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  1. Hey, Thanks for the reply! Thats what I initially intended to do. I used the The Toronto Star instead of the globe. But for my research purposes, I would need to get the most names possible for each teams as I am exmining the processes of assimilation and cultural retention of the individuals on the teams (be that they are immigrants). Also, I have contacted Colin Jose actually this morning and awaiting a reply. he has said to have gone through the processes you have described already! Also i contacted the Present toronto Soccer association just to see if they have records...but
  2. Hey Guys, I'm wondering if anyone would know where I could find records of the old rosters from teams from any division of the Toronto and District Soccer League from 1921 to 2001. I am writing my thesis on a history of ethnic involvement in soccer throughout Canada and have already done some preliminary research through Toronto Star Archives. I have a list of hundreds of teams...now just looking for rosters. Would anyone know an individual or organization with access to this information... I appreciate any feedback you guys have...
  3. excellent...exactly what the area and the country needs more of...this is where it needs to begin good news!
  4. de Vos knows nothing...and our calls will go unheard.... dont get me wrong...I'm very thankful for what he has done with Canada while playing on the team...but this is a way for him to continue be in some kind of "spot light"...since an ex soccer player in Canada has really nothing else to do but get involved with some camps in his local community... If he saw problems with the organization...he should of brought them up while he was captain...I doubt he saw any problem with that...
  5. its tacky man, i'd rather stay with what we have it if was between that and what we have now
  6. I love the idea...but the large white space makes it look a lil too much like the flag
  7. it must be...since it was important enough for you to point that out to everyone!
  8. I'm very much with Natesta...think about it guys... We would be able to get thousands of soccer fans throughout Canada to invest in this (exactly like the myfootball website has done) I think many soccer fans would jump for this opportunity here as well... Not to mention, depending on the team, a good facility would already be in place, as well as a fan base... Also, there would be the possibility of initiating camps through the team which Canadian potential can goto and train, various ages groups, perhaps for a fee...thus we would have that relationship in England to make this
  9. Hey where did you find this info...I could really use it for some of my thesis work...
  10. Heres the shield (taken from a more elegant 1920's version...its the same one found within our current coat of arms...just more elegantly drawn out!...
  11. ...won both the euro cup in 1968 AND world cup in 1982 as a player as well...just thought i'd mention it... But its too good to be true this would never happen (I hope I gynx myself!)
  12. This I really like and the old logo seems much more fitting with this kit.
  13. Nope, he just spends his time making guest appearance on Domenica Sportiva and other weekly soccer shows that cover all the games in Italy. If that is true, I am gonna go celebrate tonight! I loved Zoff as coach for Italy when they went to the Final of Euro 2000...the only reason he resigned from the post is because Lippi (current Italy coach) and others called it a disgrace to lose that way in a Final (France Scored with like 30 seconds left) I HOPE THIS IS TRUE! But I was always taught..."If it sounds to goo to be true...it usually is"
  14. I dont think he's saying that...i think hes just saying they need something new to start from to make themselves more marketable...and alot of us here would agree...not you though! haha Let me say one thing...TFC sells a hell of alot more jerseys than CSA does...and its not because there good...we can all agree on that! its cause they are NEW... So give Canada a new look...and your bound to make more than before...
  15. Heres a larger view...on a a jersey which was an Ajax alternate... Not bad...
  16. I only put the logo on the current jersey...i had no intention of making an entirely new kit! I gotta lot of time on my hands...but not that much! haha
  17. Haha...sorry if we've taken away any attention from the very important topics, almost resembling girl gossip that is currently all over the boards anyways! Relax and have some fun man! or don't...but dont go insulting anyone because you think you have all the answers as what is important and whats not!
  18. By request...I present the following in regards to the design below... Yay...or....Nay...
  19. You cant say its a lack of patriotism, like someone said, you dont even know where he was born... Nevertheless, if he is residing in Canada he is more than likely a citizen or applicable for Canadian citizenship. Therefore, its the CSA associations fault for not going for him first. If given the chance between Canada and T and T, who knows who he'd pick... Its the CSA fault and their lack of expertise in talent scouting...end of story. PLAIN AND SIMPLE, THEY MAKE BAD CHOICES IN PLAYERS.
  20. I'm so down with that...what does everyone else think???
  21. Dude! you must have been reading my mind! Before I made the logo, i was looking at that coat of arms thinking how nice that alone would be on the jersey, I wish thats what they would do! Other countries have done it (i.e. Spain, Wales, etc) That would look great
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