguz he bossed the midfield..time to give him some credit boys
  13. Isn't it finally time to acknowledge that Gerba is Canada's best current striker and that Rob Friend is what he is: a rather clumsy target man who isn't fit to wipe the boots of the great one. Ali! Ali! Ali!
  14. Totally agree, and I am English, Nigel Reed has been given that job purely because of his upper class twittish accent. CBC coverage of soccer, including TFC is abysmal. Unfortunately Dick Howard's orange hair look probably doesn't go down well with the think-tank guys at the CBC. Thank God we will have British commentators for the World Cup. Oh and the TFC broadcasts with their "down to the sidelines" comments, pointless surveys and the amount of times the cameras linger on the coaches or show a replay when the game is going on are just cringeworthy and amateur. Lets roll Graham Legga
  15. great effort by the lads forget the undermanned impact a massive confidence booster for tfc come on Ali gerba join a winning team MLS cup here we come
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