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  1. the post above is related to the under 20 qualifies
  2. Canada, USA, Mexico , Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua and Belize... maybe 2 groups of five.....Canada could host in one of them Something like this : Canada Mexico Honduras El Salvador Nicaragua uffffff it looks not easy at all....
  3. Well Canada is out. But imagine if Canada wins in Edmonton against Mexico..... 1 - 0. and in November Honduras wins in San Pedro sula and Mexico is eliminated ...wooouuu! that game in Edmonton will be never forget in the CONCACAF history !!!!
  4. Canada must play this game like a final !!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I remember the team Canada playing in Maracaibo against Venezuela one year ago. The team was amaizing and very offensive.... How was the coach at that time? Hart? The last coach we have in Venezuela Richard Paez resigned after the spectators in San Cristobal yelled him " FUERA FUERA" during the match we won against Bolivia 5 -3
  6. When was the last game Mexico - Canada and the score? I remember Canada won against Mexico IN GOLD CUP 2000
  7. My friends that is accurate, tha African format. They combine the FIFA rankings, the results of the African nation Cup and the results of the second stage of the quelifying matches to determine how the countries will be seed. CAF 2010 Wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_FIFA_World_Cup_qualification_%28CAF%29#cite_note-15
  8. canadian friends. be optimistic..... your team has the balls to win in Jamaica and Honduras, it was happend before. the team just has to play with passion. and why not a victory against Mexico is possible. that counts 9 points.. just win 1-0 in these 3 matches !!!!! and you are in !!!!!!! show CONCACAF and Mr Warner that you deserve to be in the hex. By the way, how ridiculus ist the gruop 3 of CONCACAF.
  9. According to FIFA site min 15 CAN 0 HON 0 GRRRRRRRR
  10. mmmmmmm St johns good atmosphere, good audience.... Canadian team should play very often there.....
  11. Sorry go to www.latribuna.hn and find the article "Algarabia en Montreal por llegada de seleccion"
  12. here some pictures of many Honduras welcoming their team in Montreal http://www.prensaescrita.com/diarios.php?codigo=AME&pagina=http://www.latribuna.hn
  13. Acording to the article in spanish.. the game against canada will be in Chiapas.. dont worry canadian friends ! let s win that game Canada!!!!!!!
  14. If Canada qualifies to the final hex name the cities where the team would play... Imagine the the other teams are : Mexico-USA-Trinidad/Tobago-Costa Rica-El Salvador. Here my options vs Trinidad/Tobago (Montreal) vs Costa Rica (Victoria) vs USA (Edmonton) Vs El Salvador (St.Johns) vs Mexico (Toronto or Edmonton)
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