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    LUFC reacted to BrennanFan in Blast from the past (where are they now?)   
    Yes, the infamous 2004 WCQ campaign.  
    I think Yallop only had 1 friendly to prep before WCQ started.  He couldn't test any new guys out so he had to go with who he knew.  Playing Watson at the back over Nsaliwa was controversial, and deRo at left wing over Brennan led to Brennan opting out of WCQ.  I recall Aguiar was still at Benfica at this time and never got a sniff.  But without our captain and defensive lynchpin deVos, and without Brennan and Radzinski, we really didnt have much to offer in the first game against Guatemala.  I think a 17 year old Jamie Peters saw the field in that game.
    Then, in the next game against Honduras, we got screwed epically by the ref, twice, which led to the infamous Stalteri bottle throw at the ref incident, which is really the only positive from that campaign. 
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    LUFC reacted to jonovision in WCQ: Mexico vs Canada - Thursday, Oct 7, 9:40pm Eastern / 6:40pm Pacific - Mexico City   
    I'm probably the only one that thinks this, but I want Piette to start in this one. Not just to save other guys' legs, but because I think this is the kind of match he could thrive in.
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    LUFC reacted to Lansdude in WCQ: Mexico vs Canada - Thursday, Oct 7, 9:40pm Eastern / 6:40pm Pacific - Mexico City   
    Read this as "Pat Buchanan" up top
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    LUFC reacted to Ozzie_the_parrot in TFC 2021 Season   
    Genaro Gattuso would be good for a laugh and is exactly the sort of big name they are likely to go for right now:
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    LUFC reacted to Ian Kennedy in Scott Kennedy   
    We just returned from a visit to Regensburg.  Beautiful Unesco world heritage historic City.  The Jahn in Regensburg are sort of like the Roughriders in Saskatchewan.  The team is a big deal to the locals.  The stadium is beautiful and we were able to attend two games.  As I approached the Stadium Fan Shop for the 1st game, there was a full sized card board model of Scott in the window.  Surreal.  Unfortunately Scott was injured in the against Erzgebirge Aue and he was unable to join the National team for their latest WCQ round games.  Go Derrick!  Jahn has had a great start to the season(and Scott too).  According to the Bundesliga 2 website Scott is in the Team of the Season (so far).  They'VE also done a nice profile article on his career.  We look forward to seeing him back in the line up.

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    LUFC reacted to youllneverwalkalone in Liam Millar   
    You can't say St. Gallen without mentioning the legend Daniel Imhof.
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    LUFC reacted to Floortom in Canadians Abroad September 10th to September 16th   
    Adekugbe picks up an assist in a 2-0 win and is the MOTM 
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    LUFC reacted to PiedPilko in Stephen Eustaquio   
    The mad man just went the full 90 vs Braga... and was MOTM

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    LUFC reacted to Obinna in General Discussion on CMNT   
    Here's my attempt to defend this side of the argument:
    - rest core euro guys coming off long season (Davies, David, Larin, Hutchinson, Arfield, Vitoria, Eustaquio, Borjan, Kennedy)
    - call the MLS contingent, including Cavallini
    - call the guys you want cap tie (Jebbison, Flores)
    - introduce the fringe Euro guys you want to build depth in the program (Paton, Elva)
    Final roster
    GK: Max, Dane, Leutwiler
    D Miller, Waterman, Gutierrez, Singh, Johnston, Laryea, Brault-Guillard, Bassong
    M: Kaye, Oso, Fraser, Paton, Baldisimo, Piette, Priso
    F: Ayo, Cavallini, Akindele, Elva, Buchanan, Schaffleburg
    Again, like I have said I don't mind us calling the best team to win Gold Cup. It's a risk worth taking because I think we could win it. Am I fussed with certain players not wanting to take the risk? No. Do I support the argument that we should go try because injury is just a part of the game and it's an important trophy? Yes!
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    LUFC reacted to Shortdutchcanuck in Samuel Piette (we haven't seen the best of him yet!)   
    No one seems to remember this one:
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    LUFC reacted to Gian-Luca in Gold Cup 2021   
    Bigger issue for me is the hypocrisy- FIFA wants to curb a homophobic chant and so will punish the Mexican team with closed door WCQ matches.....for a tourney to be held in a country where it is so homophobic that it’s illegal to be gay. 
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    LUFC reacted to Bertuzzi44 in Simeon Jackson   
    Moved up from Conference in 2007-08 to the Premier League in 2011-12. 45 appearances and 8 goals (4 in the league) when Norwich City was in the Premier League. Great accomplishment for a Canadian even today.
    Big respect for Simeon!
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    LUFC reacted to CanadianSoccerFan in Simeon Jackson   
    I feel old. Guys from 2007 U20 World Cup are all retired or close to it
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    LUFC reacted to Varsity Tyler in Cyle Larin   
    This is the last thing I will say on this topic. I don't want to derail the thread any further.
    You guys are worse than the content which you deride. It's a real shame considering our team has finally tasted some mild success and this place should be a fun place to visit. Instead we get childish, garbage feedback to a single poster at his every turn.
    It is bullying plain and simple, and I think very poorly of those participating. I have been here since the Network54 days and I have never spoken out about this type of behaviour previously. That should be a barometer showing just how facking useless your attitudes are. 
    I'm out.
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    LUFC reacted to Varsity Tyler in Cyle Larin   
    I know I am quoting you here, but I can honestly say that the condescending reaction TGAA gets after most of his posts from many posters on this forum is tiring. There is an ignore function if you feel the need. The guy is a fan, just like the rest of us, and he's not malicious.
    Twenty years plus and our group still exists on the margins. I don't think we can afford a reputation of ostracizing well-intentioned supporters.
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    LUFC reacted to farrelld in Gold Cup 2021   
    I didn't see this posted about but  Midtjylland has Champions league qualify games against Celtic at the end of July. So to me James is in the same situation as Borjan. 
    I hadn't heard anything about personal issues or a dispute with Herdman/staff. Hopefully the reason James wasn't included is just that Midtjylland needs him for important games.
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    LUFC reacted to CanadaFan123 in Gold Cup 2021   
    Andrew Kliment 
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    LUFC reacted to CanadaFan123 in Gold Cup 2021   
    Yeah, that's just bizarre when you look at some of the other names. Even if he's far down the depth chart he played for the Danish champions and in the Greek first division.. played UCL ball and has WCQ and Gold Cup experience with us. How can he not be on a 60 man roster?
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    LUFC reacted to bfque8 in Sam Adekugbe   
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    LUFC reacted to Ian Kennedy in Scott Kennedy   
    I'm the real Scott's Dad (not "slim shady") and yes I'm incredibly proud of him and happy for him.  Thank you.  He's a wonderful human being.  He makes it easy to be proud.  His ability on the pitch is an extension of who he is.  I've previously shared a story about how, as a young player (12 or 13), when Scott led the Calgary West team to win the Provincial Championship, his coach stated some prophetic words, he said: "Scott, it is said that one's true nature (good/bad) surfaces under intense competition.  Some crumble, some shrink back, others will compromise their integrity and values to win.  I've had the pleasure of watching you, and teaching you, and have asked you many time to compete.  To compete at a higher level, a championship level, to lead us on the field.  You never flinched, you stepped up and you delivered.  Your performance on the field was matched only by the integrity you displayed, even when things got ugly.  You are a premier athlete, not just because of your abilities, but also because of your character.  Any coach would love to have you on his/her team."   I am grateful to this coach for sharing these words and giving his time generously to Coaching Scott's team.  He made a lasting impact.  This kind of support and direction has helped Scott navigate the last 6 years climbing from the German 6th league to where he is today.  
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    LUFC reacted to Ngravs in WCQ: Canada vs Suriname - In-Match Thread   
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    LUFC reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Canadians Abroad June 4th - June 10th   
    I went to see Issey Nakajima-Farran play for Tàrrega this afternoon, about 100km outside of Barcelona. Little town, they are in 5th tier. Maybe 300 spectators, 27 degrees and dry.
    It is below his level of quality, but he's on a poor team that have only won 3 of 17. He plays up high, but probably would be more useful behind another striker as there is no quality in the middle to get the ball to him. He's one of the 3-4 better players. They lost 1-3, and Issey scored when it was 0-2 after a good play on the wing where he got to the low cross before the keeper. Then they pushed, he had a few shots wide and a few on net and the team played well for a good spell until the rival got their third.
    I'd say this is at least a level low for him, it is below CPL for sure. Next year they are restructuring the Spanish lower divisions and this team will be 6th tier. Third and fourth tier will be better quality, with fewer teams, so making a side in at least 4th tier, say, will be tougher. And if you can't you are playing amateur, not pro.
    Nice to see the local kids from the club, the 8-12 year olds, surround him after the match and goof with him, he seems to have a good rapport. Also with teammates. I think I saw his father but with masks it is hard to be friendly

  24. Haha
    LUFC reacted to The Beaver 2.0 in WCQ: Canada vs Suriname - Tuesday, June 8th, 9:05pm Eastern/6:05pm Pacific - SeatGeek Stadium, Chicago   
    My perdiction: Canada 0 vs. Suriname 5
    P.S. For old time's sake.
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    LUFC reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Tajon Buchanan   
    I don't know about the rest of you, but I like Tajon better last game than with the Olympic team. In the former tournament he nailed his goals and then played selfishly, with a weak tactical acumen. The other day he was better. 
    Mind you, I am not sure our u-23 rivals were worse than Aruba, probably not.
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