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  1. Or I would add in the case of the Daniel's of the World many fans who are stupid enough they actually think believing Hirschfeld is better then the mediocre Statamapolous and has been Canada's best goalkeeper for the last 3 years despite the CSA ignoring him that whole time, Radzinski being an overhyped slowing has been, or that Nsawila is better then atleast 2 of the defenders who regularly play for Canada, is actually a wierd thing to think. Reflecting only on the stupidity of such individuals who make up alot of Canada's most dedicated soccer fan base, making the mess that much more enjoyable.
  2. Yep Canadian Soccer is sure a mess now. No COO, no head coach, no technical director. Manage to only get 5000 fans to a big city game. As well as fans that think the team should play the countrys 4th best goalkeeper for 70% of the games while never asking the country's best goalkeeper unless 3-4 guys are injured; and that a 30-something has been striker with something like 1 goal in his last 8 games is gods gift to soccer. I used to think it was sad but now I find it amusing.
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