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  1. I booked my flights, arrive Wed evening Feb 5 and leave on red eye on the Sunday night
  2. I wouldn't worry about tickets for these games, should be plenty. Is Jamie coming?
  3. Will do, who else is coming? Have you bought tickets to the games yet?
  4. Thinking of going to the Semis and Final in Carson. Anyone else going to these matches?
  5. Canada Soccer tweeted out that graphic showing Betty's but Voyageurs FB post isn't showing the same graphic
  6. Did I see Betty's on the list on a version of the FB graphic? Or was I seeing things?
  7. Must be lots of money flowing in on USA cause it opened at -125 USA, Draw +260, Canada +333 this morning
  8. Can I get on the list for a Round of 16 and Quarterfinal ticket?
  9. I was planning on going to France for the round of 16 and Quarterfinals. Is anyone else sticking around for the knockout rounds?
  10. Will be driving from Toronto on Sat. June 13. Any pregame festivities planned?
  11. If I buy Voyageurs tickets now, can I pick them up or are they still being mailed out?
  12. Just bought 8 tickets for St. Lucia game!
  13. Pub in Toronto? You should be joining Trillium and myself in Berlin next Sunday. I still have an extra ticket for the game
  14. Terrible performance against 10 man Guadalope (from 3 mins). This team doesn't appear to be going anywhere
  15. Now, that should have been a red for that challenge on Borjan
  16. Still have 1 Cat 1 ticket available for this game - anyone interested?
  17. Looking for 2 tickets to the June 1 game vs Ecuador. PM me please
  18. I have a few extra Category 1 tickets for the Canada vs Germany game barn burner opener in Berlin. Anyone interested?
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