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  1. Man he was clearly off. But could this be a peak cmnt fan moment. Just because last night wasn't bad enough we all slowly get our hopes brought up and crushed again the next night lol
  2. This is good info... because I am sure I will be following until the fat lady inevitably sings. Seems like they are getting about 5 points a win but how many pts would ES lose if they drop a game? What about a tie? Wondering if an ES loss would put Canada back in the driver's seat and how a tie would impact things. They have to be favourites but I dont see an upset as completely out of the question.
  3. Sorry but I think this is bull. All playoffs show is who had the hot streaky team at the right time. Which is fine but if your goal is to show who the better team was for the whole season it's a major fail. And winning the games against bad teams is a part of that too. A team that only gets up for the big games is not the best team across the board. Your team was the best team for the whole year but has major injuries the wrong week... too bad. Also makes regular season nhl games in November for example pretty meaningless. You're starting to see teams coasting through, a
  4. Lol yeah for sure... stick one of those on the shield for this year, way more fun.
  5. Who gets the rock carved to look like a pile of rocks... super meta
  6. Well that was the first CPL game I've watched today and I've gotta say I found it cringey... Forge loses both seasons, fails to qualify yet gets in on a technicality, wins and celebrates like they've done a world cup. Also that was a pretty clear penalty at the end for me that should have been called. Overall not a good look imo. I want this league to survive badly and to get a team in Kelowna, but the optics of this league format are horrible. That championship has a big asterix for me. Hard not to look at the way the season played out and not perceive that Bob Young's team had m
  7. I think he's better than many of the names being discussed personally... major contributor to a team that went to the mls finals two years in a row. Moot point anyway as it's unlikely he goes through the hassle of nationalizing to play a few internationals but you never know if the experience appeals and He's enjoyed Canada. Miles ahead of guys who are still in the ncaa or random euro 3rd and 4th divs anyway and wouldn't hurt to add to our pool.
  8. Herdman should work on Nick Hagglund. He's been with tfc long enough to get Canadian citizenship fairly easily now if I'm not mistaken and has never got a look from the US. Cb depth is pretty bad and he'd be in the picture for a while as he's still fairly young.
  9. Isn't this an official FIFA match coming up? If so I am surprised Busti accepted the call-up if he can be cap-tied here!
  10. The US seems to be picking off a lot of dual national youth players from the Canadian MLS clubs lately. Kind crazy when they already have such a large network of clubs in the states, wonder if they are being tactical about it.
  11. With the cost of real estate here lately if you can afford enough land and equipment to start a winery, you probably don't need me to buy wine from you to afford a CPL team. But I will anyway. Unless it's swill, in which case I will send you a strong message by buying less.
  12. Can't help myself but ask - do you think or have insight that something is on the horizon for the interior? Or you just think it will eventually happen if it keeps growing like crazy here?
  13. Ha, well I don't know what the summer/tourist population is but we've got 194,882 permanent residents in Kelowna metro. Okanagan Valley within an hour including Vernon and Penticton is now 362,258. The Apple Bowl our stadium only seats 2K and would need renovations (plus it has a track) but it's central and a good starting point. I do wonder how the demographic would respond but I wish guys like Rob would engage here and we could at least have a PDL team...
  14. Too bad Rob Friend wasn't getting involved in the community in his own town and trying for a team or even a lower level team here in Kelowna, it's been growing faster than Victoria and while Kelowna metro is only 200k there are as many people in the valley within an hour drive of Kelowna as there are in Victoria now. Happy for you guys in Victoria but I'm disappointed in how dead the scene is here lately and would have been nice to see our one pro product engage here instead of some other random city.
  15. I like the SPL but man it's a big step down from going to places like Manchester and Liverpool to St. Mirren and Hamilton, those would be div 2 teams in England. Aberdeen Hibs and Hearts are reasonable size but I would say more of a english div 1 standard. Celtic probably a middling championship level squad. Subjective but not great for CMNT fans in my opinion. Rangers seems to be outspending their revenues and recording big losses every year again too, I know they are betting that they need to spend big to get back to the top and revenues will follow but that's not a situation I'd ha
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