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  1. Sorry, but I think that I've alway been a YEH - YeH - ER.... In my brain I Think that Us as Supporters should be a bit more positive.
  2. Did not comment during the match, BUT, I would like to get back to you Dooms-dayers at half time. Let's try to be a little more positive , as we go along, because "Our boys read THIS TOO"
  3. Live Soccer TV shows the Canada v Belarus match will be streamed Live Tuesday 29 at 11:00 am eastern US time. I've never viewed here, but it seems to me that all ones needs to do is register.
  4. It's interesting when you actually dissect the 18 that attended the camp and realize that we had ---- 1 professional keeper playing in Poland (makes $), 3 involved with the MLS (makes some $), 1 in the S-league (makes some $), 3 unattached (no $), 6 at University or College (pittance), 2 in the CSL (?), 1 at the PDL level (maybe room and board), and 1 amateur in Germany (not much payment there). LA Galaxy average salary for 2010 NOT including Beckham and Donovan was $85,000, and they are involved in pre-season training with their league to begin this week. If I was a betting man I think I
  5. Joepaco, I can't believe that you have ACTUALLY watched the last 5 of 6 matches that Straith has played for us at age 19 and 20. Did you even know that he was mentioned as a one of three Canadian players that the Peruvian coach highly acknowledged after their game in Toronto last Sep. If YOU are SUPPOSED to be a FAN, I'm cynical; Are you a Dad?
  6. "A 4-0 loss shouldn't be tolerated at this level" "YOU" shouldn't be tolerated at this, or any other level, on this forum, in my minor mind. We're a supporter's group. WHAT are YOU?
  7. My deal on "positive" is that we as supporters on a "public forum" are also being read by the players themselves. We Christmas card them. We fly our banners at their (our) games. We Are SUPPOSED to be their fan club. I'm just saying that let's try to be more FAN - PRO than FAN - CON. There actually IS stuff going on out there in our CSA/MNT world that is "positive". I think our boys deserve OUR "positive recognition". I'm more of the ilk that favors "If you don't have anything GOOD to say -- Don't say it at all"
  8. So refreshing to NOT hear all the "coach bashing" this time around. I suppose 11 goals for, and 0 against, in a tournament at this level seems to stifle most of THAT response. I've always thought that WE, as supporters, don't have much control over the coaching appointments and therefore should keep a positive attitude. Every time we lose a match, at any national level, most of us blame it on a "coaching blunder". I never have and never will. It's always been TOO easy to just simply blame the CSA or the coach. Tomorrow's game will be fantastic if we come out it with a win. But, then if
  9. Let's not give this LITTLE weasel sooo much press. Pass him bye. HE'S obviously not worth all the hassle he's causing. How could he be a positive in our ranks??
  10. What's sad to me is that the girls have not been given their well deserved moneys for a job well done!!! What's also sad is that THE COACH does not deem our country good enough to claim any kind of REAL residency. A guest appearance, here and there, for a National coach, to me, is unacceptable. I would also like to know why our national coach didn't do her "due diligence" in inspecting our CSA when she accepted her position for our women's team. All of a sudden she's bailing! To me "It's SKETCHY" I sure hope the only fault she has with CSA is U-8 soccer. What else could it be?
  11. I can't believe all you guys are SO on Straith's case! He's a 20 year old kid that got a Canadian call up -- had ONE legit practice-- and was asked to play a position that he's never played, except maybe at U-8 mini's. The team lost 1-0 and he played 90. How else do we prepare our youth for the future?
  12. Thinking again; If any of YOU supporters have someone to pass THIS on to. THAT'S how we build!!!
  13. If you have emails for our MNT boys (and those pondering), please send this out. They need this RAHHH!! Great work!!!
  14. I CAN NOT believe that most of you REALY believe that this was an actual US/ Canada challenge!! Scary!
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